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  1. Only ever buy paddles from Best Electronics.
  2. I think I’m going to concentrate on upgrading my other old game consoles to HD first, and then by the time I come back ‘round to the Atari VCS perhaps we’ll finally have a near-perfect solution, like the RetroUSB AVS, Analogue Super NT, and Analogue Mega SG.
  3. Bummer — I hope they can work the bugs out eventually!
  4. Hadn’t heard of that — just looked it up and it looks exactly like what I’ve been looking for, once the Atari 2600 expansion module is available. I’m assuming/hoping that all OEM Atari controllers will work with it? And, I really hope 8BitDo blesses us with 2.4GHz wireless Atari 2600 controllers. I love the basic all-in-one design of the Hyperkin Ranger gamepads; if only they were WIRELESS!
  5. That mod looks awesome. I’m not handy with DIY though, I’d need to hire someone to mod my stock woody 4-switch with that kit.
  6. That woodgrain one is pretty sexy! Thanks!!!
  7. I just snagged a pair of 8BitDo M30 2.4GHz wireless controllers for my soon-to-be-delivered Analogue Mega SG console and I was of course hoping that they would work flawlessly with my Atari 2600 but apparently that’s not the case. Has anyone found a simple ready-made adapter that works nice and easy?
  8. So instead of the RetroN 77, I’m thinking of getting a Harmony cart and an A/V modded 2600 with S-video out and then convert it to HDMI externally, to ensure full controller compatibility. I’m seeing consoles on eBay labeled as a Ben Heck A/V mod with composite and S-video out, and a UAV A/V mod with composite and S-Video out. Is Ben’s mod the same as the UAV mod? And I hear that S-Video doesn’t play well with LCD TVs — is there a good way to convert the S-Video to HDMI? Or should I just give up and go with the RetroN 77 (juiced up with updated community build firmware of course) for a crystal clear picture and SD card ROM loading? Decisions decisions...I’m dying to get my Atari 2600 HD solution squared away, and I welcome any and all input 😊 Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  9. Not sure — it does look a little funky but I’m sure it would play fine
  10. If I could buy one already put together in a box, then we’d have something. But I’d still prefer a dedicated Atari machine along the lines of the AVS and Mega SG, styled as an homage to the original VCS woodgrain console.
  11. (I dearly hope there’s another run for those 5200 controllers!)
  12. Has anyone heard any rumblings about a proper FPGA console for the three classic Atari consoles? We’ve got them for all the other beloved classic consoles, but for Atari we’re still dealing with often dodgy clones based on emulation (although the RetroN 77 does appear to be much better than the norm for these things). Oh what I wouldn’t give for a nice Analogue Stella Deluxe which has cores for the 2600, 5200 and 7800, with two cartridge slots (I’m presuming the 2600 and 7800 carts can share a slot), all needed toggle switches for 2600 purposes, and lovely matching 2.4GHz wireless joysticks and paddle controllers from 8BitDo, and wireless 2.4GHz 5200 controllers perhaps along the lines of this awesome design:
  13. Anyone have any luck yet in getting Atari paddle controllers to work properly on their Retron 77? I’m still on the fence over this one. If paddle compatibility has been sorted, I think I might bite. I want to pick up one of Best Electronics’ refurbished paddle sets with their fancy new pots and have all my Atari paddle concerns be over and done with.
  14. What I want is no bezels, not custom bezels. I want the full 4:3 picture to fill the screen from top to bottom and have black bars on the sides only.
  15. Also, for the Flashback X, is it possible to get rid of the border bezels entirely and just have it look normal 4:3 with black bars on the sides? If not, that’s kind of annoying.
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