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  1. Definately does something because if i plug my 800xl keyboard in i get no power led and only the function keys do anything...
  2. Anyone know what the little interface board between my 600xl keyboard ribbon and the header on the motherboard is called? And whats it for? Just added a working 800xl keyboard to my 600xl without the board and no keys work. I had issues with ribbon cable on old keyboard and the interface board so had to butcher the board and cable to try to fix it. Now it looks like i need a new board to go with this 800xl keyboard?
  3. Im pretty sure its the switch, ill strip it down and resolder the switch and socket today, see if it makes a diffference
  4. Seem to have a faulty power switch on my 65xe (130xe motherboard) Is it a common issue? ( sometimes works sometimes doesnt, and even when it does it sometimes power off when you move xe) Is there a replacement switch available if not can i get equivelant from local store? Is it spst or spdt? Appreciate Advice cheers...
  5. Looking for a replacement keyboard for a 600xl. (Picked it upmoff ebay about 10 years ago as dead unit) finally got round tomlooking at it, managed to fix a few faults and get it to boot and run tests successfully, ( using my 800xl leybaord) , basically previous owner has butchered the ribbon cable...
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