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  1. Well, this is premature, but his photos inspired me today (since I had some time), to piece together a possible intro to a future video... << CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO >> (Length 28 Seconds)
  2. Yeah, it's already been relisted, but oh, that one is NASTY!
  3. Wow, I wish I had more room and a few dollars extra to burn. There is finally a decent looking MOD 4 for sale on Ebay. << CLICK HERE FOR AUCTION >>
  4. Yup! Mine saved my ass only yesterday!
  5. ... after watching your video @Airshack I feel so inadequate. What do people usually spout when shown up? Oh, I got it... "Show Off!"
  6. Actually, it depends how large of a UPS you get and how much crap you hang off of them. If you simply power an RPi, you'll have quite literally HOURS of backup time. The small one I use with my portable TI will run the TI, TIPI and monitor for 2 hours, I simply have no clue to how long it'll last with just the TIPI. Now when it comes to my home PC, I have a substantially larger unit on that, and it will also shut down my PC on it's own at certain threshold if I'm not around. I understand people have had different experiences in life and come to different conclusions because of it, but I've had nothing but positive experiences with all the ones I have. I'll tell you this much, they've saved me a TON of time over the years on having to redo something because of a power glitch. I'll NEVER run a PC without one!
  7. Actually, if it's just for the sidecar TIPI/32K, << THIS UNIT >> could set on the floor and have the TIPI plugged into it and run for hours. In the video below, you can see that I've been able to run an entire sidecar unit on slightly larger UPS.
  8. << Simple solution >>, or << something else like it >> .
  9. Mine has occasionally beeped during undervolt conditions and supplied extra current. It also acts like a surge protector during overvolt conditions and spikes. During the power outage yesterday it allowed me to remain online for a while before shutting down properly. I consider it protective equipment. I have to say, it's also nice to keep ones router working during a power outage and to have light as well. LED light bulbs take very little juice, and can run quite a long time.
  10. Yeah, since Rpi's are relatively inexpensive, they have a habit of multiplying like rabbits. I only use them as dedicated devices myself and have never really gone "under the floorboards" when it comes to the OS or programming. My Pi stable consists of: 1) 1 - RPi 4 dedicated to running KODI with an 8TB HD attached for entertainment purposes. 2) 1 - RPi 3B+ dedicated to TIPI use in the P-Box 3) 1 - RPI 3B+ dedicated for use as TRS-80 Model III emulator 4) 1 - RPi Zero W dedicated for TIPI use as a sidecar unit. I'm also contemplating getting another Zero W for a future breadboarding project. What I'd "like to do" is keep the SD card only for booting purposes (in the P-Box TIPI) and as little as possible for everything else, while keeping everything a bit more protected on a USB device. Will it happen? Dunno. If or when it does, I'll cross that bridge then.
  11. Mechanical drives are getting freaking DIRT CHEAP, especially the so-called 'smaller obsolete drives'. Personally, I'd never consider a 160GB drive for any modern use, but for a TI application, that would be more space than I could ever hope to fill in my remaining lifetime... and for under $22.00! << EXAMPLE HERE >>
  12. I'd be interested in learning, if it's currently possible (for the TIPI) on what the path that would be, or how to map it as a drive. I did not want to 'assume' just because something might be possible with the Pi OS, that it was also 'baked in' to the TIPI interface.
  13. Never having tried, I'm curious, will the TIPI access a USB hard drive plugged into one of it's USB ports? The reason I ask is because with power failures the SD card can get corrupted, but if the majority of ones data was stored on a hard drive, it would mean much less data to restore later. While green is not my color, the image below turned up in my inbox. I've also been told a TI-related one could be produced, probably with the appropriate logo and matching color scheme. I have to admit, I like the idea!
  14. //freelygivingmyopinionmodeon While not technically a RAMDISK... ... the TIPI is nearly as fast... ... stores a heck of a lot more data than you would ever get from an expensive or a lower priced reproduction RAMDISK... ... and does so much more... //freelygivingmyopinionmodeoff
  15. I've been told the REAL reason they changed the name of RAP to Hip Hop is because most people with taste kept pronouncing RAP with a C.

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    2. jd_1138
    3. The Usotsuki

      The Usotsuki

      To me, rap may be hip-hop, but hip-hop needn't be rap.

    4. joeatari1


      Suddenly I have a hankerin' for good old PE.  Perhaps some RUN-DMC.

  16. Well I've lost power now too. So, with only 90 minutes left on the UPS, I'm gonna go now.
  17. If it was just cold, I'd have no issues, but work is 30 miles away and I cannot even get out of my lengthy driveway to the steep unplowed road. If I could somehow make it down the hill, I'd never make it back up. So I'm trapped at home today.
  18. You all saw yesterday's picture... today we have twice as much...
  19. Jeez, I'm losing it. I just realized this game had not been entered into the repository! 😲
  20. I'm sorry, since I'm slowly extracting myself from AtariAge and the forums, I've decided not to subscribe this year and thus cannot edit the message any longer.
  21. I remember what it was like when I was a kid, we never wore masks except on Halloween, we walked to school in the snow, and we actually were forced to attend five whole days out of the week!


    1. Atarian7


      Not only did we walk to school in the snow, we walked uphill BOTH ways.

    2. Razzie.P


      I often hear the "we walked uphill BOTH ways" thing and have to wonder why they weren't smart enough to just walk back the same way they came.  ☺️

  22. Taken from my front door this morning...
  23. NEWER HOMBREWS & PORTS borzorkc.bin Berzerk Clone - with speech - Awesome! Message #15 Bounce'n'Pounce Message #1 Bouncy's Obstacle Course (Final Final Version) Message #88 DONCASTER8.bin Doncaster Racecourse Message #828 eric8.bin Eric in Monsterland Message #932 Lunar Mission 2 32k8.BIN Message #16 MADMARVIN8.BIN Mad Marvin's Great Escape Message #967 MRCHIN.BIN Mr. Chin Message #121 MummysTomb32K-8.bin Mummys Tomb Message #2156 NIGHTSTK8.BIN Night Stalker (Complete) Message #1 PENGO.BIN Pengo port by: Bleepbit Message # 1181 Pyjamarama-1.1.zip Pyjamarama Message #50 Red_planet32k8.bin Red Planet By: Retrospect/BIN Arcadeshopper Message #13 restc.bin Restless II Instructions Message #93 Robots of Death Message #4 (Added 02/10/2021) Skyway8.bin Skyway Message #48 SCRAA.bin Sparkdrummer's Challenge Rescue At AtariAge Message #818 SNAKE32kb8 Snake Plissken Message #638 super-mario-bros-8.bin Super Mario Bros. (Requires F18A) Message #260 SuperSpaceAcer32KB8.zip Super Space Acer Message #477 squaryc.bin Squary Message #10 TILANDER_8.bin TI Lander Manual Message #697 TILES-2018R2.ZIP TILES (Cartridge Image Within ZIP file) Message #23 TI-PONG.BIN TI-Pong Message #001 tix8.bin Similar to Qix Message #38 TEXTURBO8.BIN Tex Turbo Message #977 turmoil.bin Turmoil 8K Message #1 I'm trying to update this section in the repository, and know I'm overlooking a few things. Can you guys take a few seconds to look over the list and tell me if you see any glaring omissions? THANKS!
  24. Damn! That's nice! Anymore pics... like of the interior?
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