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  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I suspected as much due to the TI's memory and speed, but having a decent explanation cannot be beat.
  2. If was lots of fun tonight. Sadly, I had to bug out early, then found I had 5 more minutes I could have stayed...
  3. Yup I'll be there. Too bad we cannot start early!
  4. Would it be possible to use it to make a BATTLEZONE clone?
  5. If you have any batteries in the house it's an easy test.
  6. There are TI-99/4A related, T-Shirts, Cups, Hats, Coasters, Trivets and Wall Emblems, what else could the man who has everything want? Is there something the market has overlooked? Are Presentation Folders or TI-99/4A ball point pens next?
  7. The Mean Well is a modern laptop style power adaptor that would supply all the correct voltages. If you do not plan to make a "soft power" supply, a switch and connector leads could be done on a PCB without many components, the internal board would generate no heat at all to speak of. Mean Well GP25A13A-R1B
  8. You forgot one very important thing in your manual! You need to add at least a one line item on the lower portion of the last page, something to the effect of , "Manual by: pixelpedant"
  9. Yes, some people are now hanging the speech, the TIPI/32K and Raspberry Pi ZERO off of the TI as well. I also have the @Tursi designed keyboard enhancement drawing power as well, so I'm of the school that it's always a good idea to factor for some extra overhead, especially because you never know what the next cool gadget might be. The MeanWell power brick is one avenue people have come out with as well. I always want to "push the envelope", so if a new power supply comes out, I'd like to see a "smart power supply", one that could be shut down with a command from the TI via the TIPI or Raspberry Pi. How exactly one would do this, I'm not completely sure, I figure it would require at least some logic on the board itself and maybe some a couple of wires to send the impulses to the board. Overkill? I dunno, but I'd use it if there was software support for it.
  10. @jedimatt42 does not currently want to add anything to Force Command until he cleans things up a bit, so I did not want to post this in his thread, but I thought a discussion on this topic might be interesting: Is the time almost here for a "CONFIG.SYS" file for Force Command? (Assuming the author would be willing of course.) Some commands may always be a given or settings that the user chooses never to alter, so do not belong cluttering up the AUTOCMD file. For example, some people are running SAMS cards on their machines, at some time in the future it may be possible to adjust the settings for use within Force Command. At some point in the future Force Command may be able to count cycles between key presses. If this was possible, it might be possible to set up functions/operations if a specific time limit was reached for example... If greater than 5 minutes of no activity BLANK screen or PERFORM a specific command. If greater than 60 minutes of no activity TIPIHALT (granted only useful for TI powered TIPI's) If Greater than 65 minutes SHUTDOWN TI. (yeah I know, I know a modified console power supply would be required, yeah, another future dream of mine). I'm sure with the various hardware setups and requirements of the many varied TI'ers out there, Force Command could be able to fill the needs of even more varied users. Since this IS a discussion forum, what would you like to see or add to a CONFIG.SYS?
  11. I'll just buy another 2" binder as they are less expensive and it'll match the other one. To make room I'll retire the Shift 838 Newsletters to a manilla envelope. Those 6" binders are $pendy! << Example >> Tricky how they make you buy a two pack if you want black. Of course if you want the binder spine, click on this old message....
  12. If you have an awesome score in a game, but there is no person or camera around to document it... did it really happen?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. WhataKowinkydink


      I just jot it down and good enough for me.  It's not like I can lie to myself ;)

    3. GoldLeader


      ^I agree!   If it's a personal Best,  I probably write it down.

    4. Tombstone


      Yes, it has happened MILLIONS of times....allegedly.  ;)

  13. I'll be printing off this thread in the next day or two to take with me on vacation. I've not had the time to totally delve into this stuff without constant interruptions or work. I cannot wait to play around for one of those evenings, maybe two!
  14. When you say exit & re-enter Force Command... are you not using the auto-booting version? The reason why I ask is that upon exiting a program or doing a reset, you should automatically be back in Force Command without doing anything, which gives it a seamless feel. Yes, passing the filename would be sweet. Someday it might even be possible if some sort of 'standard' is set within the TI community reserving a few bytes in a specific location, or maybe a file that stores information to be used between programs. With many of us using the SD card on our TIPI's one more small file would never be noticed. Do you mean putting a TIPI/32K in the top area of the console, hiding the entire thing?
  15. Many of us have been around a while and used DOS'es on multiple machines over the decades. Some of you guys are old enough to remember CP/M, others had stints with things like TRSDOS and other third party variants for the TRS-80's, ProDOS for the Apple, Sparta DOS for the Atari, then of course MS/DOS variants like 3.11. The question arises, what were your favorite DOS commands and add on utilities that you used within the DOS environment the most? Some of us use EDIT40 and EDIT80, as our editor of choice in Force Command, but I'm sure there are other programs some of you use and others you would like. But thinking back, what would you still want or need and actually use in our new DOS? In trying to be realistic, I'm not suggesting grandiose programs like a TI version of Pablo Draw for our ANSI screens within Force Command, but rather modest programs that we could use.
  16. Yeah, thanks for setting me straight on the specific use case, the only thing I could imagine was a printer. Oh yeah, Force Command is opening up new avenues and possibilities. In fact, I believe within a few years, for what the program does not evolve into by the author, people will write specific programs that integrate perfectly into the environment. Yep, that is a large part of the fun of the old TI. In fact I'm getting away for a few days in a couple of weeks and taking mine with me.
  17. Okay, I know I'm getting a little slow in my declining years, but I must really be missing something. What is the benefit of running a Nano-PEB with a TIPI/32K? About the only thing my mind can fathom would be a legacy serial printer or maybe a CF7 for a parallel printer.
  18. @ColecoJoe I wish AtariAge had a BARF button, not for your informative post, but for the news contained within.
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