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  1. I'm keen to get one. Perth. WA
  2. I didn't even realize 4 & 5 were done. Are these sets still available as I have 1-3
  3. Received my set yesterday. Absolute Master Pieces. Thanks Marc.
  4. If you want someone to test it in Australia - I would be more than willing to assist
  5. What about the "ICE-Cart" (Intellivision Complete Emulator Cartridge)
  6. And if we are on the topic of serials I would love 007
  7. I saw this was released. How do we pay for this game? Looking forward to this from down under
  8. I stand corrected. I did actually forget about those releases. Thanks for the reminder.
  9. Adventures of Tron was written for the Atari not the Intellivision so I did not count it. But fair enough it was another game I guess by Mattel.
  10. Really. I thought there was only 3 made and released. Snafu can't be counted. I do not know of any others? Please enlighten me.
  11. Haha. Yeah Sorry I meant the games. The lame Maz-a-tron and okay'ish discs of tron and what I found to be - hard to play Solar Sailer. The arcade game in the unit with surround sound was awesome. I have been looking for one of these for years.
  12. Hi all. I am definitely interested in this rom. TRON is the best movie ever made and would love to see a better version released for the intellivision system.
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