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  1. That's pretty slick, you think of everything! I'll check that out and see if it works with some of the larger programs as well. Thanks. I like staying within the Force Command environment as much as possible.
  2. Noted for future reference. Still it can be useful for those wanting to load frequently used programs from the command prompt without having to type out the whole path.
  3. Huh? Getting this image was one of the simple ones, only requiring a simple LEFT CLICK & DRAG to the desktop. Looks better rotated though...
  4. The reason to place the EDIT80 program in TIPI.UTILS is because that is the path that I sector edited into the loader I named EDITOR, no other reason. I prefer to have my loaders in the TIPI root directory for simplicity and because I don't like typing long path names. I also have one named WEB for Stuart's Internet browser and another called TELCOM for the TELNET program. I might upload these tomorrow. The loader program was from Tursi. It allowed me to run some programs in the past that 4A/DOS did not like to load. It basically "clears out some stuff" (I don't know what) and then loads the target program. I've found it VERY useful. When I had this glitch with EDIT80, I suspected Tursi's loader would fix the problem... and it did! So yes, no more static lockup.
  5. I've noticed that when I try to exit Fred Kaals EDIT80 program using the X command in Force Command the computer locks up with a lot of static sounds. This does not happen in 4A/DOS for some reason. Anyway the attached program called EDITOR fixes the problem. Put your EDIT80 program in a sub directory called TIPI.UTILS. and then place the EDITOR program in your TIPI's root directory. Typing LOAD EDITOR (from the root directory) will load TIPI.UTILS.EDIT80. EDITOR
  6. This is cool! Dragon/SpaceX Launch! (LIVE STREAM)
  7. I'll be in the group chat @ MYTI99.COM until the top of the hour.
  8. Nice looking game. Any plans to compile it and turning it into a cartridge BIN?
  9. Nice to know the audio.on this one us adequate. Thanks.
  10. This thread is different, it's for messages of a time limited nature. For example, if someone wants to test something online with another member in real-time. I recommend "following" this thread so you don't miss an important post from someone in the future. On this first post, I'm online with Stuart's Internet Browser and will be monitoring for the next 50 minutes in case someone wants to chat, or test it out.
  11. It would be interesting to know what the output level on the audio out jack is. Many recorders these days limit the audio levels to "protect your hearing", which makes them useless for TI use. On the other hand, if the audio output is not attenuated, at that price, it may be better than an old over-priced FleaBay unit with questionable serviceability.
  12. Looking at the June Calendar, I have that day off! Woo Hoo!
  13. You know, I bet a TOGGLE FUNCTION could be built into Force Command to do what this program does. ENHANCEON and ENHANCEOFF maybe?
  14. With the PC off I only supply power to an LED lamp, the router and the land line base and that is supposed last about 4 hours. Apparently from the remaining charge it nearly depleted last night. I'm sure the one in the living room did. The one in the bedroom held on it seems as the clock is still accurate. What bothers me is that the UPS did NOT log the blackout. It says the last incident occurred on 8/22/2019 which is a lie, it should read 5/28/2020.
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