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  1. The demo ROM is definitely not going to use a default config file. So likely the same story.
  2. Lol .cfg files are blocked for download. They're just text, so you can post them here.
  3. I haven't tried to use either of the ROMs attached above, but both of these are "naked" .bin - format ROMs, and they are identical. They require a .cfg companion file. Imagic games use a non-standard ROM layout compared to the original Mattel ROMs. If you don't have a .cfg file, the UI will attempt to guess which of the 10 'canonical' .cfg files to use based on a checksum of the ROM data. This suggests some possibilities: There is no corresponding .cfg file next to your ROM There is one, but it is wrong The checksum of the ROM doesn't match a "known" Demon Attack dump The checksum does match, but the internal mapping of "known ROM" to "valid .cfg" is incorrect If you could both locate your corresponding .cfg files and put them up for comparison, the problem should become clear.
  4. Wow! Just... Wow! Congratulations! I gave up on flea markets when I started having kids, and after finding nothing for years. Persistence pays off!
  5. Poor guy. Probably hungry and scared.
  6. Well, the KC does have a microphone. I may have … embellished a little bit of the rest there. But, _not a joke_ - I think the microphone was intended to be used to record your voice for the Conversational French to check pronunciation. The cassette supported four tracks - two digital, two audio, one read-only (digital and audio) one read/write (digital and audio).
  7. I think the Intelli-talk cassette was an expansion to Physical Conditioning cassette, and it used the KC microphone. When you combined that with your PlayCable unit and your KC, it all formed a primitive sort of Peloton setup, but for jumping jacks, pushups, and situps kind of activities. The trickiest part was that you had to manually sync up when you and your instructor started. That was one of the features the microphone was used for. Those Intellivision guys really thought of pretty much everything over 40 years ago!
  8. I agree. Looks like it could be an early test market version.
  9. I've known Hankster for 20 years or more. Always fair, fast, and honorable. The best!
  10. IIRC the Intellivision boots checking certain addresses in a certain order. I don't recall the exact order. Certain peripherals map to certain memory addresses IIRC. Poking through the jzintv source probably reveals all those "secrets". I think certain hardware like Keyboard Component and PlayCable map to some of those memory locations, establishing the order of precedence when multiple peripherals are connected together. Think of how a PC boots as an example. It's more advanced, because you can alter the order it checks. For example, in the olden days, a boot check sequence might have been: 5.25" floppy (A:) 3.5" floppy (B:) CD-ROM (D:) Hard Disk (C:) Network (some IP address or other identifier) That's kind of what happens when Intellivision boots.
  11. Yeah, it is simplest if they're already on disk in a way that matches how you'd like them on the cart.
  12. Vectron dedicated some of its ROM space to defining the graphics for the characters it wanted to draw. Tron Solar Sailer did that, too, and probably a couple other games. Many of the new homebrews do, too.
  13. The first concern is accessing the cart from your PC. Not sure how familiar you are with Windows 10. If need be, PM me. The short version is: Does a COM port appear in Device Manager when you plug the cartridge in? Double-check the cable supports data transfer - over the past few years, it's become alarmingly frequent that cables only support power, not data It also appears that more recent Windows 10 seems to require installing the FTDI serial port drivers - a link to their website is in the menu, or here - you probably would use the 64-bit Windows driver On the menu layout side... If your cart has ROMs on it, they got there somehow. You can rearrange your menu layout in the UI software. It's been a long-time regret (just look up this thread), but the Windows version does not support rearranging multiple items in the menu layout (right hand side) - you have to rearrange one at a time. The general approach is to create the folders in the UI, as @carlsson mentions, then drag the ROMs into the appropriate folder. When that's all done, connect the cart, click 'Send to LTO Flash!'. You won't need to reformat the entire cart. Since you set up the cart somehow, then it is easiest to do the menu rearrangement on the machine that you used to put the ROMs onto the cart, as that's a "known good". Feel free to contact me via PM and we can go over things in more detail as needed.
