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  1. A little disappointed that my Frankenstein's Monster prerelease copy I have is just a press copy and is basically the final version of the game ... So nothing special. The hunt continues :)

    1. GoldLeader


      Still,  it's a great game...So there's that.

  2. I still exist. work has been killer. may get back to collecting Atari soon! as for info. on the odyssey game I was making... due to my work schedule I haven't had time to work on it ... at all ... so it's on the back burner for now. I dont want to cancel it as I REALLY believe in the game, but it will be a while. hope ya'll can understand, thanks for everything! ❤️

  3. djfurreh


  4. I created an *adult* text program in TIBASIC for the TI99/4a a few years ago. I just came across it ... God, it seemed like I was trying too hard to be "edgy" ... The archivist in me doesn't want to delete it, but my grown up mind does.

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    2. carlsson


      In my youth, I made a text adventure where one of the objects to pick up was a lingerie set, but there was noone else in the game to apply it to.

    3. ls650


      *adult* game..? Don't let ne146 hear about it.

    4. TheTIGuy


      Oh no he ported Softporn didn't he...


  5. I googled my Odyssey Game I've been working on, and I noticed it's been mistakenly labeled as an Odyssey^2 game. It's not. Also, I need help working on it if anyone wants to and lastly, I've been contacting the creator of Odysim and I'll most likely have the game available through that.

    1. atari2600land


      If you need help testing, I have an Odyssey 1.

  6. Today's Archive Activity: Quantum Leap (Full Series Added); Mortal Kombat Deception Memory Card Tool (NPDP Cartridge Added and dumped); 73 Atari 2600 Games Dumped; 4 Atari 7800 Games dumped.

  7. Wow, I remembered my password for here. I hope to be more active. Hi everyone

  8. I'm back ... and it's not even a rerun

    1. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      Welcome back mister furreh =)

    2. GoldLeader


      Howdy Furreh!

    3. simbalion


      Welcome back!

  9. So a couple years ago now, I picked up an 810 Drive and with it were a bunch of floppies with hand written labels (I assume bootlegs). I was cleaning and came across one of the small boxes of floppies (there were 3 if I remember) and I'm new to the Atari computers so I thought I would ask if any of them you suggest trying out. (and identify some as some may be misspelled) I wrote them down exactly how they are on the label so bare with me ... this is all the ones in the box i found 1. Fastgammon-Chess 2 Sentinel I - Moon Patrol Journey - Baja Buggies Caterpiggle (B) 2. Adv. Music System 1. Bruce Lee - Legacy Jet Boot Jack Hyperblast - Megagun 2. Trains 1. Webster - Highrise Moonbase IO Matterhorn - Pacshow (s) 2. Whistler's Brother 1. Kaboom Droids - Fire Fleet Trust - Krazy Kopter Diamond - Steeple Jack (H) 2.Return of Heracles 1. Gyruss - Diamond Mine Galahad - Supercobra Qbert Sound - Casino (H) 2. *705 Jumpman 1. Night Mission Laserant - Slinky Sargon II - Moon Shuttle 2. Solo Flight 1. Rosen's Brigade Fortune Hunter Blue Max - Juggler O'Reiley's Mine - Microshuttle 2. Graphic Master 1. Pole Position - Robot Tax Dodge - Donkey Kong Ms. Pacman 2. Story Machine (H) (M) 1. Bug Attack - E.T. Shamus II - Derblitz Miner 49er - Filler Up 2. (H) (SK) Pinball Construction 1. Pool 1.5 - Zeppelin Mr. Bear - Logiclev 2. PM Animator (H) (B) 1. Survivor - Pinball Pathfinder - Starsentry - 2. Empire of the Overmind (H) (M) Galactic Bat - Life Colony7 - Mr. M Knights of the Roundtable 2. The Eidicon (S) 64K 1. Blackhawk Megalegs - Viper Skywriter - Quintaro Capt. Stickys Gold 2. (H) (E) Teaser by Tobbs 1. Game Box Mr. Robot Factory - X-Wing Paralex - Cosmic Tunnels Star Crystals - Capture the Flag 2. Beachhead 2 (B+H) 1. Jumpman Jr. - Catnap Squish Em - Stuntrap Attack at Epcig5 Pacman 3 Excalibur 1. Football - Warpzone Demension X Up 'n' Down 2. Maurader 1. Dance Kritters - Mt. King Atari Demo - Pilot - Soccer Tumble Bugs - Canyon Climber 2. Atari Olympics (H) Once I find the other boxes I'll post that list on here too... thanks in advance.
  10. Starting today, Fuzgama is going to have a meeting at 7pm locally to help those suffering from gaming addiction ... first time I actually got to help people ... it feels so real for once.

  11. Those wanting an update on Hadeaus War ... The Run 1 Boxes are printed, but I sold IOMOG (the name they were made through) so the first run will have the variation of being made by IOMOG and the later runs will be Fuzgama

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      What system is this for?

    2. djfurreh


      The Magnavox Odyssey

  12. unfortunately, I am going to be away from this site for a while because I will be in schooling, I will view you from the top of my mountain of debt

    1. GoldLeader


      Good Luck in School!

    2. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      Well, hopefully you can stay on top of the mountain, and not get buried beneath it.

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