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  1. Possible. A quick check with the attached program can confirm it for him. DU_2K-8.bin
  2. @arcadeshopper Excellent job on your presentation. I recorded the first two at 1920 X 1080 and then decided to take a break. I've been sick as a dog for the past few days so gotta go lay down for a while.
  3. I figured it was either a reset button or considering the unique location a switch for a non-stamdard power supply.
  4. Rich, he specifically asked about the Editor/Assembler cartridge, nothing was mentioned about RXB. From the photo below, I'm guessing RXB or a FinalGROM is not an option for him at this point in time. For example I could have gone off-topic mentioning the Extended BASIC 2.7s cartridge would be perfect for his current need, but that probably would have been a total waste of his time. I figure the OP would prefer to "stay on topic" and not go into irrelevant (to him) side discussions that serve no purpose to his current request.
  5. It's been quite awhile since I've used BOOT, but if I remember correctly you would have to sector edit BOOT itself, as it saves it's updated data to itself. I don't recall off hand if there is enough room for the extra character needed in the filename, if there is you're golden. So what would happen if it's not edited? I believe when he saves updates, it would save a file called BOOT, not the renamed file, so it would appear like the updates never took... unless he continually renamed the updated files.
  6. Are you using a "REAL" Editor/Assembler cartridge? If you have a FG99 you could simply use a sector editor on the cartridge .BIN changing UTIL1 to BOOT.
  7. ... I might add that I've seen a couple of Beige TI's on Ebay over the years with keys missing because someone tried to force the issue and broke the keys off.
  8. I've always liked the idea of a TI system that is portable, or one that can still be used during a power outage, or simply to keep the TIPI's RPI running during a blackout. Amazon has << THIS INEXPENSIVE UNIT >> that I have found useful. Below you'll see the power supply in the video I made below for the TIPI/32K video a while back...
  9. Some of you may not have tried @senior_falcon's latest new utilities for Extended BASIC because you remember your old experiences from back in the day, where these utilities just took too damn much time to load rendering them impractical for normal use. Well, I gotta tell you, this new Extended BASIC 2.8 G.E.M. cartridge version of these utilities blows away any time aspects that may have held you back in the past, because now they simply do not apply.
  10. Sadly, this thread has never lived up to my hopes or expectations. I know some users have some rare or neat stuff, and it would be nice to see some of these items "up close and personal". Come on guys, if ya got it, flaunt it! Without photos any claims to having something is all B.S.... right? So please, whether you have one item not yet appearing in the thread, or are a hoarder who claims to have everything, please share a pic.
  11. Considering the membrane is enclosed in the keyboard case, you could use a waterpick for an especially nasty looking unit. I find that Windex and Q-Tips work well. Seriously, if all the keys are working on a Mitsumi keyboard count your blessings. You know the old saying, "If it's not broken, don't fix it, just clean it."
  12. @DrVenkman that was a very good photo. I decided to straighten it a tad and make a couple of adjustments...
  13. Sometimes it's the little things in life that give you the most pleasure. Also the CALL HELP command is neat for some of us old timers... Yesssss!.mp4
  14. Gracias! Gamsahabnida! Arigatogozaimashita! Dunkachen! Spasibo! I swore the first Extended BASIC that would do 80 columns, have a quick exit to DOS and still be 100% backwards compatible would be my Extended BASIC for life! This does everything I want and need... and so much more! So, my quest is now over! Again, THANK YOU!
  15. Before I take the time to turn this into a PDF, does anyone have a download link for the DSK image to go with it? Disk of the Ancient Ones.pdf
  16. Thanks, but it'll look even more nice when he sends those two sidecars!
  17. Most, if not all quality modern DMM's have at least 40-50 MΩ resistance rating so you should be good.
  18. With all due respect, could this please be taken to the RXB thread.
  19. Sounds possible, but I remember that if you did not specifically press FCTN P ("), but another character instead the BBS would hang up on you. I'm thinking it was a way verify TI users.
  20. Have you ever gotten so sick of an author of a program wrecking so many threads over the years by pushing his program that you are now so repulsed by the mere mention of it that you want to puke?  

    1. ClassicGMR





    2. Max_Chatsworth


      For the love of Krom..if someone is behaving so badly, just tell us exactly who you are talking about. This cryptic stuff is tiresome...

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      People who do that should be assaulted by seaweed.

  21. I do not recall if it was a single BBS system, or if it was written into the the BBS software. But does anyone remember being asked to, "Press FCTN P to continue" as a way of determining if a caller was truly a TI user?
  22. You're right, for full functionality it needs an FG99. A Red Board would not give the user the full capabilities. One thing that comes to mind is the ability to load a cartridge .BIN from the DOS environment. Lately a few of us have been using it to load a version of Extended BASIC, and a program (like Weather 80) and upon exit go back directly back to the DOS environment.
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