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  1. You can get on one Ebay for around $30.00 and just a little bit of dremell or cutting for the HDMI port and use the USB cable hole for the power cord and you are good. Some people have gotten fancy and hooked up the on/off switch
  2. It is a Flashback. - It is an emulation box like every other Flashback system. Only difference is it is a much better quality Flashback system then The Coleco, Atari and others that have been out but it is still very much a Flashback system. I do concede I was wrong about the amount of unique games in the Famicom. It is 8 and I am sure I am wrong about other things as well but whatever my daughter wanted to make Youtube videos and that is what we are doing so lady da..
  3. Yes, It is the USB hub. Stuck a Pi zero in it. Kept it neat, Just NES, SNES, GENESIS, MASTER SYSTEM and TG16
  4. My Daughter wanted to start a YouTube podcast about video Games. We are going to alternate between Retro and Modern games so I talk more in this video but she will take the lead for the next one about minecraft. It's our first one, I have to improve the lighting and sound, I never filmed in the arcade. Be nice it's our first one. We will get better at this for sure as we go forward. Thanks.. PS: Distribution Companies with walls of $150.00 NES Minis and controllers on Ebay? Nintendo has to get better control of distribution..
  5. Any Way to Pre Order this or did I miss the boat?
  6. It was from second run. Ordered it a few years ago.
  7. received mine today. Cool retro packaging. I have no games for it yet but ran the SGM test ROM from my atarimax and all is Good. - Aside from a few auctions on Ebay and atariage pre order were do I get games? Is any other still up for sale? - If any of the past SGM games are out of production are roms available then?
  8. I am also in the second run. I have not bugged Opcode since purchased the SGM years ago (Not sure exactly it has been so long.) But he did email me last month to verify address for December release. (Fingers Crossed) I am confident I will have this soon but in the meantime maybe we can start a second run support group.
  9. I paid for second Run back in May. I am OK with the wait as long as it eventually comes. I waited over thirty for this so I can wait another year or so...
  10. Not sure what the status is on this but I sent money for one just now.
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