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  1. I learned something new today. Thanks, @carlsson! And yes, the reward goes to the first gamer to break 75,000 points and to the first gamer who beats my PB. So one gamer could collect $175 USD if they beat my PB in one run.
  2. Thank you for your reply! I must admit that I was unaware that the word "bounty" also had that connotation. Perhaps "reward" would eliminate confusion? I'm open to your suggestions. I've seen several bounties for both scoring and speedrunning recently, including one for River Raid (2600; max-out the game in under 3 hours & 15 minutes), Zoo Keeper (MAME, beat certain scores) and even Super Mario 64 (Beat the All Signs category on Speedrun.com in 26:2x).
  3. During my most recent episode of my show, Retro With Marco, I announced a bounty for C64 Ms. Pac-Man. It’s one that was in the works but was delayed due to non-gaming stuff. Anyway, I pasted the rules on Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/kRHwDdkX While I announced this earlier tonight & wrote this in the link above, I’ll say it again: Please contact me with any questions you may have, along with any details I may have missed. Also, I’ve since adjusted the start time to midnight ET, so late night runs starting tonight will be eligible for the bounty. Good luck to all gamers!
  4. I just created a bounty for C64 Ms. Pac-Man. Is it safe to post the rules under Classic Computing - Commodore 8-bit Computers?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. bluejay


      Oh, then go ahead and post it on the Commodore 8-bit section.

      The wanted section is for wanted items.

    3. Marco1019


      I apologize for not clarifying earlier. Thanks again!

    4. bluejay
  5. I stunned myself last night by surpassing 100K on C64 Ms. Pac-Man (EMU). Final score of 102,660.


    I have been working on a bounty for this game but I now have to re-work the parameters. I'm hoping to announce it in early Feb.

    1. Rogerpoco


      You rocked it, Man, was an awesome watch!!!


  6. Wow, this is a wonderful thread filled with great achievements and memories! So, in the spirit of @wongojack’s post… Back in the day: Completed The Bard’s Tale (and maybe II as well, but it was decades ago so I can’t confirm the sequel) Finished Raid on Bungeling Bay (I recall a tip which stated that it’s best to go for the Black & Red factories first, then the Gray factory. This makes the rest of the mission a little easier.) 2016-Present, via emulation (I had to put gaming aside altogether back in 1999 & didn’t return until a few years ago): Archon speedrun in :57 79,940 in Ms. Pac-Man - It’s not that high of a score, but I find the C64 version to be more difficult than other conversions mainly because I’m convinced that Blinky is on steroids. 1MM on Night Mission Pinball 11MM on Yie-Ar Kung-Fu (which occurred by accident as I figured out a way to beat Blues & ended up playing for 3 hours before I got sleepy & ended my run) Finished Raid on Bungeling Bay, this time for the TG scoring record
  7. A few others among the many fine titles listed so far: Archon & Archon II Summer Games & Summer Games II Winter Games
  8. Checking out 2600 HSC & Yolympics 2019

  9. From what I gathered, there wasn't going to be a Part 3. I believe Part 2 was the last of Ben Heck's research, though I could be wrong.
  10. On the hunt for any emulators that OpenEmu doesn't have

  11. How the heck did I play Decathlon every day?

    1. Tickled_Pink


      You had a dozen spare joysticks?

    2. Fixitguy74


      And forearms like Popeye?

  12. Jumped into Decathlon w/o any warmups. I have no idea as to what I was thinking...

  13. Cleaning the 6-switch 2600 I won off eBay

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