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  1. Haha!, I was thinking of something similar, although an actual overlay simply feels more original and authentic. Also it doesn't necessarily have to be Night Driver, I'm sure other games could implement it
  2. After thinking about the Magnavox Odyssey, the thought of using a screen overlay with the Atari 2600 sprung about. Particularly one that would involve Night Driver. Would it be feasible by any chance for a person/group of homebrewers to program a Night Driver for the 2600 that better resembles the arcade- and instead of drawing the car on screen, an overlay could be used like the Arcade/Odyssey had/would? Silly yes, but just a thought. . .
  3. Just as the title states, what are your favorite/top pong consoles? I ask this, for I have been ever increasingly interested in purchasing a pong console- and while an Atari branded one is nice in terms of "authenticness", there are a vast amount of other consoles varying from look, design, games etc. As pong museum says, "and the ball was square . . ." haha
  4. Sorry for misinforming you then , I haven't played Xenophobe except on the Midway Arcade Treasures compilation And just wondering, would you recommend it as a single player game? I've wanted to own it for some time although somehow it seems as though one takes minimal damage while crouching? Nuances of the sort often lead me to abusing them
  5. From what I remember, the bottom section of the screen is just a display of the "Xenephobe" title to resemble the arcade game- other than that there is no two player mode (I would be surprised if there were!)
  6. Thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to check the in/output of the regulator first to ensure whether it is the issue and then see what is needed afterwards, it may take time though, as I haven't had much spare time lately
  7. Recently my trusty switch switch quit working. It had occurred after moving the difficulty switch from A to B (in space invaders) and an odd screen appeared. Afterwards I turned off the Atari, re-turned on and all that appears is a black screen with two slightly colored thin bars on both sides. I checked the power supply with another Atari and it seems to be working, the cartridge is not an issue of course, and after looking around online I would assume that it is the power/voltage regulator? Any advice would be appreciated- it truly saddens me when such events occur, a light six switch simply isn't a heavy one
  8. Glad to see that there are others who enjoy the early/mid-late seventies of games I've noticed that Starship (loose cartridge) doesn't appear very often at my local game store, neither is there a large supply on ebay
  9. I am enjoying the suggestions that everyone has been coming up with Thank you for bringing this up, I knew that there must have been an old Atari coin-op of Starship, although for some odd reason I thought it had been computer space for a second I absolutely enjoy anything that had been from early Atari around 1974-77- their games had been quite innovative for their time and very much enjoyable- hope to get the original flap-box version of starship someday
  10. Perhaps you're thinking of the Sears version of Video Olympics? It had been called Pong Sports if I remember correctly
  11. Envision yourself as a typical teenager in 1977. It had been raining all about and your family had decided to remain home. You had been fortunate enough to own an Atari VCS/2600 and the 9 launch titles- of those titles, which would you most likely play? *Please select one single player game, and one multiplayer Personally, I would have to go with Star Ship for single player, and Indy 500 for two player
  12. Once again I appreciate the suggestions, I hope that this Atari community continues to thrive Juno First has appealed to me for some time, it is only that the cost is not affordable
  13. I appreciate the comments and feedback and @Algus , I have two copies of Asteroids - oddly enough, one has no copyright screen where as the other does
  14. Thank you for all the suggestions, I really appreciate it Super Cobra seems impressive, its only that there isn't much action? Enemies don't appear to fire at the helicopter or fly towards it- regardless, the terrain has me wondering how great Stargate would have been had the implemented a more 'rugged'/random terrain like the arcade- not that its' a poor game by any means and as for crystal castles, it seems to be a game enjoyed by some but not others- honestly I think that with a trackball (regardless of whether there is true trackball support) crystal castles may be an enjoyable game to play on an afternoon Oh and thanks for the great post BSA Starfire, I now have a clearer approach of which games to get
  15. Hello, I am a new member at Atariage despite my frequently viewing the site I would like to know other's opinions on which arcade ports are best so that I have an idea of what to purchase in the future In terms of best, accuracy does not bother me too much- as long as the game is enjoyable After searching online a bit, I have become interested in the following games: Battlezone Gravitar Phoenix Ms. Pac-Man Crystal Castles Joust and of course many more =) I own a few common ones such as Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Missile Command, and Popeye- its only that I hope to expand my library with my favorite genre of games; Arcade =D I would love to hear any comments, recommendations, or any other feedback Thanks in advance
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