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  1. No, I'm afraid not. Ksarul is working on a 4meg card though. It's basically 32K plus. Thanks for reminding me that I need to update my entry. I'll try to get on that tonight or tomorrow.
  2. ... it's the dumping thread. One can post anything they would like to share. Not that I need to justify my actions or anything, but I thought it was cute.
  3. I just tried it on my cartridge. CALL HOME just comes back with subprogram not found and CALL MENU returns back to the original screen. So I would say, yes.
  4. Has the topic of termination resistors come up yet?
  5. Once you confirm your TI-FDC is operating, or once it's repaired/replaced, I highly recommend the 80 track modification for your TI, especially if you plan on getting an HxC. Why? Because that little baby can emulate two drive at once (DSK1 & DSK2) leaving that 1/2 height drive as DSK3, giving you access to 1M of storage space at the same time (assuming all are setup as DSSD 80 track. Another path you could take, assuming things and cost do not work out with the FDC issue is to nix the drives altogether and slip a TIPI & RPi in the box.
  6. The only "mix" that came to mind for me was to mention the SC itself, because E/A is a given. SuperCart: Notes Express SuperCart: Notes Express AMS+
  7. I never have either, but someday the card might fail, or I'll want to experiment, so this seems a WHOLE LOT EASIER than pulling the P-Box out, opening the top, removing the card. trying to get the SC card out with the P-Box card and RPi so close together, then having to go through all that fuss to put it all back together again. I could snake this out the back and use a command strip to attach the SD card end to the P-Box.
  8. Has anyone plugged one of << THESE >> into their P-Box TIPI's yet?
  10. Well I'll be darned... The Raspberry Pi apparently already has BBS software (I should have known). << CLICK HERE >> Step 5 takes you to a 404 page though...
  11. Same here, except if the home heat pump stopped working in the middle of winter.
  12. A few years back someone was in the process of making card to put the speech in the P-Box. I think they ended up making a couple, but then stopped short of actually producing them. That is another project that might be nice to see revived by someone... or maybe a "DOUBLETECH" card with RTC and speech.
  13. Weird. You can always try GAZOO'S version he wrote a year or so before he passed on. If I remember correctly, he said it would work with that clock too. Maybe you can confirm that for us... SETCLOCK8.BIN CorComp Clock Updated Manual.pdf
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