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  1. Yeah, I'm sure no matter what question you send him, he will respond with: "Hi thanks, now buy my book!"
  2. We need some "10 Year Anniversary" variant boxes.
  3. More and more I'm realizing I'm not in the target demographic for the system. When it was announced, there were the endless possibilities of what the games could look and feel like - but as others have said, the flash/mobile feel isn't the retro look or gameplay I imagined. Which brings me to my second observation - the majority of the games really do look like they are designed specifically for group "couch" play and not for solo play. Currently, I'm a casual gamer that plays retro systems by myself in short spurts, and most of the time it feels like Amico marketing isn't speaking to me. I pre-ordered the Founder's Edition and hopefully I can find some games to enjoy.
  4. Ordered - everything seemed to work fine.
  5. Great news! After that we have REALLY REALLY SOON and of course that's just one step away from SUPER DUPER SOON!
  6. Amico just put up a YouTube video showing the boxes being wrapped. They look great, though it would've been cool if they had broken them up into Networks like the original Intellivision games.
  7. Wow, view those videos at your own risk...
  8. Backed! Good luck - hope you get funded!!
  9. "Worst....game....everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................."
  10. Message sent through your site. Thanks!
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