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  1. This one is killer on the wrists. Super fun. I like the option of the different ships. Anyhow..... 183,000.
  2. 13,734. Just realized that this was back up. Thanks roadrunner. 22,003
  3. Great season guys. Congrats MAME Offender on the win. Looking forward to next one.
  4. I'm trying to better my scores, but I keep getting cat blocked.
  5. Place Holders (I also love all of these games. Great suggestions!) Grobda - 19,160 Time Pilot - 126,000 Ali Baba - 12,500 Frogger - 10,690
  6. This is going to end up as a Cyn Vs. M.A.M.E. Donkey Kong off. I look forward to it. Razzie, i'm looking in your direction. Give 'em a run. Vs. Excitebike - 65,645 Donkey Kong - 15,500
  7. Boogie Wings - 102,090 Qix - 15,728 Busch Latte in there for good luck.
  8. What is everyone’s starting ship in DDP? I love that’s there’s options and I tend to lean towards the Red guy and shot type.
  9. Tumblepop - 232,700 Alien Vs. Preditor - 379,000 Devil World - 184,700 Still can't stand Rainbow Island.
  10. Congrats Razzie on the single coin completion. Very impressive. Tumblepop is now one of my new fav games.
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