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  1. ... maybe @arcadeshopper will someday offer a TI cassette cable for Android phones? (Play only needed).
  2. For my first computer... Well, I never was a fan of and never had the time to play the "specifications game". I also never wanted to memorize how many nano seconds computer A was faster than computer B or C or even D... that month. I simply looked at what it could do for me in the bang-to-buck ratio. I was young, newly married and had a kid, so that limited my financial expenditure. The TI-99/4A did not need a specialized monitor, saving me money, it also had color, and sound built-in. It looked pretty damn cool too. It was also designed to upgrade in stages giving me a lower entry level cost. I even used my TI-99/4A with a VCR to add titles to videos besides other home related ventures. I really liked that machine, so much so that I got back into the TI and am having a blast with it even now.
  3. Last time I tried that the audio was not loud enough... ** EDIT ** Although, I've gotten a new phone since then. I also cannot find the stereo to mono adapter. It's getting nothing with the TI cables mono plug.
  4. ... there are a few on Amazon, but many of the units sold these days attenuate output making the audio levels too low for the TI. I'd be willing to add some images to the better games for the MP3 players display (if it had one).
  5. This has become an intriguing thread lately, to that end has anyone found or is their consensus on a microSD card based small handheld MP3 player that works with the TI? Cheap Chinese stuff can be hit and miss, and purchasing a limited read-only pre-filled unit off of fleabay while "interesting" is not something I'd want. So, what do you use, and how much did it cost? In this day and age it sure beats messing with tapes.
  6. I remember they did sell round cabling with the proper amount of conductors, but connectors were scarce. If you did do that, it would not be too practical as your cable length could not be too long without inducing issues. The maximum length for extensions over the years seems to have self-limited to 18 inches or less, I'm guessing there is a good reason for this. My solution was to hide the firehose connector behind the monitor and then use an extension coming in from the back and twisted underneath the console and plugged into the side. Of course as you read further up others have varying opinions.
  7. Out of curiosity, what is the timing interval? Does the timing interval change as the P-Box heats up? You mention you've inspected the contacts, but what about the power supply, and it's output and it's connections?
  8. Good luck! With aging eyes, components getting ridiculously small, and no nearby Radio Shack available for parts, I'm no longer messing with hardware. I'm a mid 70's - early 80's (through-hole) guy. Sadly in it's later years Radio Shack could not even be counted on for parts anymore. A couple of years ago @COREi64 was designing and planning to make a 3D printed P-Box Kit type case, I guess that never worked out. I had plans for a "final project" that I've wanted to make since my youth, but never did, I guess I never will now.
  9. Results.mp4 Had to see for myself...
  10. Well the results are in, it looks like...
  11. Saw this today, made me feel like I was in the past for a few seconds...
  12. It's amazing how just in the past three or four years so much has changed in the TI hardware field. Before the TIPI came into all our lives, many of us had our TI's doing WiFi to the BBS with a UDS-10 and a Vonets WiFi bridge, similar to this arrangement... And before the FinalGROM came in and took over, we were still using individual cartridges like these... It's all been an amazing blur these past few years!
  13. Now << HERE >> is an "interesting auction" for bare console users wanting to play with their TI's... ... actually this one is quite scary once you read the fine print and key in on the shipping.
  14. You might get it, anything is possible, especially from a collector. From my point of view it's not something currently "in fashion" at the moment. Considering the price of a FinalGROM, is only a few bucks more and people can get the Editor/Assembler .BIN free along with a couple of hundred other .BINs and even the E/A DOCs in PDF form, I wouldn't pop that much anymore. I'd put a MAKE OFFER on it and settle for $25.00.
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