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  1. Honestly I'd low ball it at $35.00 to $40.00 if you want to dump it quickly. If you are lucky, you *MIGHT* even be able to get more, but I would not count on it. Some people on eBait have some 'unbelievable prices', so you never know. Good luck.
  2. How about a weekly thing? That way it happens often enough that people do not forget, or those who cannot make a one time fixed date have other chances throughout the month.
  3. Hidden away, in a lot of different corners of AtariAge, users have put up pictures of their cherished classic computer systems. The sad thing is, most of us never get to see those really cool pictures, because not having a particular computer system ourselves, may never visit the right part of AtariAge where those photos are hiding. So, with that in mind, I'm starting this thread in the CLASSIC COMPUTING area instead of a sub forum. So, whatever computer system you have, no matter how large or small, post a couple of photos! The prefered format for this thread: (But not mandatory) One or two images of your THEN system and... One or two images of your NOW system.
  4. I don't recall ever seeing them, but anything can be converted into a cartridge BIN, even an Extended BASIC program with odd data. I remember Gazoo converted the Bert & Ernie program into cartridge form for XB 2.7S.
  5. It's been an interesting and fun ride with the TI-99/4A the past few years. From a hardware aspect, it's been truly spectacular with all the 'add-ons'. Now my focus is returning back to the console. With the F18A MK II on the horizon, I'm figuring a totally separate console with the Mark II and Jedimatt42's USB keyboard interface. Because of some issues, I plan to have it done instead of doing it myself, so I want to get EVERYTHING POSSIBLE done at the same time. I'm wondering, am I leaving something important out? Is there a third item that "NEEDS" to go in the console? Should I also have the Bondwell power supply upgrade done at the same time? After all, this will probably be the last console I ever own. On the topic of the power supply update, has anyone yet come up with a 3D printed assembly that holds a switch that can be used with the stock on/off slider?
  6. I really enjoyed this thread! I never had an Atari, but seeing people's individual setups and how much pride and energy were invested into them, makes one understand why AtartAge users are here using the old machines of our youth. Side-by-side THEN/NOW photos would be cool too!
  7. Bummer. That potentially reduces the number of potential users to make the idea viable, unless inspiration on someone's part materializes.
  8. No, but I did get some fishy looking thingies I've not opened yet... 🐟🐬🐙
  9. Good News! If you attended Fest West 2017, you'll remember the grand prize winner of the F18A was an Atari guy, not a TI'er. Well, with the help of Airshack mentioning that Randy Kindig, of Floppy Day's fame and a TI'er wanted one, and the fact that Airshack gets around as a pilot, he arranged the F18A a new home and even installed it for him! Way to go Airshack!
  10. Scratched a small entry off the bucket list today. I hit the Asian market in Olympia for Gimbap, Soju and other assorted Korean snacks.
  11. I'm not an Amiga guy, but I thought the Vampire Cards were accelerators'. In essence this idea would be a "TI support computer enclosed in the TI itself". We use our PC's in a support role for our TI's, even if it's just downloading new software and transferring it to the TI. Why not have it done, at least partially by the TI? For those already with TIPI's, new files could easily be transferred via Wifi between the two RPi's in the P-Box using the Chromium browser. For those without a TIPI's, I imagine a simulated hard drive, could also be implemented that would allow people to transfer downloaded files directly to their TI's classic hardware, or just run if off the unit itself. This could potentially rectify the printing issues with contemporary printers as well.
  12. The idea is to use a single keyboard, the TI's keyboard, Tursi's PS/2 keyboard, or JediMatt42's keyboard, although a seperate mouse would be necessary. Switching video sources would be done via the keyboard and handled by the program. The switching electronics would reside on the P-Box card in which the RPi is attached. From all outward appearances it would look like a regular TI... but with a little bit more under the hood!
  13. Forget yesterday's post. I've had a chance to 'distill' my idea a little more... A) A RPi installed into the P-Box, controlled by means of... B) An FG99 or E/A 5 program allowing the user to switch which unit to control, the TI or the RPI. (A secondary wireless mouse would probably be required.) I believe it would be NECESSARY to have a manually controlled software/keyboard controlled switch to select which video stream goes to the monitor at a specific time. This of course is assuming in the future when people start running the F18A Mk II which would have the same HDMI compatible signalling as the RPi. For those with TIPI's, you would still use the browser to transfer downloaded programs, unless [email protected] at some time point in the future added that capability to Force Command... assuming any of this ever comes to pass. Now the bad news, this idea is NOT cheap and it would... 1) REQUIRE and F18A Mk II that is currently unavailable... 2) A new interface card as of yet that does not exist... 3) A program that does not yet exist... 4) A Raspberry Pi 3B+ 5) A mouse
  14. Since Blackbox was so kind to upload excellent scans of Star Trek, I decided to convert them into a compressed PDF. Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator.pdf
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