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  1. Pitfall Harry would definitely show the others so serious vine swinging action. :3
  2. Exactly as the other joystick depicted in the video. After research I believe the joystick is from an Atari Flashback 2, as the one I knew was from a Flashback was from a Flashback 3.
  3. Like me, 6502 Here I come!
  4. Hello! I have a bit of a quandary as to what model a joystick I own is. Here is the video link to see it with further details, any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers .
  5. My guess would be to connect the VCS to the unit get a double ended Component cable, plug it in to the unit, then get a video capturing device, for example, a Dazzle by Pinnacle. From there you could use the dazzles capturing software on your PC to record an Atari digitally.
  6. What exactly are you looking for in NES games? I got a few I could spare.
  7. Go with the 4-port, just have someone mod it. It's quite easy to do. It should take no longer than 20 minutes.
  8. Hello I stumbled upon what I believe to be CX-10 joystick. Could anyone give me a description with details and history on the joystick. I know it's less sensitive with better build materials (rubber stick for example) and that try account for (I heard) only 5% of all the joysticks ever made. Any info? SIDENOTE: Anyone have a H6R adapter. I want to complete my set and that adapters all I'm missing.
  9. Hello I am searching for a multiplayer game similar to Activision's tennis and warlords. any suggestions?
  10. I suggest a heavy-6er. I don't quite understand all the hate for the Jr. I have one and it works marvelously.
  11. Hmm, interesting. Thanks.
  12. I didn't intend to entirely, I do need to continue exploring, good or bad.
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