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  1. Hello everyone.

    I bought this lot of games off of Ebay and I was taking a good look at the games I purchased when I saw something totally off. Maze Craze came with its box and instructions and instead of reading 16 video games it reads 256. My question is why the horrendous misprint and how rare is this box?






    The January 1983 issue of Electronic Fun with Computers & Games ran an article about "future collectibles". This included some data about Magicard. Reportedly there were only 500 copies in existence, and production had been discontinued by the time the article was written. The original MSRP was $59.95.


    By way of comparision, a custom, monogrammed version of Space Chase was $89.


    Wow fascinating. I had thought the 500 copies referred to Video Life, but now that I know that was the Magicard count, there must be very very few Video Lifes. My question is does anyone know how Video Life was offered to Magicard owners exactly? For how much?


    Monogrammed Space Chase, I've heard of that one, I wasn't positive of it's existence. Is there any info on that one?

  3. Interesting. I find it fascinating how many small companies released their own original games, hacks, and bootlegs.


    April fools Atarian guy ;-)


    But that is true as far as what you said. There are quite a bit, there is a rumor of a second men a vision game. (I swear if that one is called Daniel the adventurer IM going to be pissed)

  4. Well I had an idea . I called it Cody's Atari quest. I was trying to get my bbasic to work, but it isn't compatible with my computer. Its an adventure game where your protagonist has to travel through various lands and markets to collect video games while avoiding scanners, retail prices, and thieves.


    Would you be interested in this project? If so I can send you some picture work I played with using an excel program. And I can help with the rules and what not.

  5. Thank you ROM hunter I've started reading more forums. As for the last comment I paid for the membership is that close enough ;-).


    And no IM not using these awesome forums to sell my crap. if I had a 10 , I'd lock that baby in a safe (that I would imagine myself having...Hmm) lol thanks for the responses everyone!

  6. Hello Atariage,


    So here's the deal, I want to gage opinions on the matter of Rarity 10 (or Unbelieveably Rare) 2600 titles.


    1. First of all, how many copies do YOU think exist of the following games, and how much would you value them at both cart only and CIB.


    Air Raid

    Birthday Mania

    Gamma Attack

    Pepsi Invaders (Coke Wins)

    Video Life


    Xante Carts (how many all in all do you think there are?)

    Music Machine

    Eli's Ladder


    Karate (Ultravision)

    Atlantis II


    Copy Cart

    ECPC Cartridge


    2. Lets talk specifically about Music Machine. Is it just me, or does it seem a lot more common then say ANY of the other games listed? There was one on eBay recently and the seller was asking for $750 bid or $850 BIN, I see MM on eBay often enough that it seems more of a $300 game and not a $500+ game. So I guess my main question here is a game like Music Machine being an R10 and making regular appearances, should it be an R9? Just want a second opinion.


    3. Does anyone have a rarity opinion on Beagle Brothers carts? I won the Armor Ambush by the Beagle Brothers in an eBay auction in 2004. How can I determine its absolute authenticity?



    Thank you all for your help!

    And thanks for having me on your awesome community!


  7. Hmm...


    I'm going to say that with all of the titles I've tried


    Pitfall II is my favorite adventure game

    Video Olympics is my favorite sports game (sad, I know)

    Jr. Pac-Man, Turmoil and Berzerk are my favorite arcade titles

    Bobby is Going Home for current favorite unique PAL title

    X-Man for favorite porn game (hey why not?! ....Its got....a maze!)

    Skeet Shoot for my (current) least favorite game.

    Farmer Dan is my favorite "I think you stole the wrong game cover entirely." game

    Forest is my favorite "There is no need for a witch in the story" game

    E.T. is my favorite whipping boy game

    Spider Maze is my favorite "as if Pac-Kong absolutely needed a re release" game

    Pac-Man is my favorite bad arcade port game

    Tanks But No Tanks is my favorite "lets just fake a laugh to make this game programmer feel better about himself" game

    Pepsi Invaders is my favorite "ONLY CORPORATE SPONSOR GAME THAT DOESN"T STAR SHAQ!!!!!" game

    Star Ship is my favorite "what the hell is this?" game

    Fire Fly is my favorite "What the EXPLITIVE is this?!" game

    Combat is my favorite "I wish I had a friend" game

    Chuck Norris Superkicks is my favorite game that ended with Chuck Norris actually murdering the employees at Xonox lol

    3D-Tic-Tac-Toe is my favorite Atari game that was used in Guantanamo Bay to get the terrorists to talk.


    I think you get it lol ;)



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