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  1. I'm looking to buy a Saturn SVIDEO cable, a Dreamcast SVIDEO cable, and a Dreamcast VGA cable. I'm not too picky; I'll take a Pelican or Performance brand; anything. If the cable sucks, I'll rip it apart and make my own from the console-side connector. Other things I may be interested in if you have them: SVIDEO/Composite to VGA converter Composite cable for Genesis/Megadrive I Composite cable for Genesis/Megadrive II
  2. I have a black Sega Sports Dreamcast and a GPH Caanoo I no longer need. I have the shipping costs figured out; ask me about it. What you get for $50: Sega Sports Dreamcast (Black) Performance Memory Card Power Cable Pelican RF Cable 3rd party controller for extra What you get for $115: GPH Caanoo console (Black/Blue) Repurposed DS Lite Black Zipper case 2x Stylus Box/instructions/software Lanyard USB cable Mains adapter DIY composite cable Other things that may interest you: (send me an offer if you are) SNES: Game Genie SFC: Ushio To Tora NES: Blastermaster Pinball Solstice Super Mario Bros. GameBoy: Baseball (J) (complete) Bonk's Revenge Pokemon Pinball Super Mario Land Tetris Game Gear: Game Gear console (Black) Possibly some games (ask me)
  3. com64

    Lynx to VGA

    I don't see why no one just makes their own rechargeable battery pack from a few lithium cells and a charging circuit if they're so concerned about battery life; realistically, it should fit within the space that the battery compartment takes up. (Of course, not everyone wants to modify their lynx, but why would you install a VGA adapter if you didn't want to modify it?) I'd do it if I still had my Lynx II.
  4. I want to get rid of what's left of my Atari Lynx collection all at once. They're yours for $25, plus shipping/packaging. Gates of Zendocon [boxed] Pinball Jam Xenophobe [boxed]
  5. com64

    WTB: 27C322 EPROMs

    Me needs me some 27C322 EPROM ICs.
  6. com64

    Lynx to VGA

    If anyone lives anywhere near me (V7K2X5 or V8X1W2), I'll do it for them for free (granted they give me the board and an lcd).
  7. com64

    Lynx to VGA

    I actually just sold both my Atari Lynx 1 and 2 consoles and I might end up buying a couple new ones. I never thought I'd get to play the Lynx on a nice screen.
  8. I'd like to get rid of what's left over from selling my Atari Lynx games and systems on Craigslist. If someone shows any interest at all, I'll upload some pictures. Make an honest offer and keep in mind that I'm Canadian and you'll have to pay for the shipping (from V7K2X5, likely Canada Post) and possibly the box. Xenophobe (boxed) Gates of Zendocon (boxed) Pinball Jam
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