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  1. 1000% agree. Thanks Cyn for hosting and keeping us in line. And I guess..... Congrats on the win.
  2. Dig Dug 2 - 33,300 League Bowling - 168 (Just squeezed a few pins passed you @Hero2millions)
  3. I love Time Pilot. Actually beat my best tonight. 141,400 Main Event - 3,100
  4. Quartet - 78,800 Sengoku 3 - 118,800 (Gotta get better at those combos)
  5. Avenging Spirit - 111,800 Gun Smoke - 43,850 Damn Gun Smoke kills my wrists.
  6. Super Pac-Man - 15,490 Anyone else unable to play the B. Rap?
  7. Twin Cobra II - 1,818,760 Donkey Kong - 6,900 (I think I'm the only person that actually dislikes this game)
  8. Optional auto fire. I like it. My arms are sore as well.
  9. Hey Everyone. Welcome back. I don't have much experience running one of these things. So let me introduce myself, my name is Floyd Turbo; I drive a 4 door sedan thats good on gas. First Game - Hishou Zame Start Time - Now End Time - Sun, March 20th, Midnight EST Rom will be Hishou Zame (Japan). Difficulty: Normal Bonus Life: 50k,200k,every 150k+ Allow Continue: No @Cynicaster will be doing the scoring and season points. hishouza (1).zip Hopefully I have the right ROM here if anyone needs it. Have fun guys. Floyd Great to see lots of participation. With one day left, here are the current scores to beat. M.A.M.E 559,190 Evan04 476,130 Cyncaster 142,170 S.BAZ 98,780 Floyd Turbo 61,030 Hero2millions 36,260
  10. Games will be: 1. Batsugun Special Version 2. Super Pac-Man (Namco version) 3. Ms Pac-Man Speedup Hack 4. Hishou Zame 5. Twin Cobra II 6. Quartet 7. Avenging Spirit 8. B.Rap Boys 9. The Main Event 10. Bubble Bobble Lost Coves 11. Time Pilot 12. Magical Crystals I'll add to the list if an new joiners have some good suggestions.
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