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  1. If the Wisconsin seller is collectorofmil his last name starts with B. but his first name isn't Dan...
  2. That's just one of Oliver's repro boxes that sell in sets of 6 on intellivision.us: http://www.intellivision.us/intvgames/boxes/boxes.php They're about $10 each new, and are a near perfect match size-wise of the originals. I have several left over and was going to try and list them for $5 each or so...I'd just send one to you for nothing, no biggie The cart retainer is in the top half of the box instead of the bottom half like in the originals, I never liked opening the top, maybe the design can be flipped/reversed to more closely match the 1983/I.I/INTV boxes? ...link doesn't seem to be working...
  3. I have a few of these I'm not using, would it be helpful to send one to you?
  4. I was ​reeaaallllyyy mad at myself for missing the end of that one, other than the minty 1st gen box the FCTVVO Math Fun is the last one I need to complete that sub-set. If anyone has a FCTVVO Math Fun in vg condition they wouldn't mind parting with I have MLB, NFL, Armor Battle and Backgammon to trade if needed, or a cash deal is always fine, too
  5. I ordered a set from the website, thanks for the heads up...I was pretty sore when I saw what these were selling for after the fact... I also never received the set I ordered back in what, 2014, 2015? I did receive the signed Flashback though so I just sat back, watched everyone make fun of Eric, and kept quiet, lol.
  6. Interested in the Intellivision stuff, do you have a list or a picture of the game box?
  7. Certifiable

    Intellivision collections

    Original 125 (122/125) Sears branded (27/29) Intellivision, Inc./INTV (48/50?) Interesting Variants
  8. Please put me down for one of the $70 ones if any are still available, thanks-
  9. Your not the only one wondering, I still have a hard time believing my addiction made me buy this game already, lol.
  10. Is this a reseal? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-1983-Star-Wars-The-Empire-Strikes-Back-Video-Game-SEALED-/221727422040?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item339ffbf658 Getting so paranoid I won't bid on anything without an overlapped seal on the back, and this box art is shifted farther than most (I know, picky, picky) lol
  11. Just sent in an order, forgot to mention the AA sale, though... edit: just resent order with ATARI AGE SALE mentioned for promotional pricing-
  12. Any Coleco box that isn't smashed is a rarity, lol.
  13. Where did that list originally come from? The PS3 launch price is off by $99 though the others (that I know about) look right-
  14. I don't think so, the ones around me just put those obnoxious orange stickers over both box ends.
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