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  1. I never heard that the original P-Box (the one with the fuse holder on the back) had a fuse in the transformer as well. I guess you learn something new every day. I was told, by a source that I thought reliable that TI made the switch to save pennies later on the rocker switch type P-Boxes. I figured if he had a DMM he could at least test to see if any current was making it out of the transformer, if not it would at least isolate the issue to that point. Thanks for setting me straight. LINK ONE LINK TWO From Mainbyte...
  2. Well this is weird. I went to make a video to show you what is wrong, but after I started filming it worked correctly. I'm scratching my head as to why now, but not then, because nothing has changed! I'll get back to you if it happens again. Weird.mp4 \
  3. Uh oh, I *MAY* have a potential bug report. The XB command seems to work flawlessly... if you are already in the subdirectory of the program you want to use. For example from the DOS prompt I type: CD TIPI.WEATHER80. I then end up in that directory. I can then type XB WEATHER and everything runs perfectly. However, here's the rub, I wrote a small and very simple batch file to automate that task called "W" All it's supposed to do is those commands I go through manually, but when I type: CALL W to execute the script, this is what I end up with... If this is not a bug, can someone please explain to me WHY it's not working or at least suggest a fix. Thanks!
  4. Okay! It works! Freaking amazing! I may need to write a batch/script file though. I'll need to double check again, but it seems that to load the WEATHER program I need to be in the programs subdirectory for the program to load. That little RED light on the FinalGROM cartridge never looked so good. 😀
  5. I just downloaded it. My plan is to put the call in the last line of the WEATHER program you enhanced. That way when I press N, instead of Y for another, it'll jump back to Force Command. Seamless! I'm gonna love it! Man, I cannot tell you how much I wanted something like this from my 4A/DOS days back in the 80's & 90's, then when I got back into the TI, then when Force Command came out... and now that dream is realized. I'm bowing to [email protected] right now, he just cannot see it. With T80XB, and this return program, even us lowly BASIC level programmers can write programs that will have some meaning in the FC environment.
  6. You didn't watch the right video. It's already been done by @J-Data
  7. The pushbutton type with the fuse holder on the back should not have a fuse in the transformer. Do you have a DMM?
  8. Yep! I just got done 15 minutes ago myself. I download 2.5, re-formatted an SD card, used Etcher to put the software on the card, connected to the Pi from the PC, expanded the root, copied all my files over and then tested everything out... SUCCESS! I did have one small glitch (of my own doing), the WEATHER program did not work at first, then I realized I forgot to turn AUTO to ON! YES!
  9. Yeah I guess the Mean Well would be more conducive to the unswitched aspect as it could be branched off before it goes to the TI as it has a dedicated 5v line. For your design not so much as it would need more circuitry to step down the voltage. Just tossing out ideas.
  10. A USB port on the TI could be used for many things, just off the top of my head... 1) If it was UNSWITCHED as dedicated close by power tap for the Pi ZERO on the TIPI/32K so we would not have to shut down power all the time. 2) To power for our cellphones as we are using them as a WiFi hub for our TIPI's to call into the BBS, check the weather, or doing anything at MYTI99.COM. 3) IF UNSWITCHED, as a convenient place to charge our cell phones at home. 4) For a nightlight to aim at the keyboard for those late night sessions. 5) The next big thing.TM
  11. Das ist gut! I'll back up my SD card this time before I try the upgrade process, as time is getting short as I don't have time to start from scratch all over again. I'll do it later this evening if it's ready. THANKS [email protected]!
  12. I'm not the best or most prolific game player either, but I want to try new things on this vacation that I've never done before so getting suggestions is the best way to go.
  13. Looks like there will be two new videos on it in the near future. Filming on my new video begins Wednesday, and of course it will be featuring the... TI-RDTRP2-Segment A- No Sound.mp4
  14. At the risk of suggesting feature creep, I'd like to see some header pins attached so a USB charging port could be installed in the TI, and current requirements compensated for. An extra useful feature could help drive sales. If we have to open up the TI anyway...
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