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  1. Hi All, I am trying to find out some information on a boxed game that is labelled "Treasure Hunt" "Pirates" 2 Games 1 cartridge. Blue Box with father Christmas on the box holding a sack full of games. There is no information anywhere on the box for who made it, Published by, and I can't find what it is worth anywhere. The only link I have found is in Pinterest from 8-bit Central: Treasure Hunt / Pirates | Atari video games, Retro video games, Video game systems (pinterest.com.au) and that was 6 years ago. Does anyone here know anything about it? I'm looking for a number/barcode and how much it may be worth as I am selling all of my retro gear.
  2. Anyone know what a reasonable price would be for this now? Someone is selling it for US$250
  3. Interested in the Intellivision MTE 201 Test Cartridge
  4. Sounds ominous. Cheers. I will be blissful unaware then.
  5. Oh, sad. Thanks. I need to check the thread dates before submitting.
  6. Great site and awaesome honest guy to deal with. Just bought a load and shipped to Australia. Happy I have a site to visit to complete my collection
  7. How Do I order all games? Postage to Australia (Western) 6059?
  8. I'm keen to get one. Perth. WA
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