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  1. Many thanks Gaz! I wait the info. Regards
  2. I believe it too, my wallet bleeds but jaguar is a weakness for me and there is always a gap for this wonderful machine.
  3. Invoice paid! and wishing to play the game of turtles in atari jaguar. Thank you to all who made it possible.
  4. Thanks to you Gaz and all the participants in this fantastic initiative to be able to enjoy these games in a system like jaguar. Regards
  5. Hello everyone! I have the Orion collection cartridge only and I've been waiting for a box for the game for a long time.I hope they can offer it someday. Thanks to you for the effort. Regards
  6. I voted for three boxes but my intention is to buy several when I can. I think a great idea to have these complete sets
  7. Sorry but do not answer emails and do not understand why not confirmed the pre -orders...
  8. Email sent! Thanks to all creators of this great work!
  9. I have received JHL 15 today! It is a great work. Thank you Gaz!
  10. Many thanks for the information Gaztee! Regards
  11. Hello! Is possible buy Downfall + cartridge version? Thank you for let me know
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