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  1. The Airball cart arrived fast, was securely packaged and worked perfectly. Thank you!
  2. Anybody get this to work on retropie? None of the emulators on my mine will do the trick.
  3. Played it on my retropie. Amazing, even in 2D
  4. I want that Airball. How much to ship to Ohio?
  5. Love the animation of the aardvarks's walk, also the passage of day and night (reminded me of Frog Bog)
  6. I didn't know anybody with an Intellivision when I was a kid. I had an Odyssey 2 (and later an Atari 800 and then an Atari 130 XE). Many kids had a 2600, and I knew at least one with a 5200 and another with a Colecovision. A little over a decade ago, my wife started talking about the Intellivision she had when she was younger and how great it was. Apparently, her Dad bought it around the end of the system's original lifespan, so he bought a ton of games cheap. I decided to surprise her one Christmas and bought her a boxed Intellivision I and as many games as I could find. She was thrilled, but the unexpected outcome is I took an immediate and intense liking to the system to the extent it became my favorite console of all time. This also kindled a retro gaming passion in me, as I now also own an Atari 7800, Colecovision, Channel F, Bally Astrocode (my second-most-favorite system), Vectrex, Sega Master System and Sega Genesis.
  7. Is anything known about Computer Revenge? First I have heard of it
  8. I must have always had quite an imagination, as I cannot recall a game that did not draw me in. For even the lamest and least competent efforts, I still suspended my disbelief (like watching any movie) and put myself in the world of the game. Related to this, I always wondered what was beyond the accessible areas of the game. Then there was a Tron light cycle homebrew a few years back that had an easter egg running with that notion. Words cannot express the excitement I felt the first time I escaped the game grid.
  9. Kick (aka Kickman) Black Widow Discs of Tron Arabian
  10. This is absolutely stunning. I think I didn't blink while watching this (I assume that's why my contacts are uncomfortable at the moment).
  11. Great port of one of my favorite 8-bit computer games. My only recommendation for improvement is speeds 3-8 are reeeeeally slow, while 2 is a bit too fast (1 is insane). Wish there was a speed between 2 and 3.
  12. Uflgh. I am extremely sorry to hear about this and can sympathize. I lost all of my home systems (Odyssey 2, Atari 5200, Atari 130 xe) when my basement flooded about 17 years ago. Good luck trying to dry everything out. Has to be worth a shot.
  13. Try to get an O2 multicart. The crazy rare Tutankham in on it, and it is the best game for the system. Much like Q*Bert and Frogger for the O2, simplified yet inexplicably superior to even the arcade originals
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