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  1. Albert, thank you for your commitment to making the best product possible. I know all of your effort is appreciated by the community.
  2. I am glad I picked it up but it is exceptionally dry, and this is coming from somebody who has read textbooks about design. And I wish there were more images to break up the solid walls of text that comprise most of its pages. That said, I learned a lot about the process of designing Atari cabinets and promotional materials. I even gained some insight into the typical day of a designer there. What I hope to see some day is a coffee table encyclopedia of Atari sell sheets and other promo materials. I would also love a similar book that takes a comprehensive look at their cabinets: marquees, sides, control panels, everything.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Audio is fine and, since the power supply works with my other 130xe, it appears the issue is the adjustment pot screw was missing from the underside. Didn't know that screw was so important! Thought it just helped keep the case together. Problem appears to be resolved. Thanks again
  4. Bought a backup 130xe and it is doing something I have not seen before: In addition to this random cycling through various colors, games sometimes crash. These issues are happening whether content from cartridge or my SIO2SD. Passes all internal tests, though this same issue with the background colors happens there as well. Thoughts?
  5. Centipede is my absolute favorite game of all time--arcade, console, whatever. So it is #1, but the following are without ranking: Black Widow Ms. Pac-Man Discs of Tron Kangaroo S.T.U.N. Runner Food Fight Marble Madness Hard Drivin' Star Wars
  6. My apologies in advance, but I would pay way more than $20 for the opportunity to play a game called "Pope Position". Is it still a racer, but with the Popemobile in the mix?
  7. One of my hobbies is collecting arcade fliers, primarily those for Atari (and Fun Games, Kee, Nutting Associates and other related companies) and only up to the late 80's / early 90's (at that point, the quality of the artwork drops significantly). Ideally, I look for ones that are not folded, torn or worn (though that is my preference--I also consider the scarcity of a flier). I very rarely buy ones that are hole-punched, and never buy ones that are from a magazine. One thing that doesn't matter to me is if they are vendor-stamped. Tired of the excessive prices vendors on eBay want, I thought I would reach out to the community to see if anybody has one of these in the condition I am looking for, and at a reasonable price: Tempest Asteroids Cocktail cabinet The Atari Theater (kiosk) S.T.U.N. Runner Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom Pac-Mania Hard Drivin' Airborne Empire Strikes Back 2 Game Module Dr. Pong (aka Puppy Pong) I am also interested in fliers that are for the company's diagnostic tools, or even just about the company overall. The only flier I have of this type so far is the one for three diagnostic tools . Some of the ones I am interested in are: Atari Game Booth C.A.T. Computer-Assisted Troubleshooter Atari Goes International Community Awareness Consolette (France) CTF1 Computer Test Fixture Please PM me if you have something you think I might be interested in and are willing to part with for a reasonable price. Thanks in advance.
  8. I bought their Atari Video Pinball console. It was shipped extremely quickly and was very well-packaged. I highly recommend this seller.
  9. My copy arrived Friday. Thanks for the incredibly fast shipping and careful packaging. Game is working perfectly on a 7800 (although I have yet to snag the diamond on that third screen).
  10. The Airball cart arrived fast, was securely packaged and worked perfectly. Thank you!
  11. Anybody get this to work on retropie? None of the emulators on my mine will do the trick.
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