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  1. Subscribed - really enjoying your channel. Excellent job!
  2. I'll be there Saturday. I assume you'll be wearing a kilt?
  3. Sweet! Hopefully we'll see it in Portland - who will officially be representing for Elektronite, Intymike?
  4. Newly posted footage of Atacobox Nutari VCS backers rushing to get their "perks": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7D6QI58zZBc
  5. The ROMs are free but the cfg files you need to play them, well those are going to cost you...
  6. This is a great site - has pics of box variants, front and back: http://www.videogamevariations.com/AtariCompanies/atari.htm
  7. Thanks - look forward to playing them!
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