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  1. Don't feel bad, I've been banned from the wasting your life one GIF at a time thread. Personally, for the first offense, I could see a "time out" of a few months, and not a lifetime sentence, but it's Albert's board so it's Alberts rules. I know it sucks, but consequences for actions and all that kind of stuff I guess. Were guests in his home after all.
  2. That text looks to be in hq4x mode in Classic 99 on a PC.
  3. We have generation X, Y, Z and the so-called "Millennials".  So, what are we going to call all the children born of people having to stay home together all day and do nothing but make babies?  How about Coronials? 

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    2. Magmavision2000


      The clouters or the poggers (I'm a gen z'er so I can make these jokes). Or gen 01

    3. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum


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  4. @Vorticon I did some checking. I'm now thinking it was @Casey based on << THIS MESSAGE >>.
  5. That is a very good question! I remember Stuart writing a weather page for his browser a few years back, I think when we were using UDS-10's. This one came out in the TIPI era, so it could not be more than two or three years ago. I thought it was Arcadeshopper, but he's only claiming to have compiled the 40 column version. Now you updated it in T80XB. I probably need to go back and do a search to see if I can find who it was for proper attribution. I did find one reference << HERE >> by Arcadeshopper.
  6. Looking back at this thread from just a few years ago, it occured to me there so many new or improved things that would make it easier and more enjoyable if we ever did have another TI-ONLY DAY.
  7. If any of you are interested in the new 80 column version of the WEATHER program modified by Vorticon, << THIS LINK >> will help you with the airport identifiers. Those listed with less than four letters don't seem to be large enough for FSS information, even then, not all the four letter ones at smaller municipal airports will work either. Find those in your local area that do work and write them down. Thanks again Vorticon! I'm happy to see my TI being more and more USEFUL as time progresses.
  8. Well, phooey! I'm gonna use this program as intended on the trip come hell or high water, so I just did a quick and dirty edit to the LOAD file... ... go ahead and laugh, it works! 😜
  9. Arrrrrrgh! I've been pulling my hair out for the past two days with every free minute I had trying to figure out why it was not working. I was beginning to suspect my version would not work, so posted the version I was using. I'm glad that's confirmed, no more frustration. That's a major bummer because I was going to demo that awesome feature with my sidecar TIPI/32K, but that unit cannot use 2.4. I guess after I get back, next week I'll have to plug in the P-Box and upgrade.
  10. What the hell am I doing wrong? 1) My AUTOCMD works so it's good... TIPIBEEPS XBMOD=RXB2015G XBADDR=32419 COLOR 15 1 CLS type /ansi ANSI/ans color 15 1 2) I have AUTO set to ON 3) I have the appropriate files in the FC directory. 4) I have RXB in the FG99's ROOT directory I load up Force Command type: CD TIPI.WEATHER80. from that subdirectory I type: XB WEATHER The system generates a file, but whatever it's doing is not working. I'm using version 1.6 of the TIPI software if that means anything.
  11. Put the attached program in your TIPI root directory. Then when you want to load WEB, type "LOAD WEB94" WEB94
  12. @Vorticon AWESOME! I added a line: 129 ON ERROR 100 I don't know if that will keep it from being compiled, or even if a T80XB program can be compiled.
  13. ... Oh yeah, we all do things to our individual levels. I'm glad there are super programmers out there, but I'm not one of them, so good job on the discouraging post. It makes a person really want to do something when they are told their efforts will only amount to "a hacky web-scraping thing". (Even if there is nothing else available at the present time).
  14. Opinions are like posteriors, everyone has one. I actually plan to work on this myself during my vacation. If what I do is not up to your liking you do not have to use it. If you want to make it obsolete that's cool too. I have learned one thing about you, you obviously do not like people throwing out ideas, especially ones you have different opinions on. This is not the first time, and I'm sure it will not be the last. I do however wish for the old days when people could have, and discuss ideas and opinions with a little more tolerance.
  15. Yeah, simple and fun games that do not take forever to finish. I only have a few days, and I also have to cram in a video, a little XB programming, along with my daytime holiday activities.
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