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  1. The Logitech Wingman Extreme was very easy to modify for Vectrex. It also has 4 buttons. Should work with most analog Joysticks from the 80s and early 90s.
  2. That's great! Funny, that I finished today a "poor man's version" of an analog vectrex Flight stick, made only with parts that I happened to have. 🙂
  3. Oh yes, it works perfectly! Some nice people at "Vectrex Fans Unite" (Facebook) gave good hints. All you have to do is to substitute the two resistors and the two trimmer pots of the original vectrex circuit by four 10K resistors. I also painted a little circuit diagram. Near Arcade feeling for games like Atari Star Wars, Red Baron, Tailgunner etc... Really strange that nobody seemed to have published something like this in the last 40 years. 🙂 Bern
  4. Hi everybody. I'd like to modify an old IBM PC Flightstick (My Logitech Wingman extreme with 4 buttons) to work with the Vectrex. I hope to have a good Star Wars (Vecfever) experience with it. Old IBM PC Joysticks are nothing more than two potentiometers of 100k. Any ideas how to make the potentiometers compatible? To my surprise, i have not found anything about this anywhere on the net. Thank you......
  5. He does not answer anymore. It seems that the only solution is that somebody modifies the (shortened) demo to ".SGP"-Format (128kB with Pokey), right? Bern
  6. As far as I can see, "Pokey Kong" for ".48P" does not work either. The only solution for old Mateos cards could be a special, theoretical demo version for 128K and Pokey, called ".SGP"-format. Am I right? Thanks.... Bern
  7. Thanks a lot for this helpful explanation. My Mateos is a V3.0 with a hand written label with the number "24" on it. This probably means "too old for S9P but can have a hardware upgrade by Mateos himself". I have read now that Mateos is lost in time and space. Is this still true? Thank you.... Bern
  8. Thank you, I will. But my card has "2016" printed on the board. Does that sound like an early version? Cheers Bern
  9. Hello everybody, I have a new Matheos 16in1 card from 2016 with Pokey. I tried lots of things but I never have any sound in Donkey Kong XM. Pokey works perfect in Ballblazer, but I cannot get it to work here. Also tried the special Matheos Pokey version. Any hints? Thank you..... Bern
  10. Hi everybody, I am the guy with a "new" Atari 7800 PAL and the Matheo 16in1-flashcard with Pokey. I love Pac Man collection 40th anniversary. Ms Pac Man is nearly perfect IMHO, but Pac Man has strange colors in PAL. The dots are pink instead of white, Pac Man ist greenish-yellow instead of yellow. Maybe the Pac Man color was chosen because of the lack of possible colors (it's the same as one of the ghosts) but I have no explanation for the pink dots. Is this also a shared color with one of the ghosts? Any comments from other PAL gamers? What happens here? Another small issue: While the title music of Ms Pac Man is near perfect, the title music of Pac Man sounds out of tune due to the crappy TIA. A pokey version seems not to be available anywere, right? Would be great to have one. Anyway: A GREAT Pac Man collection that shows what's possible on a 7800 if you are not Atari in the late 80s. Thanks you..... Bern
  11. Hi again! I learned some things today trying my new Matheos card with Pokey on my 7800: - Mister PacManPlus did the "40th anniversary edition" too. - It's not a hack, it's a homebrew. And a GREAT one! - The "40th anniversary edition" runs on PAL too but does not support the Pokey. Just Yamaha XM and TIA. Will there be a Pokey version too? - The older "Pac Man collection" from 2012 has a special Pokey version, but the special PAL version does not support the Pokey?! Is that true? Maybe I can help some other newbies with this. Thanks Bern
  12. Hello and good morning, thanks for doing those great hacks! Being a 7800 newbie, everything is pretty new to me. Is this PAL 50 or PAL 60 that you talking about? And about Pac Man Collection-40th anniversary: Is this your work too? Is this something to download somewhere? Thanks.....
  13. Hy darryl1970, I was always a huge fan of your hacks for the 400/800/XL/XE, now I have an Atari 7800 PAL for the first time in my life. 🙂 I just tried your 7800-Hacks on my Mateos-Module with Pokey. And no, they don't run on my PAL machine. 😞 That's a pity. I'd really like to have a Pokey Pacman/MsPacman for my 7800. Any hints? Thank you......
  14. Does the 7800 Pac-Man Collection run on PAL machines too? Thank you...
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