  14. Well I finally got around to opening mine! Do I get a prize? lol Question about this release: Are we supposed to get two copies of each of three different overlays, or one of each? Unless they are really stuck together, it appears the one I received has three overlays - I think each is different but will have to double-check.
  15. For quite a while you could get various games by special order from Radio Shack. IIRC many stores had a binder that listed inventory and you could try your luck. Not sure what places like Toys R Us and Kay Bee did. wow. Every single one of those places is gone now. Definitely feeling old.
  16. I have a couple of the blue ones. The brown one sure is classy!
  17. The simple answer: Never There are all kinds of unpleasant issues involved if the hardware itself were to be distributed pre-populated with anything. The simplest case would be if such ROMs from Left Turn Only, and under their full control. Given that many of those ROMs are already freely available to download, modifying the manufacturing process would still impose a significant time investment, and at this point, one would imagine the market for the cartridge is approaching saturation. That said, the world is a crazy place that never ceases to surprise. lol From the UI software side, we actually did consider having a 'Starter Pack' of ROMs to include, and there are even some hooks in the UI code laying groundwork for such a feature. It never materialized for the same reasons you can guess. Q: Why not ship the cart with most of the ROMs already on it? A: We can't. Intellivision Entertainment and Blue Sky Rangers, Inc. own the original games, and the authors and publishers and IP owners of all the newer games own their works. I.e. it would be illegal, and making it legal costs a lot of people a lot of time and a lot of money. Q: Why not offer a way to buy the ROMs? A: We're hobbyists, not iTunes for Intellivision. It's simply not feasible. See above. Same answers apply.
  18. Is this is a Super Pro system? I know the system we had as kids we almost always had to press RESET to get a game booted up. I was always a little jealous of my friend who never had to do that. Kids are weird. lol
  19. All .bin- and .rom- format ROMs go through a utility that prepares them for use on the LTO Flash! The utility will assume a standard memory map if none is provided for a .bin-format ROM. If the memory map isn't correct, the game won't run correctly. When the UI is handed a ROM that it determines is of .bin format, it performs a CRC and attempts to identify the ROM from it. There are several reasons for UI bells and whistles, like fetching ROM metadata from a database (publisher, etc.). But the most important reason, by far, is to cope with missing .cfg files for .bin-format ROMs. If a .bin-format ROM's .cfg file is missing, the UI uses its internal database to try to find a match based on a CRC-32 of the ROM. If a good mapping is found, then the corresponding "canonical" .cfg is placed next to the .bin with the intent of making it unambiguous about the mapping being used. If no match is found, then a copy of the default memory mapping .cfg is created. It does no active harm, and if someone is savvy, they can then edit that .cfg to get the game working. For .rom-format ROMs, the memory map is embedded in the file itself, so no such measures are necessary.
  20. Eeek! Figures I was off the grid all weekend. Hope I sneak in!
  21. You busted me! There's a partial manual here. You can get to it from here (the gold box), too: I say "busted" because it's incomplete, and it's quite likely that the sorting feature you were looking for was added after I made those pages lol. I think I have a couple hundred screen shots for Windows and Mac that I never got to writing content around, and who knows how many of them are out of date by now lol. ... In fact, I just determined that the sort feature is indeed not documented by following link in the above reference page to this sub-page. Based on the released notes at the download page (which is horribly overpopulated), the sort was added in a version released 2016-09-06 meaning that the manual is even older than the earliest releases! Who knows how many little things are "off"... Back to Multi-Select Tree From what I remember, I was working on key navigation in the multi-select tree. I think the mouse operations work - but it's not Windows Explorer 'lasso' type, it's using the Shift and Control keys. I might just cut bait and leave some of the edge cases in the pure keyboard navigation remain unsolved. I dug around in Microsoft's reference source code to look at how they do key navigation in the tree control for things like page up and page down and it's insanely complex. They've done multi-select tree controls in their own products, and the behavior in Visual Studio is what I was aiming for.
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