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  1. I found myself loving the home port of TMNT... when played with friends. Yes, played alone, it's a rather stale experience after a few rounds, but the game shine quite well with two players. In most cases. I wouldn't dump hundreds in a ready-made cab for home, but I can see people with retro gaming friends doing it for the kick. It works.
  2. The belt issue is minor, as it only require the belt to have enough grip to pull the CD tray far back enough. I replaced the ones on CD-i I fixed with simple "desk furniture" rubber bands. Trial and error might be required to find the right one, as a slightly too loose one will pull the tray, but not enoguh to "lock" it. You can still manually push the tray all the way in if that happen, it's mechanically fine to do that! Depending on your TimeKeeper version, replacing the battery might require minimal skills and time. On the very model you show, I didn't even bothered desoldering the TimeKeeper, I scrubbed the older battery from it and put a standard CR 2032 holder in place, hot-glued atop the TimeKeeper.
  3. The French warning stickers are generic legal required stuff (still existing today), tho it's cool that Audiosonic bothered adding the Supervision logos over the red sticker. In fact, I don't recall any other company ever doing that! I won't be able to do it soon, but if you're interested, I own a boxed GB 2002, so I could scan the (pretty tattered) box and instruction manual (that at first glance seems identical save for the console shape).
  4. It's a feeling, not a statement. But for me, yeah, SMW was build like a big NES game. It's just a feeling, I don't have nor can justify it. It's just my explanation as to why I don't feel remotely impressed by SMW. You are absolutely right to disagree. But please don't turn that thread into a battlefield (Or do. It's not my thread). Obviously this thread will contain unpopular or odd opinions, it's kind of the idea.
  5. Himself. Tho technically, I agree with him in that JRPG aren't RPG since they cast you in a character with a pre-written storyline that you usually have little influence on. you play a role in the loosest sense of the term, you follow a tightly-knit storyline. But it's nitpicking, it's my very own opinion and it can certainly be challenged; again, as I mentionned, the issue is that "RPG" was defined way back then in an era where early JRPG would be an advancement over adventures games wich had no concept of character progression or scripted storyline, just "find the items, kill the boss".
  6. "Romhacks" And I'm not saying I hate SMW, just that for me, I didn't let the jump from the NES to the SNES with SMW. It's still a good game, but for me, I'd rank it way below many other Super Mario Bros games.
  7. I guess it boil down to the fact that "RPG" is a very ancient name that was given at a time where games didn't have much in term of story, character development, were very linear, etc. To me (I'm more into action RPG) a story seems unavoidable. How can you play a "role" when you have no story? If there's no story then it's a sandbox game. Is Minecraft a RPG? Levels/stats are a stable of RPG but per se they might not be required. Although they would make the "role" part harder to achieve. How can you play a role when your actions have no bearing on the world? (unless you donc count fame/previous actions in the stats). Starbound, for example, come with an elegant way of providing RPG-like levels without doing it : as the story progress you unlock better gear and habilities, so you kinda "level up" after each boss, but it's up to you to build up better armor, craft, buy to loot better gear, etc. (and both armor and gear give you bonuses like a full armor set give your weapon double the hitpoint, which is a very RPG mechanic I feel) Moral Choice isn't so required. I can understand the sense but in most games I've seen, it's a very black and white mechanic, which reduce the RPG element to me since it doesn't leave you a choice. Why couldn't I be a thief that refuse to murder people, or a kleptomaniac white knight? For me a RPG boil down to having a story with multiple paths and choices that will change both your character and the world. If there are no multiple paths then you can't play a role, and it doesn't affect both you and the world, there is no point in playing a role either.
  8. I was kinda sure that Blodia was one of those "it goes everywhere with different names" type of games. I dunno, my brains recognize the patterns and I have the patientce for them. Unlike in JRPG where turn based combat just bore me to the extreme. Reminds me there's an awesome game on the Saturn, and I think ti's Japan only. What happen when you mix Tetris and Lemmings? You get Gussun Oyoyo : (1:30 for gameplay)
  9. Are we talking about Puzzle games? great! There ar two games that have the distinction of being rather well-know on their platform but unknow outside, Blodia and Batman (yes) for the PC-Engine : (I highly recommand you to listen to the full soundtrack, it's typical SunSoft goodness) Two French games on MS-DOS : This second one is a bit more action, and more importantly, you can build and save 999 of your own(or friends!) designel devels! How cool is that? (This game exist also in English, and on Mac computers) Block-out is more well-know... But usually I get the "Hey, I remember playign that game but forgot it" so I include it here too :
