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  1. Bump! Along with an update, I've also got Electroplankton for trade.
  2. I bought a white lite on Monday. I'll just hold onto it and echange it when it comes out. I've got 30 days to do so =P
  3. Just as a note, at the moment I'm looking to sell the whole lot, not part it up. If nobody is intrested (I find that unlikely) I'll split it up. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I'm concidering selling off my 2600 collection. I've been collecting for a few years (right around when I became a member here) and I just flat out dont play my 2600 anymore. I play NES, SNES, Genesis and a lot more quite often, but it's been over a year since I've fired up a single 2600 game. I've got roughly 140 unique titles, and 160 total, all the additional ones are label variants. I'm selling it all, and a pile of joysticks (including a Blue TRON stick, very nice), cords and a couple 2600's that may or may not work are included (the cord coming out of the vader needs to be replaced, it's chopped off on the end). I've got a few double sided Xonox carts, and a Supercharger thrown in the mix, and 22 of them are 'Sears Tele-games' branded carts, not too common. Also, there are about 5 with a missing end label, and a couple with rough labels. But, overall, in good condition. There might be a couple additional titles not on the list, if sometime I missed an update. Without further ado, here is the complete list: 3D Tic-Tac-Toe Adventure Air Raiders Air-Sea Battle Amidar Arcade Golf Arcade Pinball Artillery Duel/ Chuck Norris Artillery Duel/Spikes Peak Asteroids(2) Astroblast Atlantis Backgammon Barnstorming Baseball Basic Programming Basketball(3) Battle Zone Bezerk Blackjack(2) Bowling Boxing Brain Games Breakout(2) Carnival Casino(2) Centipede(2) Championship Soccer Chopper Command Circus Circus Atari Code Breaker Combat(2) Commando Raid Concentration Cosmic Ark Cosmic Creeps Crossbow Dark Cavern Defender(2) Demon Attack Demons to Diamonds Dig Dug Dodge 'Em(2) Donkey Kong(2) Dragonfire Dragster E.T. The Extra Terrestrial(2) Eggomania(2) Enduro Fantastic Voyage Football(2) Freeway Frogger Frogs and Flies(2) Galaxian Ghost Manor/Spike's Peak Golf Grand Prix Haunted House Human Cannonball Home Run Hunt & Score Ice Hockey Indy 500 Journey Escape Joust Jungle Hunt Kaboom! Kangaroo Keystone Kapers Laser Blast Lock n' Chase Masters of the Universe; The Power of He-Man Maze Maze Craze Mega Force Midnight Magic Missile Command Moon Patrol Mouse Trap Ms. Pac-Man(2) Night Driver Othello Outlaw Pac-Man(2) Phoenix Pole Position Popeye Pele's Soccer Piece O' Cake Pitfall!(2) Planet Patrol Q*bert Quest for Quintana Roo Race Raiders of the Lost Ark Reactor RealSports Baseball Realsports Football Riddle of the Sphinx River Raid Seaquest Skiing Sky Diver Sky Jinks Slot Racers Sneak' n Peek Solaris (box and instruction book) Space Attack Space Combat Space Invaders(2) Space Jockey Space War Spider Fighter Spider-Man SSSnake Stampede Starmaster Star Raiders Star Voyager Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Stellar Track Street Racer Sub Scan Super Breakout Super Challenge Baseball Superman Surround SwordQuest: Earthworld SwordQuest: FireWorld Tank-Plus Target Fun Tennis Tom-Cat Vanguard Venture Video Checkers Video Chess Video Olympics Video Pinball Warlord Wizard of Wor Yars' Revenge Large-ish pics attached. (Dodge 'em, Human Cannonball, Hunt and Score, Braingames, Space Invaders, Eggomania, Tele-games 4 & 27 have NO end labels)
  5. I was aware of Electroplankton being only online, but was thinking maybe somebody bought it and didn't like it. If I have to end up buying it from them, I will. I also was aware of Under the Knife being a subtitle to Trauma Center, but I was just in a rush posting this. Thanks for your concern though!
  6. Recently got a DS, and I'm looking for some complete games. Trauma Center: Under the Knife Sonic Rush 'Brain' titles Meteos Animal Crossing Daigasso! Band Brothers (Import) Along with a couple games I've knocked off my list of wants, I've now also got Electroplankton for trade or sale. I got it, and while It's nifty, I just dont see myself playing it all that often. The case has a slight 'dent' on the bottom right corner, but you can swap it out with another DS case.
  7. Red ring of death to go along with their blue screen? I suppose it works out. Sorry to hear you've been deprived of gaming goodness. Go dig out an SNES or something and enjoy that 'till you get it back.
  8. I've got some, but need more. a dark green NES 'Old School' or something like that, my dad got it for me. Dont really wear it. green '1up' shroom shirt. Wear it often black 'Game Over' shroom shirt. Usually wear it the day after the 1up black Excite Bike shirt, with the cover of the game on it black Contra shirt, with basically the title screen on it. Well, a little nintendo biased I seem. I've seen some pretty lame shirts that I didn't like, and when I bought all of those I was just kinda like 'yeah, this is alright.' I suppose I could go online and find some more gaming shirts, because they are small in comparison to my band shirts (and I need some movie shirts... and more band shirts... I just want more shirts in general) I always get comments on the Contra and Exite Bike shirts. People like 'Oh, I used to have that game! That game was awesome!' and then I'll say 'Cool, but the game is STILL awesome!' and they tend to agree.
  9. My bad, I never saw this thread. As always, I'm up for any and everything. While I dont have a problem with Pete's (Hell, I go there usually once a week) I understand Uber and others getting sick of it. I've never been to Marvin's, but I know there was a meet there before that I couldn't make it to. I also have nowhere enough games/tv's/space for something in my own home, and I wouldn't want to impose going to anyone else's place. If someone with a nice gameroom wants to invite some people in, then thats great, but until that happens I think we'll have to just stick to arcades and the such.
  10. Oh man, you're going to hate Expert sooooo much. This is basically why I cant beat Cowboys from Hell. Although, I made it almost to the same part I got stuck on last time. I just gotta keep trying.
  11. Ok, I lied. I just managed to beat Bark at the Moon, and ALMOST beat Cowboys from Hell. I got 87% through, and screwed up after the crazy ass solo. Ugh.
  12. Wooo for Guitar Hero. I really, really hope they make a second one. From the looks of the sales, I'd say its pretty likely. Tempest, the next time we have a meet up, maybe we could jam on some Guitar Freaks, because the skill pretty much transfers right over to that game. Atleast, in my case it does. And MMF, you were in town recently? Would've been cool to have a mini-meetup so we could finally meet. Oh well. Maybe next time. Oh yeah, forgot to add. I've only got 2 more songs to go. Cowboys from Hell and Bark at the Moon on Expert. I played one 'Easy' song and realized that is a lame starting point, so I ran trough Medium in a few hours. Hard wasn't that bad, but there were a few songs I had to play a couple times. Expert, however, is just that. I'd say there were only like 5 songs I beat the first time through, and even then barely passing them. I also think that it's impossible to get less then 3 stars, because if you do any worse you just fail.
  13. I got KoF Maximum Impact Metal Slug 4&5 Killer 7 I'm willing to trade the last one, I played it but I just dont like it. I'd go for a Tekken 5 or Psychonauts. Its opened, obviously, but its flawless.
  14. Well, If you'd actually read the whole article, it says that the 360 already does do this.
  15. I have a very, VERY hard time believing that.
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