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  1. Ya it appears white. I have nothing to compare it too. I'm trying to get one of my friends, who owns a video game shop, to get me a colecovision to test the damn thing so I can see what's on it! lol
  2. Just to clarify. I posted Odyssey in the title because that was on the cartridge. I do believe this is a Colecovision cartridge? Also, the "other" Odyssey cartridge prototype I was talking about is the Killer Bees for Odyssey 2. Once again I know nothing about either of these games beyond the research I did in the last couple of days. Here is a picture of the Killer Bees game.
  3. Odyssey 2 Killer Bees Prototype Cartridge
  4. Ah gotcha 5-11. Ya I'm fairly confident these aren't reproductions based on the rest of the vintage toys I got from them. I also got the Odyssey 2 Prototype cartridge but that one didn't interest me as much. I also live only a few hours from Ft. Wayne Indiana which I believe is where the game was developed?
  5. Sorry not familiar with PCB? (I'm more well versed on action figure prototypes lol)
  6. Ok finally got to my computer and uploaded a few photos of the cartridge. Any help, feedback or info would be greatly appreciated!
  7. These are pictures of what I believe to be an extremely RARE Colecovision Prototype Cartridge of WAR ROOM by Probe 2000 / Odyssey
  8. Well technically it is because Philips owns Magnavox which owns Odyssey which owns Probe 2000 right? Lol but yes it appears to be for Colecovision. I tried to upload pic from phone but wouldn't let me. I will try and post picture of the cart when I go home. I did post it on my twitter I'd anyone wants to see it for reference. Twitter @SecondPlayCom
  9. New to the board. I am a toy dealer/broker. I recently found a copy of what is supposedly a very rare prototype cartridge of Probe 2000 War Room. Can anyone verify or provide more information about this cartridge? Thank you, Sherif Owner Secondplay.com
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