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  1. Loktar

    Lynx Multi Cart

    Hmm is this thread having previous pages deleted? I expressed my interest on page 24. I'm still in for one. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/226918-lynx-multi-cart/?p=3448791
  2. Loktar

    Lynx Multi Cart

    Well shoot.. I've been watching the thread since the beginning only posted to it to complain about the noise with people declaring interest .... declaring interest if this gets used as some sort of preorder :/. Lesson learned.. declare interest in all the things!
  3. Loktar

    Lynx Multi Cart

    Agreed. I've been subscribed to this thread since the start and when I get a notice I check to see if an actual preorder thread is up and it's generally just filled with "I'd buy this!" "put me on the list too!!" Tons of noise on an otherwise really interesting thread. With that said.. the best way to get info is to subscribe and open it every time there is a reply
  4. Got mine today, and its amazing... I'm a noob when it comes to this kind of thing, my dad helped out fortunately lol ended up taking us like 5 hours (we only had some crappy desoldering wick so removing the parts took the longest) but the results were worth it! Sorry for the potato quality My dad working on it. http://i.imgur.com/yaYo5R9.jpg http://i.imgur.com/eWIctmX.jpg The end result http://i.imgur.com/0UBdn47.jpg http://i.imgur.com/whzbJD3.jpg McWill thanks for this, its amazing what you've put together. haha with that said though I think in the future I might have to pay someone to do these mods for me.
  5. Holy crap Uber that looks fantastic, I am definitely going to be ordering one!
  6. oops, made it unlisted now. Also The one in question is A3, the other two A1's
  7. Heh I had hope this one would work, this is how it turned out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-nEAtcyIgY Generally don't switch games as fast and don't have so many stacked, but yeah I start on Armor Attack, then Mario, Ripoff, Ninja Golf, back to Armor Attack oh well I have to assume its something with this atari and armor attack..
  8. Same here, got it done back in 2013 , they did the mod for me though and shipped it back eh I doubt it at this point (although I wish thats all it was lol) out of 3 of mine it worked perfectly on two (the unmodded ones), and I've tried about 15 games tonight on my primary one (the modded one) and they all work fine. Its a really weird issue. Bleh oh well just ordered this going to try installing it myself on one of my unmodded systems (just won another tonight on Ebay in case I jack it up lol) we'll see how it goes I guess.
  9. Good to know, so it must be my system.. makes me wonder wth is wrong with mine then and this particular game, I mean *every* game works on it ( I own every NA release and around 10 or so homebrews) this is the only one with any sort of issue.
  10. Hey was wondering if anyone with a copy of Armor Attack II has a modded 7800. I cant get the game to work on my modded system yet all other games work fine on it, homebrew and retail. I plugged it into one of my non modded systems and it comes right up. Was wondering if anyone could try it with a modded system or confirm if it does work with it. No idea why it wouldn't but the most I get on the screen is a garbled atari logo.. if I half put in the cart, really weird issue. **edit** just tried it on my 2nd unmodded 7800 also works on there. On the modded one I can get the logo to come up fine.. and then it just goes to a solid yellow bar. Bleh, kind of sucks because my primary TV wont work via coax.
  11. I should have worded my description a bit better, basically it takes png's that are indexed colored and reduces them to the correct depth, its an image minifier. I can only get Photoshop to save at 8 bit as the lowest so I run it through the pngmin which gives me a 2 bit file.. however I bet I could make a task to convert jpg's/gif's (as long as they use indexed colors correctly) to 2 bit png's as well.
  12. Thanks for the kind words. No idea how far I'll make it a lot to learn on the 7800 front for sure. I'm too spoiled by modern dev where I don't need to worry about things like memory available ... or use terms like bank switching. Definitely a lot to learn.
  13. Definitely just messing around at this point I've only modified the multisprite sample, but since 7800basic was created by the amazing RevEng I immediately thought a Bomberman clone would be awesome on the system, even ordered a dev cart so I can test on physical hardware. I've been working on an html5/android game (shameless plug) but needed a deviation to work on for a while so I finally dedicated the afternoon/night to messing around with 7800basic. Its barely anything at all right now, and I have no idea how far Ill get with it but when I showed it to my wife she was confused because #1 Bomberman exists already, and #2 why would anyone make/buy games for the Atari haha so needless to say I needed to post my excitement with like minded individuals. Also its incredibly cool to make something for a system you love so much. I'm also hosting the project on github, uses node and the gulp task runner which automatically converts my images saved from photoshop to the correct format, and builds/runs the rom through mess.
  14. Ahh that makes total sense, that explains why abc were solid colors thanks! Awesome thanks!
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