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  1. Hi, I remember that some resistors on the motherboard of atari 8 bit were badly sized; this was the reason for low quality video signal with saturated colors. I lost tutorials to correct the video signal of the atari 8 bits. There was a document to correct 800xl and a document for 130xe. Where can I find those tutorials? Thank you
  2. Hi guys, I'm searching a very optimized 6502 code for a pixel draw routine. Do you know the fastest possible routine for an Atari 8 bits? I don't find any optimized code, but only generic code. What techniques do you suggest for a very fast pixel draw routine? Thank you
  3. You can draw using any program; when you want to convert the image you can use WUDSN but for supported formats you should ask to Jac.
  4. I would ask if any of you have used the triple buffering in his demo. The advantage of the triple bufferig would be that there is no need to waste computing power to wait a vcount; the disadvantage would be a great use of ram so its use would make sense on machines with at least 128kb. I found this technique on Atari ST so it might be useful also for Atari 8-bit
  5. Hi, Thanks for your answers. I though I did not understand properly, I was convinced that it was a resident task. Is there no way to have an example commented in English? I don't know Polish.
  6. Hi friends, is there somebody who knows how to show a sector counter while the program is loading?
  7. Hi Quadrunner, This is an interesting way to implement double buffering, but I do not quite understand the advantage of this technique. Could you explain in more detail? Thank you.
  8. Hi, On Atari 8 bit is not usual to use double buffering. Which is the better way to implement it? On Commodore Amiga you have to do a polling over the scan line register and change the new pointer of video memory in copper list. This is all you need on amiga; is it something similar also on atari 8 bit? On Atari is better polling on vcount or wait a vbi to swap video memory? Is required a stop of dma in the same way I start a new display list? If I remember correctly Antic has a limit of addressing of 4 Kbytes; any suggestion to not waste the memory is welcome.
  9. My problem is that I haven't found examples for beginners. I don't need optimized code, I need an example that explains how things run on 6502. The sprite engine written by mads team is very good but it is commented in polish and code is very advanced. There is a big difference between a tutorial and a sample code. The learning curve is very steep if you need to do the reverse engineering of an algorithm. Probably I found good tutorials for Atari ST but I think that coding a 68000 is easier.
  10. Hi friends. I like coding on Atari 8-bit but it's very complicated respect other platforms. Coding sprite on Atari ST is very easy; the CPU has instructions for making divisions and calculate the coordinates of the sprite in memory is a breeze. I found several examples for Atari 8-bit but are not suitable for beginners, I don't like sources that use the pseudo instructions of MADS compiler. Does anyone know where to find any good tutorials to make sprite? Thank you
  11. Hi Jac! Thank you for your new tutorials. I really appreciate your efforts.
  12. The limit is not the hardware but the human mind. Since the human mind has no limits also a C64 can do a 3d game. The Atari 8-bit could do better, even using the undocumented instructions of Sally.
  13. This is the C64 version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMgjmIW8fd8 Not bad for a 1 mhz machine.
  14. This game has been criticized for the low frame rate on the c64. Maybe on atari 8-bit the cpu could render faster graphics. It was one of the best game anyway.
  15. Hi guys. How hard would be to convert Stunt Car Racer? The game was made for C64; do you think that this game if converted for Atari could be nice as that for C64? How could be resolved the limitation of 4 colors in this kind of game? I'd like to hear your opinion and what approach do you suggest for reverse engineering.
  16. Hi, I'm looking for CLSN Pascal for Atari 130XE. This is a very rare language for the 130XE and it seems that it was not preserved. Somebody have heard about it?
  17. My opinion is that the best game is IK+ for the number of colors and the excellent music. I'm really disappointed that the game was never been finished.
  18. What is in your opinion the most technically impressive game on Atari 8 bit?
  19. Hi Jac! I'm infinitely grateful to you. I read different books but topics are not explained very well at 100% so coding an atari 8-bit is very frustrating. Your tutorials are the best.
  20. This is I like to see running: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbyfQY7Ft5s
  21. Do you think that the CPU is fast enough to do something like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gMYcna5OiA
  22. The smooth animations of "Prince of Persia" are state of the art. A conversion like that of apple 2 would make justice to the unfortunate atari 8-bit.
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