  10. Hyper/Good games I can't seems to appreciate : Super Mario World : Hailed as the 16 bits masterpiece of the Mario Franchise? For me if feels like a super-souped-up 8 bits game; This shouldn't be a problem, but it had an unpolished flair all around, rough edges, Yoshi mistreatement (seriously, is Mario bonking Yoshi on the head to make it pull his tongue out??) and seems to want to compensate for those designs by throwing truckloads of levels to your face. Now, I don't dislike SMW, but really it doesn't have the same polished, clean feel of SMB3 or Yoshi's Island, which, save for the (lack of) difficulty, is the real 16 bits Mario game. On the same platform, Zelda A Link to the Past. In general I don't fancy the 2D Zelda, save for Link's Awakening (in general, I found out that amongt Mario and Zelda, I prefer the outliers : SMB2, Yoshi's Island, Zelda Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess...) But ALTTP is the worst. Confusing layout for the world, lack of direction, blocked paths requiring you to memorize every corner to use with tools you'll find later, path that are never unlocked to travel seamlessly (a real peet pive of mine. Yes now I know how to cross, just make a tree fall on the gap so I don't have to stop the game to get the hook or the whatever...) and in general a lack of feel for the game. Long story short, I played about 7 hours in ALTTP , and only found in let's plays that there is a dark world and a bird to warp to places. Sheeesh. And it's not for lacking the patience for those kinds of games... I spend countless hours in P&C games and I absolutely LOVED struggling to get most stuff done in Majora's Mask. ALTTP just doesn't click at all to me. Mario 64 : One word : CAMERA. Yes, let's make a platform game with 3D controls and a moving camera, and let's make the camera spin during jumps so Mario fall down because he follow the camera. Yeah, real good design here. How can people say it's not an issue is beyond me! Especially when Zelda games on the N64 doesn't have the same problem. Resident Evil 4 : Where is the fear? I don't have any special gripe about RE4 in itself.. except for turning a masterpiece of an horror series into a shooter with monsters. Zero fear playing RE4, just frustration, boredom, immersion break-up (yes, let's have a pervy-looking man opening his coat to sell you stuff... Same man that follow you to sell you stuff, hidden ih tight corners of the maps. Woo, feel the immersion in there?). Not a bad game, just not the right label. Imagine labelling a Demolition Derby game with a Gran Turismo label. That's what RE4 is. A mundane zombie shooter with a Resident Evil nameplate. Games that I like despite their bad rep : Not any "major" stinker out there that I like. Mostly because I avoid them or I don't care for the game typ enough to even try them! But I found most games on "bad" consoles to have more to themselves than what people make it to be. The Gamate usually have a solid line-up of games, though usually those are dismissed as being (admittedly) rip-off of other games. But being a rip-off doesn't make a game bad. Just not original. The Watara Supervision is usually equally associated with the idea of bad games, which, yeah, it has more poorly-made games than the Gamate, but still a share of decent games as well.
  11. They don't care at all. I remember reading that amongt the events for the PS5 launch, there were initiatives and demands to make a retrospective of successful franchises that started on the PS1. And the answer was "No, it's not interesting, those games looks old and ugly". Also, the lack of retrocompatibility on the PS5 (save for the PS4) might be a detail, but Microsoft went up and down and tested to provide backward compatibility with games of all theirconsoles, down to the original Xbox. It's not perfect of course, but they did. Clearly the PS1 Mini was a lazy cashgrab scheme from Sony.
  12. My two cents from hanging with retrogamers : the PS1 has alot of nostalgia... As the first system of many people, or the first step in 3D. But has litle to no appeal for many people to replay it. (I don't get it tho... Most people say "wow it's ugly"... for me most of the time I found graphics to look better than in my memories XD). Stiff or imprecise controls (sometime both) dated, garbled visuals, many games are either hand guiding you to the point of insult, or are borderline unplayable without a manual. Save for racing games and similar games, they require you to invest 6, 8, 10 or more hours to complete a game (does the PS1 Mini have savestates?). So I can see why, along with the stupid decision by Sony for the PS1 mini, why there isn't a strong nostalgia toward the PS1 or games from that era in general (Saturn fans tend to stick to 2D games, and on the N64 you'll mostly hear about Nintendo games being played).
  13. It's a though question. Each generation and even each graphic chip (or lack thereof) brought creativity to pull the most out of what people had. And it's forgetting that for each creavitely designed Mario and his mustage, there were hundred of games where the graphics designer just made no mouth to the characters. Silent Hill had the fog, Resident evil had fixed-angle cameras. Without the limits of the NES, no mustache for Mario, but no Silent Hill either. Current gen still have graphic limits too, they just get better and better to hide it. But for me there isn't any hard answer to that question. Creativity is not just a question of media. Georges Méliès created most of the know practical effects still in use today in cinema, almost immediately. The power of today's machines allow us to have more complex and immersive games than what we would ever dream of in 1990. Point'n'click games arrived with the improvement of computers, not limitations. Sim games require lots of data and save space which would be barely feasible before the 16 bits era. (barely. I'm aware that there are sim games way before that. But would you play any of them save for curiosity's sake?).
  14. Lazy answer : they are filtering caps, you can just remove them. Their role is to absorb parasites from the power supply, but it's minimal and really, for vintage stuff that will certainly not run 24/7 and compared to modern sources of RF pollution you aren't required to replace them. Less lazy : any 0.068uF cap marqued as X2 (able to take AC current. X1 also exist but are rated for up to 5000V spike which is not something you'll need here) will do. If you're in the USA, a 250V replacement will do. If you're in Europe, look for 400V ones. For the sake of it, I took the cheapest ones from eBay for my Thomson computer and monitor and both have been since left working for 8 hours and more for vintage/retro expositions...
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