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  1. Hi All, anyone have luck getting this to run. Seems a recent Win upgrade broke it. Has anyone figured out how to make it run? I've tried everything I can think of in terms of compatibility settings. Cheers, Arthur...
  2. Would ARC or a similar tool be able to compress a dir structure to a single file on a device? Sent from my EVR-L29 using Tapatalk
  3. Yes, DM2K will see TIPI. but it's a mess. Files don't display properly. Can't copy, delete, mkdir - nothing really works as you would expect. While I understand the TIPI isn't designed as a file storage device - being able to back up TI hard disks to it would be excellent. Or better, host my network based TI home directory on it. (which I currently access via. HDX)
  4. Wow! Stop looking for a few months and miracles happen. FC is pretty damn impressive. Looking for wildcard support or an xcopy command... or some way to create one. Or perhaps Fred can enhance the CRU.DEVx.PATH magic into DM2K. I was very pleased by the ability to CD directly into a directory whether it be diskette, ram disk, hard disk, or HDX and execute software. Matt - really awesome. Thank you!!!
  5. Do not know jedi commander, will try to locate and check it out. Setting CRU might cause issues with other cards. It's a packed PEB. Sent from my EVR-L29 using Tapatalk
  6. Hi All, New to the TIPI - meaning, I have a PEB attached version and love it. However, I do not use it to it's fullest potential yet. However, I understand you can store stuff on it. I have yet to figure out how to mount a directory on it as a destination I can write to with DM2K. Ideally, I'd like to dump my SCSI hard disk to it as a backup. Anyone use a TIPI in this manner? Any suggestions? Thank you, Arthur...
  7. Will give it a shot! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. 8.1a and the 2004 version of print. If you could check your settings and let me know what they are, that would help. I would consider reloading the DSR except the HDX server is receiving the print data on the Windows machine as it did before. Although, never hurts to be sure. It’s also a Win 10 machine, so maybe there is some IPC library that has changed to the point where this no longer works on modern machines. Settings and a screen shot of what I should expect to see in ti99print would also be a big help since I don’t know what normal and working looks like. Really appreciate the ideas! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. Fails from TI Basic, and TI-Base. I had it working with TI-Base years ago. Can't imagine what I am doing wrong. HDX is clearly receiving the data. Just not passing it along to ti99print.
  10. Hi All, Quick question. I have the HDX1 serial card mod. All works great. Sudden need to print from the TI... So, pointed the HDX server software at the directory where ti99print resides and gave it a whirl. After an hour, still can't seem to figure it out. Can anyone offer some tips on how to configure and set it up. The HDX docs say it will just work through a software connection to ti99print, and I can see the records being written to <PRINT> on the HDX server app when I print. But nothing appears in the ti99print window. Basically... out of ideas on how to troubleshoot the thing. ti99print config is set to serial line 3 and GEEN (whatever that means) Any ideas? Cheers, Arthur...
  11. Yes, I watched via. top on the PI through an SSH connection after pressing "U" (from b19, which is the image on your webpage), git did it's thing... but the system was left in a non working (hung) state. Executing a CALL TIPI would just lock the sys with the card LED on. Working with Greg we checked the setup - all good. Seemed to need the post_update script to be run. I did not see that happen via. top on the initial upgrade. When we ran that, the system came up with the new update. So all good. A valuable learning experience.
  12. Best practices files question... I have a NAS device with my TI99 home directory on it. It's basically a backup of WDS1. which is my SQ200 200MB hard disk on a WHTech SCSI card. HDX1 is mapped to this via HDX mod on RS232 card talking to win client pointed at that share. All the file show up OK... I can run anything off it. I usually run large packages like TI-BASE. So executing HDX1.TIB.TIBASEW will run the DB system off HDX. (same is true of WDS1.) I have tried lots of ways to copy a directory to the PI, such that I could try running it off the PI (TIPI.TIB.TIBASEW) However, whenever I go into DM2K to look at the files, all the file names are munged. Have tried straight copy, DM2K, Ti99Dir - nothing works. Here are two pics, here is what it looks like on the TIPI (file names munged), and here is what is is supposed to look like (on HDX - which works) Would value any ideas?
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    horizon card
  14. Hi Everyone, and Greg - many thanks! All I needed to do was run the post update script and things came back - and the new upgrade was in. Much appreciated!
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