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  1. Pretty sure I have the dozens of @Steve Jones boxes and they are outstanding. I'm definitely in for one!
  2. No question it's a sword: I always saw it as a medieval sword with a curved guard.
  3. Will the nipples have serial numbers?
  4. Will Marc O (or anyone) be making a box available?
  5. Wow, very sorry to hear about this. Please let the group here know if there's anything we can do to help.
  6. I'm in as long as there's a pants rule. Meaning Rev needs to wear pants.
  7. I managed Musicland stores back in the day and we ended up just giving them away one Halloween to the mall trick-or-treaters!
  8. Thanks James for putting this list together and making it easier for us consumers to track releases.
  9. How would you design the Joust flap mechanics? Using the side buttons would be brutal and the disc would be for direction.
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