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  1. I'm fine! 😁 Don't waste the time, effort or expense to print another one. Man it's gonna be so cool to have matching speech and TIPI sidecars on that TI. One of the major drawbacks for me on the beige TI's, besides the Mitsumi keyboard, was the aesthetics, it simply looked horrible with a black and silver speech synthesizer plugged into it. That issue is now a thing of the past.
  2. I mentioned it to Jedimatt42 in a PM a while back. He has the issue referenced on his TIPI related site.
  3. Yep suckers been busted for a while now.
  4. You never know how far down the rabbit hole you'll fall. I've only been back into the TI for seven years, and that was after a twenty-three year 'break'. This was my "re-entry" system back in 2013. I never expected the bug to bite so hard the second time around, but the guys here kept me coming back with all the new hardware, software and conversation.
  5. Yes, my << main system >> is a black and silver model, but now that color matched 3D printed sidecars are available, I had to get the beige number.
  6. This is "sorta gaming related". I've been known to make my own cartridges and reproduction manuals, so it's important to make them sturdy and long-lasting, so I bought a laminator to support my classic computing/gaming hobby.
  7. Well, if you want some unsolicited advice, MAKE THE FINAL GROM CARTRIDGE YOUR PRIORITY. Honestly, you'll get much more bang for the buck with that cartridge than any other single item, especially if you have 32K plugged into the side.
  8. The stock format TI was actually really easy to use back in the day, however in the past few years some the gurus here have made the TI sit up do things it was never designed, intended or even contemplated ever doing. Force Command is a prime example of this. Take it in steps and don't rush it. Doing things from the command prompt is the simplest way at first, then you can work your way into scripts, and then weave together things that were never imagined back then, like jumping into and out of BASIC is one example and one of my favorite. Once you get it all customized it'll be as freaking easy to use as a PC. (My opinion) @jedimatt42, with his Force Command and TIPI combo it's like a whole new, and better machine.
  9. It'll be nice to finally use my SAMS.
  10. Ohhh! Yes, I do have an extra speech synthesizer which could use a beige case as well. Damn, this will be one damn good looking beige TI!
  11. No problem, I can clean anything. I even have a couple of UberGROM's boards ready to transfer to them. Thanks again.
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