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  1. Hopefully you read the agreement before clicking... ...
  2. Yes, but unfortunately the job description is inspecting Rev's boobs.
  3. I don't think he's recovered yet from the $500 worth of booze he drank.
  4. Rough fit to see how much centering I need to do (there's a bit of a gap at the top that I'll fix). You can see my initial picks. I like the idea of a second one with just Sports Network titles.
  5. BITD my family had season tickets to the Sounders when it was the NASL so that box has nostalgia. I always thought it looked like Georgio Chinaglia on the box (he played for the NY Cosmos at the time who we lost to in the Soccerbowl).
  6. Some interesting picks, Chris. You've got 5 red boxes - the Action Network does have the most varied subjects. I do like the Sports Network boxes too though, very 70s looking.
  7. Hey Dale, yeah I'll pick my 8 and post a pic. Let me know yours!
  8. The artwork on the original gatefold boxes is too good to keep them on a shelf library style so I decided to find a shadow box to display them. I found one at Michaels's that can fit 8 boxes. Curious which 8 original gatefold boxes you guys believe have the best artwork?
  9. Sweet, just picked up Vol 3. Love the SMS encyclopedia as well. Are you working on any other console books?
  10. Sorry if I missed this - were any additional ROMs added after the initial batch? I went back into the ColecoVision ROM Vault for the first time since last February using the original link sent with the welcome email and I don't see any new ones.
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