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  1. Coleco made it without permission from Atari. I guess they thought they could do it because the Adam was their system and was sort of a console
  2. Coleco made it without permission from Atari. I guess they thought they could do it because the Adam was their system and was sort of a console
  3. Coleco made it without permission from Atari. I guess they thought they could do it because the Adam was their system and was sort of a console
  4. Coleco made it without permission from Atari. I guess they thought they could do it because the Adam was their system and was sort of a console
  5. Sorry to start this generation argument but i really dont care about the generation boundaries
  6. You and I both know ColecoVision wasnt exactly know for its great Multiplayer. But I want to get some multiplayer games so please leave so info
  7. I would LOVE to see a SGM version of Missle Command, and Im guessing it wouldnt be terribly hard to make. Would be just like the arcade with the track ball controller
  8. I originally learned about this series on PatheNESPunks channel on Youtube. Cant wait for them to finish the 1981 episodes. I want to see what James Rolfe has to say about Donkey Kong
  9. Oh sorry, I thought Nintendo pretty much started the 3rd gen
  10. No, they did not purchase the rights from Atari but Donkey Kong on the Adam was cartridge based and did not violate Nintendo and Atari's contract, but Coleco still did end up shelving it
  11. What are your favorite late 70's and early 80's arcade games and why? create a top ten list of your opinions I will start things off 1) Donkey Kong 2)Missle Command 3)Pac-Man 4)Galaga 5)Ms. Pacman 6)Donkey Kong Junior 7)Frogger 8)Space Invaders 9)Q-bert 10)Mario bros
  12. What is your Favorite second Gen console out of Atari 2600, Intellivision, and Colecovision? And Why. Provide specific examples why it is your favorite and the games you liked for it. Personally I prefer the Colecovision for its good arcade ports and cool accessories and you gotta love the pack in Donkey Kong
  13. I prefer the Coleco Adam port because of its decent graphics, good sounds, and that it included the pie factory (like most computer ports did) but the Atari 800 comes in a close second
  14. I know there was a thread for this a while back but maybe some peoples opinions have changed and ive added a couple more options to the list. So vote and comment what you voted for and why. here is the old thread http://atariage.com/...of-donkey-kong/, im new to this site and cant seem to get the poll to work <form method="post" action="http://poll.pollcode.com/k11ao"><table border=0 width="341" bgcolor="EEEEEE" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="0"><tr><td colspan="2" height="10"><font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><b>What is the best home port of Donkey Kong?</b></font></td></tr><tr><td width="5"><input type="radio" name="answer" value="1" id="k11aoanswer1"></td><td> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><label for="k11aoanswer1">Atari 8-bit </label></font></td></tr><tr><td width="5"><input type="radio" name="answer" value="2" id="k11aoanswer2"></td><td> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><label for="k11aoanswer2">Atari 2600 </label></font></td></tr><tr><td width="5"><input type="radio" name="answer" value="3" id="k11aoanswer3"></td><td> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><label for="k11aoanswer3">Atari 7800</label></font></td></tr><tr><td width="5"><input type="radio" name="answer" value="4" id="k11aoanswer4"></td><td> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><label for="k11aoanswer4">intellivision</label></font></td></tr><tr><td width="5"><input type="radio" name="answer" value="5" id="k11aoanswer5"></td><td> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><label for="k11aoanswer5">Colecovision</label></font></td></tr><tr><td width="5"><input type="radio" name="answer" value="6" id="k11aoanswer6"></td><td> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><label for="k11aoanswer6">Coleco Adam</label></font></td></tr><tr><td width="5"><input type="radio" name="answer" value="7" id="k11aoanswer7"></td><td> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><label for="k11aoanswer7">Commodore 64</label></font></td></tr><tr><td width="5"><input type="radio" name="answer" value="8" id="k11aoanswer8"></td><td> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><label for="k11aoanswer8">Apple II</label></font></td></tr><tr><td width="5"><input type="radio" name="answer" value="9" id="k11aoanswer9"></td><td> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><label for="k11aoanswer9">NES/Famicom</label></font></td></tr><tr><td width="5"><input type="radio" name="answer" value="10" id="k11aoanswer10"></td><td> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><label for="k11aoanswer10">Amstrad CPC</label></font></td></tr><tr><td width="5"><input type="radio" name="answer" value="11" id="k11aoanswer11"></td><td> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><label for="k11aoanswer11">ZX Spectrum</label></font></td></tr><tr><td width="5"><input type="radio" name="answer" value="12" id="k11aoanswer12"></td><td> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><label for="k11aoanswer12">Game and Watch</label></font></td></tr><tr><td width="5"><input type="radio" name="answer" value="13" id="k11aoanswer13"></td><td> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><label for="k11aoanswer13">Coleco Table Top</label></font></td></tr><tr><td width="5"><input type="radio" name="answer" value="14" id="k11aoanswer14"></td><td> <font face="Verdana" size="2" color="000000"><label for="k11aoanswer14">Other</label></font></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" height="10"><center><input type="submit" value=" Vote "> <input type="submit" name="view" value=" View "></center></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" align="right"><font face="Verdana" height="5" size="1" color="000000">pollcode.com <a href="http://pollcode.com/"><font face="Verdana" size="1" color="000000">free polls</font></a> </font></td></tr></table></form>
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