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  1. Yes. You can simply solder in 2 jumper wires to use a standard 27C010 EPROM in a 128K cartridge. If you have a 27C1000 you can replace it 1:1. Please read also this post and further:
  2. Hi! I built myself three types of 7800 eprom cartridges: 32K, 48K and 128K (with socketed ram). With those I can run almost the complete library and homebrews. Please take a look here for Trebors awesome game rom collection. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/260584-trebors-7800-rom-propack/?do=findComment&comment=4340675 After downloading the zip file you can obtain a nice overview of the different game sizes
  3. Here you can find a schematic for a 48K eprom cartridge: for a 32K eprom cart you can watch this video and read its description:
  4. These battle mode changes sound good! 👍 Due to the coronavirus restrictions here in Germany it might take a few weeks until I can playtest the new build with a friend again. But I will post our opinion here as soon as we are "free" again... (hopefully soon)
  5. Sorry for the late answer... I played the game with another friend in battle mode a few days ago... It all worked fine but one thing i got really annoyed by was my opponent's extensive use of his attack blocks activation. He didn't really care about the power meter and pressed both buttons everytime he got a single attack block, often 3 or 4 times in a row... This resulted in a quick disappearance of my new falling gems every second and i felt pretty helpless about that. Is there any other attack "happening" you can think of instead of the gem disappearance? Maybe adding single gems to the opponent's side? And would it be more fun/challenging to increase the speed in this mode after a few rounds as well - we both were not sure about it!?
  6. The instruction screen is a very good idea! 👍 Do you think another scoreboard for race mode is possible (with best times instead of points)? And might there be some space left for a nice title screen? Maybe a neat pixel art pic with 2 dragons and gems? 😉
  7. OK, I played the game with a friend last night and first of all I have to admit: we had a lot of fun! Unfortunately we didn't really got into the battle mode for lack of exact rules/controls (didn't test to press both buttons simultaneously)... But now that I read the rules here in the previous post it's all clear and we'll have to challenge each other again. I think you made a nice alternation in this mode, @Revontuli 👍 Here are some little things that came to our attention while playing: - Player 2 can't sign in the scoreboard. Player 1 is only able to choose the letters for player 2 but he can't confirm a letter. This confirmation is only possible with the controller of player 2. - We played the second last build so there was only one scoreboard for all game modes. It's good that you revised it because it really makes sense in the score mode only. - Maybe you can rethink the used font. On my CRT it was pretty hard to read some words... (e.g. The "R" and "B" look pretty similar, so I first read "RACE, RATTLE, RACK" in the menu) The letters get darker on top and bottom - maybe it might be better to have a higher contrast on the edges... - The speed increases every 1000 points, correct? In 2-player-score-mode we felt that nothing really happened for a long time... Maybe it's better to increase speed earlier? What do other testplayers think? - Do the gems always drop in a random row? I was wondering that the game is still running although I reached the top at one spot (the gems kept on falling down 2 rows further)... Let me know if I can help and test some more. I had no crashes etc. on my PAL machine and the game ran pretty flawlessly. I think you are pretty close to finishing this awesome project! Keep up the good work! 🙂
  8. Yes! I burned the game on an EPROM and tested it on my PAL machine a few minutes ago. It runs fine on that as well. Finally a friend will come over tonight and we will test the game for a longer period on real hardware in 2-player-mode! 👍 Will post a short report here tomorrow! 🙂
  9. I think the current location of the game is not the problem. Someone has to find the actual thread starter and ask him for permission... 😞
  10. ... just burned the latest bin-file to an EPROM in order to testplay it on my PAL machine. Didn't notice the "descent" in the filename and was surprised to see an adventure game on my TV... :-) @Revontuli Did you post the wrong file in this thread? Or is it the correct file in the wrong thread?
  11. Great! Thanks for the bin-files! I am away with my family until tuesday. But i will definitely test the game on my 7800 by mid/end of next week.
  12. I'd really like to help and testplay this awesome looking game on my 7800. I have an EPROM-Cartridge for 48K games but I only have a PAL machine as I'm living in Germany. So my question is now: Is this game already PAL compatible? And is anyone able to convert this a78-file into a bin-file? (Unfortunately I don't know how to do that)
  13. Yeah! Bentley Bear II - with some nice new levels & graphics and without the need of a POKEY would be awesome! Go for it!
  14. It's a tragedy - I'd really love to see this game released to the public soon. But I also can understand those people who own a copy of the ROM and gave the discoverers a word of honor. I saw that a lot of people were involved in "betaphasegames"-project (see list below) ... Someone of these guys (or their friends) must be floating around here somewhere and can make a contact to the responsible person!? Let's hope for a permission of a TOKI release 🙂
  15. Thank you, guys! I really appreciate your help!!! 👍
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