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  1. Well, you have about all the full games from Songbird at high praise, so it's up to you, really. I'd go with Skyhammer and Protecter, personally. If I knew more about the other gun-ish platformer, I'd suggest that too. (I think it looks kinda like Metal Slug and Metal Slug ROCKS!)
  2. It was just a terrible port from what I understand.
  3. Sniping is so really mean but so darn effective...
  4. I'd love to get a copy of Battlesphere but I'm a "single player." I only know one other person with a Jag and I have no idea what condition his is in. Heck, I haven't even talked to him in a while. Battlesphere's 1-player mode would have to be good. Last time I spent that much money for a game I bought Ys 4 and Dracula X:Rondo of Blood at the same time. Oh well, good luck to whoever wins.
  5. I always buy games that seem interesting to me like Tempest, AvP, Iron Soldier and the Phase Zero demo. Don't just buy to collect though. Collect to play.
  6. Nice casing is always a plus. You don't have to go "Working Designs" overboard on it though.
  7. I really liked Next Gen, I think. There was one magazine that always had import stuff for sale in back and I really got a kick out of looking at that stuff. Heheheh. Here's all the stuff I want to buy...
  8. It's cheating. Oh but what a useful ability it would be...
  9. Indeed indeed... AvP is a great experience, even if slightly clunky in some areas. Heck, I own a Jaguar for AvP. No other reason. And is really does remind me of that Looking Glass game that was listed back a bit. Really great stuff. I mean, hunting around airducts trying to find the next keycard to get to the next computer hint? Great! And I love playing the Predator. It's so cool to be able to pop in and out and poke colonial marines with the pointed stick. Meh. CD quality music is good but quickly loading and equally good music is better.
  10. I killed my SegaCD with an incorrect powersupply. Be careful.
  11. It's standard issue on pretty much all CD games now though. Different person of course.
  12. AvP is the reason I own a Jaguar. Now if I could only play with the music from Tempest, I'd be happy but that would ruin the atmosphere .
  13. But there's nothing wrong with making your own maps. I'm making my own for AvP. Heck, I haven't actually mapped anything out on papers since I was playing Phantasy Star 2. All you need is some graph paper and pateince. And as for controls, it's up to a person. I think the AvP controls are fine. I wish the pause and option buttons were reversed, but that's the only gripe I have.
  14. And the movie is a teaser trailer too. Darn teaser trailers It does look interesting though.
  15. I didn't exactly make it clear though. My bad.
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