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  1. Nic to see this thread bearing some fruit!
  2. I believe we are slowly approaching a milestone in the TI's functional evolution. With an UberGROM or a FinalGROM in combination with a SAM's card and the TIPI, I believe it's possible to have a version of BASIC and FORCE COMMAND DOS working together in the same USEFUL way it was done on many other machines like PC's. I myself, only a lowly BASIC level programmer, get excited at the thought of being able to type in: "BASIC program name" and have a program I wrote instantly run, and upon completion be back into the DOS environment... just like we can do now with assembly (EA/5) programs.
  3. I've never seen these ones from Korea before. Where did you get them helocast?
  4. I think you may be right about the time frame. I don't remember using PC-Pursuit until I had my Practical Peripherals 2400 baud so that puts it at about 1987-1988. I remember writing an article for the clubs newsletter comparing dial up prices, but here are a few snippets I had put into a newsletter on PC-Pursuit in March of 89.
  5. Do you need more than 512K for this specific task? If not, the UberGROM with Tursi's start code might be perfect for your application. Because with Tursi's cold boot routine in the 1284P it can load whatever is programmed onto the 49F040. In the case of the photo below, it's 4A/DOS, but you could put nearly any program in there. I've not done it personally, but within the confines of Classic 99 it's my understanding that one can load up a software program run it to any point and then make an image of it, and have it being execute from that set point on a real TI. So, if you lose power, no problem, when power comes back, voila the program will start WITHOUT HUMAN INTERVENTION at that specific place in the program.
  6. Hmmm, I might consider buying another auto-starting 1284P from Tursi in the future. Now that I think about it, having Force Command in an UberGROM might be kind of neat and since programming the 49F040 is a piece of cake. All it would take is an up-to-date version in a BIN. Maybe I should start thinking about what would make an appropriate cartridge label?
  7. PC-Pursuit was your friend, but the double time packet delays were maddening!
  8. I'm not sure many people here, if any, will be interested in this topic but here it goes... When using TI-Multiplan, one has to use a real or emulated "DSK" with the filename TIMP for the program to operate. So "Real Iron" works fine with a disk or Lotharek HxC. Heck, even Nano-PEB users can use it! But.. what about side-car TIPI users or those wanting to use a different 'directory'? This is one of those limitations that has not yet been overcome for side-car TIPI users. I myself prefer to use the 80 column 'hacked version' of Multiplan, but it's not hacked enough to work within the FIAD way. I believe any "hacking would need to start with the cartridge BIN image but it's out of my pay grade. With the lack of users, I imagine it's likely to stay that way unless someone sees it as a challenge to overcome. I know sometimes it's easy to jump "past a check" in the code, but I can't find it.
  9. Actually there is a work around for that too. For example the 4A/DOS version for the FinalGROM only requires seeing the title and selection screens only once, until power is reset. So yes the 4A/DOS for the UberGROM is better in that you NEVER have to see them.
  10. Yep, have the XB2.7S, fantastic cartridge by the way, even if some program versions on it are getting a little dated. Have the RXB 2015 cartridge, but never seem to get around to using as it's easier to use the BASIC on the FinalGROM without swapping cartridges. Then of course the one you helped me with, the auto-booting 4A/DOS, which still gets some use, but Force Command is slowing taking over in my TI life. The Rasmus 8-N-1 Arcade is good... ... as is the Atarisoft Games Collection. Heck, I still have Version 1.8 of the F18A upgrade and really should re-task that cartridge, but have no idea of (existing software) that I'd want to put into it. Now you mention (existing software). There is one program I've been waiting nearly three years for, while enjoying the updates as they come along. I WILL be making a dedicated cartridge for that baby when it's finally released. I'm crossing my fingers that it'll be be completed before the end of 2020. At this point, the 4A/DOS and Gazoo's XB2.7S are going to remain with me until I die, the others, with FinalGROM versions on hand could possibly still give my burner some future action.
  11. When the UberGROM first came out, I bought a number of them, plus extra chips, a burner, a fancy IC extractor, well basically the whole works. I was ecstatic. As time marched on and technology improved, the TI hobbyist geniuses came up with ever better gadgets. At first the UberGROM held it's own for a specific task or program, but on the software side of things, the geniuses again figured out how to overcome the auto-booting limitation and some other stuff that the UberGROM could do that the FinalGROM could not. Now, I'm left wondering what to do with my UberGROM stuff. Is there anything the UberGROM can do, or a program it can run better, than the FinalGROM? As a classic computer hobbyist, I don't like to discard neat things that still function, like my TI-99/4A, but sometimes changing perspective or re-tasking one or two items and bundling them TOGETHER can give new life to older stuff and in some cases MAKE THEM BETTER AS A WHOLE. I'm personally out of ideas, so...
  12. It was nice to see Submarine Commander get a little "press" in the latest version of Yesterday's News. It's a real fun game to play if you have at least 1/2 hour of time to burn. However, there is an "awesomely greater" remake PDF version of the manual that PeBo and yours truly put together for the community quite a while back. Submarine Commander (Revised 2).pdf
  13. Awesome scan! Worthy of the PDF treatment. I had a few extra minutes this morning so... It prints up pretty nice. (Forget the smear on the images, I need a new camera.) Super Space II (Manual).pdf
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