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  1. This is an awesome hack, NostAlgae37. Any plans to continue it one day? I'm seeing some glitches in MiSTer, but its 2600 core is still in the early stages of dev I believe.
  2. Brilliant work with this project. Thanks to everyone involved. Is there any way to increase the files per directory to 255, like other FAT32 based flash carts, or is 80 a hard limit of the 2600?
  3. Ahh, I see. Thanks for the links. I have a Super NT ordered from batch two, but I won't see it until June when I make a trip home. Too risky to have sent it to Brazil, with the 100% import fees on tech.
  4. If you are experiencing save problems, please try formatting the SD card using fat32format or SD Formatter 5. Please report back with your settings if successful.
  5. Please feel free to submit issues or bugs that you find via Github if you come across things.
  6. The Super NT Jailbreak is live on Github. Happy Valentines Day! https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/Super-NT-Jailbreak
  7. This isn't A jailbreak. It's an NT Mini on the PVM with a Super NT in the foreground.
  8. Update: I was just informed that it's not the jailbreak. It must just be an NT Mini running on the PVM with the Super NT in the foreground. That makes sense since the SNT doesn't do RGB at all. Sorry if I got any hopes up!
  9. Anyone else notice something interesting at 5:00 in Digital Foundry's review? Also, about the settings: It might be nice to have a feature to export the settings to a save file. That would allow us to share our custom settings with others easily too.
  10. Can cart audio be left enabled at all times, or should it be disabled when not in use?
  11. This is a great tool, haroldoop. I played around with it a bit tonight to see how it works. SmokeMonster Afterlife RPG (PD) v4 SmokeMonster, BlocklyVN32X.zip
  12. Smoke Monster


    Excellent, it looks dead simple to add the LED. Thanks for the pictures.
  13. Smoke Monster


    I'm interested as well. VectrexRoli's video just blew my mind. This thing is amazing Also, please include the LED in the production version. That's too cool!
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