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  1. What about Vs. Excitebike? It has a score and it is kinda a racing game. Actually, can I change my Wonder Boy pick to this?
  2. Rainbow Island - 47,400 Captain America - 43,600 I happily take last place in Rainbow Island. There are some games that you just hate and this is one of them for me.
  3. I played Gigawing that Cyn suggested and played the 'world' Rom. It's funny that you can score 51 Billion points in a game. 😆
  4. I cringed when I saw Qix. I have the hardest time with that game. hero2billions, I found this site that is actually still hosting MAME Rom downloads. https://www.retrostic.com/roms/mame They seem to be mostly American Roms, but at least you can familiarize yourself with the games. Hopefully they work with the version of MAME you are running. I use an old MAME 0.122 and if you need all the Roms for that, I'm sure I can set up a Dropbox, or something and get them to you.
  5. Let’s get this party started. I’m pumped for all the game suggestions.
  6. Star Force S.S. Mission Jackal Wonder Boy
  7. Cyn, can we get a list of the still available games? Star Force
  8. Congrats Cyn!!! That season was a lot of fun. I have added many of the games to my Favourite's List. I'll take some time in the next few weeks and try and find a few hidden gems for next season. Be Safe Everyone.
  9. 1943 - 159,440 Kicker - 55,800 Portman - 6,420 Elevator - 13,050 Baulba - 68,600 Metal Slug 5 - 29,700 Burgertime 17,100 Gyruss - 65,750
  10. I play for fun and to get exposed to new games. I change dips Accordingly, why did I capitalize accordingly?, super drunk. All in all, my feeling is as long as we play on the same field and are having fun, makes no difference on the difficulty. I’ve played Juno First a lot, but never on such a hard difficulty. Great challenge.
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