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    I collect vintage computers, mostly apple. I am always looking for any vintage computer so if you wanna get rid of one let me know! i will take it no matter the condition. I also wanna start collecting game systems, so far all I have is a Nintendo 64 with excitebike 64 as the game cartridge
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  1. ok that's what I thought it was. the sound seems to be coming fromt here
  2. the other day I turned on the wii and it made a horrible grinding sound. it worked as usual though. it happened every once ina while but it still works fine. is this normal age or is something wrong?
  3. a while ago I purchased a Atari 8 bit computer but on the bottom of the case it said it 21.33.56t what is that supposed to mean?
  4. hey everyone I was wondering if anyone has some tano dragon software they don't want/need. if anyone has some shoot me a notice and we can go form there! thanks:)
  5. :) :-D :-D WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can finally shop on ebay knowing im safe and wont be harassed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. that sold for a pretty good price!. I got rid of my Gameboy for 20 bucks. worse decision ever. now I want it back
  7. that's pretty cool . if apple brought back the design for a vintage mac for a anniversary it would probably look like that. what kind of paint did you use for the gloss coat?
  8. I'm pretty much broke right now so Im gonna throw a crazy wild offer out there. Will you give it to me for free?
  9. ill bet the shipping is super high. if its not I might consider it.....*looks at pile of computers about to fall* yea ill think about it
  10. "will you do freight forward to Nigeria???" people say that to me all the time. that's a nice lot that you have:) I have never even heard of the playstation move.im not a big gamer so I don't really know about that stuff
  11. those are outrageous prices for those!!!! I hate it when people do that it annoys me to death ! someone in my area is selling a apple macintosh portable for 44 million! they say it is a rare one of a kind that bill gates built when he was five.......................I live amongst complete idiots.........save me,.,,,,,......please
  12. playing excitebike64 badly......very badly.....i need more games

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