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  1. OK, thanks guys. I decided to simply go with a flashing color background instead of the playfield. It gives the same sorta vibe and I am content.
  2. I have a game that utilizes the pfcolors kernel. I cannot get the entire playfield to flash the "chalice" colors unless I disable the pfcolors kernal. For example, if I have this inside my loop: y=y+2 COLUPF = y with the pfcolor kernal activated, the playfield will not cycle through the colors except for a very thin line at the very top of my playfield. That thin line will cycle through the colors at the top of the screen. Then if I put the variable 'y' in the spots that specify colors for each playfield row like this: pfcolors: y y y y y y y y y y y y y y end ... Everything is turned one solid color Is there some way to get the flashing colors on the entire playfield while using the pfcolors kernal?
  3. Fortunately for everyone, Boy doesn't have a scat fetish. He merely claims to possess an "iron stomach" and thinks nothing can do it harm. We know better. The negative effects of the gas station beef jerky do not lead to butt sickness. Instead, he is left with a feeling of queasiness accompanied by a yellowing of the fingers. the only remedy is love... and Boy has so much to give. The question is, how does all of that love make his recipient feel? I will contact CPUWIZ. Thanks!
  4. I just finished programming my first 2600 game. It's called Boy and it's 8k. It's the only game I know of that combines a brother's love with an emotional phone call along with the effects of eating way too much gas station beef jerky. It will probably end up being a worldwide sensation... but for now, I would be content to see it make it onto a handful of cartridges that I can give to family and friends. Currently, I play it on my Harmony cart. Can anybody kindly provide some information as to how to make this happen? I'd like to have the carts made by the end of June. I'm sure there are answers somewhere on this great site but I haven't found them. Thanks! The exciting title screen... Should I answer the phone? Is it Boy? Will his love make me uncomfortable? Why did he eat so much of that gas station beef jerky?
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