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  1. I'm not seeing a discounted combined shipping option. When I place multiple items in my cart, at checkout it just adds up all the $6.95 shipping charges.
  2. Here's the "Atari 2600 VCS" from the 1983 Sears catalog (page 596):
  3. Did you censor that Nirvana cover? There's something missing...
  4. All right, I put in all my personal information and hit "submit" but my name doesn't show up on the Member List. What kind of scam is this?
  5. Nicely done! I found this part kind of interesting...
  6. Manufactured in Taiwan and sold in Zellers Department stores in Canada.
  7. Atarimania does show this cart as being from Taiwan (which is where the Zellers games were from): http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-frogger_17511.html
  8. Yeah, too bad Steve didn't just sell it directly to J-F and Co. This turned into the "worst case scenario".
  9. It's kind of like that coupon* we got from Rev back at 2016 PRGE - for Air Raid I believe that never came out. Good luck finding that. *IIRC the coupon cost like $5
  10. For those who are not subscribed to his channel, our friend John did receive his VCS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuIzeYeWPOcy_sDValN1Lfg
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