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  1. Lat I heard Greg was working on this with someone for use with the Mean Well power brick. I've heard nothing about it for a couple of months though. I'd also like this and plan to purchase one if it ever comes to fruition.
  2. I went to check price and availability of the Tetris clone for the O2, only to get a notice from my computer that it's best not to visit.
  3. It's getting to be "that time of year" again, so to the new and returning TI'ers who've join us in 2019, I bump this thread so you too can stock up on TI Tunes for the holidays.
  4. Agreed, I've never seen that one, and some people would rather have a copy of the original than the << homebrew manual >>, myself included.
  5. What I Saw To Share On The Dumping Thread.webm
  6. Who takes these pictures? Who does the proofing? I see at least four things wrong with this photo, there may be more. Can you find them all?
  7. This hobby is something different to different people (of course), but for me personally, even if there was a way to hot rod the motherboard & CPU for faster processing I wouldn't do it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE seeing all the new gadgets and all the ways people have found to "work around" the TI's limitations and hanging new goodies off the console is part of the fun, but for me personally, the CPU and anything related to it is sancrocanct. I'll use the Star Trek example of Veger, the thing was awesome and immense, but at the core was a piece of old obsolete tech! Take that away, and it does not feel the same.
  8. Yeah, I cannot imagine it being much different than an extension on a joystick cable.
  9. Those adapters are a neat idea, but in this case it would not work with this RPi case, as the connector for the power comes in at the bottom at an angle and would need more height.
  10. I've been planning on selling my side-car TIPI system, so I needed to get new SD card and power supply to get everything setup and working correctly for whoever the new user turns out to be... but in my haste to order the power supply, I did not read the fine print. I noticed the new power supply for the RPi 4 was rated at 3 amps, not 2.5 but hey, that's good right? What I did NOT expect was for them to change the power supply connector! The RPi 4 requires a USB C type, so it will not work for a RPi 3 series Pi. Just a heads up if you guys are planning to upgrade your Pi.
  11. Five years is a good run, but I recommend people do a visual check of their batteries at least annually. You never know when one will leak and fubar your equipment.
  12. I was tidying up my hard drive today and came across this GIF I made a while back. Since it was for Arcade Shopper, I figured I'd post it here...
  13. HiMH batteries are great, but charging times (for safety) can be in issue in some applications when you need a quick turnaround and do not want to purchase or fiddle with multiple batteries. The major, but rare 'issue' with NiMH batteries is something called "thermal runaway" when you charge a HiMH too fast, it can heat up, sometimes catch fire and ruin your day (usually due to physical damage). Many battery packs (not individual cells) and consumer devices have protections against this problem, but with a home made device, I'd use a proper charger and NOT a NiCD just to be on the safe side.
  14. You may be right in this instance, but I think there would be some appreciative people out there if FunnelWeb or larger items could be converted, as not everyone has a P-Box with a SAMS card installed. There are some people who only run Nano-PEB's, side-car TIPI's and others using only 32K and a FinalGROM.
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