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  1. how to convert object file to executable binary? lost in mans (
  2. http://www.clipshop.ca/DiskImages/azgraphics33/rod33.htm It is hard to implement, but I try
  3. I need a video for the program: http://g0blinish.ucoz.ru/demo/sy17/bl256.zip thank you.
  4. I took an article "Sixteen colors and beyond; extended hi-res graphics on the Apple." from Creative_Computing_v11_n02_1985_Feb and typed source again Result is not what I expected. Maybe source has mistakes? hgr_1.asm MASTER.DSK
  5. if anyone knows, advice an example of MB speech, please
  6. Well, I see some viruses what has made with PureBasic(Ransom - WinLocker etc..) guess why harmless code detected. My Comodo keep silent. I include sources if someone wants to check. ataribook.zip
  7. During development I've simple tool. for ATASCII/Internal tab page is possible to switch between charsets - right click and choose one item from popup menu for 6502 opcodes is possible to sort list clicking by header. I'm not sure about right data for CPU instruction set. Any suggestions are appreciated. atabook.zip
  8. 1.Fighting with MockingBoard sound. simple .psg dump made from ZX Spectrum tune ain't sound as well 2. Dreaming to meet with GS.
  9. maybe in future. Some routines for Hi-res very difficult.And Prodos too.
  10. I took atasci logo from atari writer plus(Internal format) atari-1.zip
  11. I found one: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bgtoq6tdwropzzr/AAAknv_0PeJGhn36dLJZfGASa btw zx7 is best compression tool.
  12. Keys are: cursor arrows - move cursor 0-9,A-F - choose color space - plot by current color R - fill screen with current color P - pick color under cursor Z - (freeZe) - draw plots Save/Load coming soon. seems there are no routines for disk operations.
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