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  1. Sure, it is possible. Just connect the 2nd button as shown. Everything else should work as it is. The Genesis Pad does not have to be modded, the 2nd button happens to work as it is, the 3rd does not. The SMS pad on the other hand has to be modded with a resistor.
  2. You probably know: They are only thrown by the tri-orb spaceships. Bern
  3. What might still be done: The bombs that leave holes in the ground could be visually distinguished from those that do not. In the arcade version, the bombs that leave holes are small flickering rhombuses.
  4. Upcoming review for the german ABBUC Magazine......
  5. Maybe you can just try it out. The octagonal restrictor costs between 1$ (if ordered in china) and 6$ (original). Bern
  6. Oh wow. I start to love it more than the arcade version. I tried PAL an NTSC. It plays so fluid now! Thanks!
  7. Original Sanwa and my cheap copy look the same. Like this: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSo9HDPra6UhrrtpF2SjpDHUc6xBEju7zU1b-NOcaJNFW-65yvv&s
  8. Sorry, but there is no lever to bend. Do you know how a Sanwa Joystick is built? The microswitch is pressed directly without an additional lever. And the (very normal) microswitch has enough tolerance after clicking. Since I finally have a commercial restrictor (and not my self printed one), it works perfect, even with my cheap Sanwa clone stick. This constnuction is proven by Sanwa for a long long time. There simply is no problem. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSo9HDPra6UhrrtpF2SjpDHUc6xBEju7zU1b-NOcaJNFW-65yvv&s
  9. Thanks a lot, this makes it really easier to survive! Maybe it's useful to support the 3rd button too? What do you think? Many people including me just built a 3-Button-joystick that is compatible to the Sega Genesis 2-usable-Buttons-Joystick. Right here:
  10. Update: No, it doesn't! The octagonal hole is too big. It does not restrict anything in the 4 main directions. Better order a commercial octagonal restrictor where all 8 directions really feel the same. Big advantage! I had an instant highscore in Atari Defender with 3 Button patch. 4 way games (Pacman, Donkey Kong...) also work great now.
  11. Good question. Small things. 🙂 - The "time to reach point x - sorry no bonus"-interruption is about 7 seconds in the arcade, about 11 seconds at the Atari. Much longer if you reach a bonus. Too slow if you are a moon patrol speed runner IMHO. - Musik resets and starts from the beginning if a buggy-goes-uphill-sequence starts. Is this an easy fix? - Maybe demo mode could start automatically between title screens? I absolutely love arcade-like attract modes. - Flickering 8x8-pixel square on the right side of the screen when the buggy goes uphill. Very small things, I know. It's already great. Bern
  12. Something new? Anybody? I do look every day. Bern
  13. For experimental reasons, I printed out an octagonal restrictor with a resin printer. Fascinating! The result is usable, but I had to rework the snap-in holes a bit. In the end it is still better to simply order a finished part.
  14. These should also work: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3015174
  15. I ordered octagonal restrictor plates for my Sanwa compatible joysticks. I think that these are much better than the normal square ones for the 4 way or 8 way joystick games of the 80s. Maybe (or maybe not) the normal square restrictors are better for the arcade fighting games of the 90s? What do you think? After all, does everybody here use Sanwa compatible joysticks? Alternatives?
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