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  1. I'd say I used 5.25 and Hard Disk together - most of the time. However, since TiPI - it's SD card - and for primary floppy drives it's a Lotharek Floppy-SD device.
  2. Love this! A number of years ago I had published a bunch of new labels for PEB cards - should be floating around here somewhere...
  3. I remember feeling a bit ripped off when I bought the thing... especially given that I had access to some fast modems (for the day). The improved speech was interesting but not so useful - it seemed like a cart searching for an identity.
  4. Wow this is going to be tough to love...
  5. Hi All, tinkering with MAME - and can't seem to get it to make a quote ('"') on my laptop keyboard running mame under Linux. Anyone know where I can find a keyboard map?
  6. Just did the upgrade. Oddly, eth0 no longer works. Managed to get connected via wifi, ssh'd in - eth0 shows with the correct mac address. However dhclient eth0 returns after some time with no address. If I manually set the IP using ifconfig and appropriate netmask and router settings - it can't ping anything and instantly knocks down the wifi connection. Would like eth0 to work again... Interestingly, if I turn predictable names on, reboot, then off, reboot - the eth0 interface will come up... but it's a headache to do that on every boot. Thoughts? Thank you, Arthur...
  7. Delightful conversation with Chris the other night who helped me sort out the options on an IDE card order. At this rate, I may be looking at a PEB splitter and a second box!
  8. aftyde

    SDD 99

    Love to have this as a PEB card as well... :)
  9. That is a cute monitor... I've had my finger hovering over the bid button on that Triple Tech card. Which I absolutely do not need. Right now; In the console F18 MiniMem In the PEB Firehose 32K Memory P-Gram+ WHT SCSI card w Syquest 200MB cart drive in external box WDS1. SID Player card RS-232 card w HDX mod installed - modem, HDX1. TIPI card with Raspberrry PI mounted. Myarc DDCC w 80 track mod - DSDD/2880 sectors. DSK1 and 2 are Lotharek SD card floppy emulators, DSK3. (DSSD) shares the external box with the 1/2 height Syquest. Full house ... and I use it every day... Thanks to @jedimatt42 I now have more or less unlimited high speed database storage. As a kid, if I had such a system - there would be a LOT more TI software in the world today. Cheers, Arthur...
  10. Worthy of note - some programs use this memory. I run a very large TI-BASE (Incebot) database, and if you happen to have a Mini Mem - the DB, which normally starts with 1569K of working space for tables and such will start with 4096K of working memory. This allows for more open databases and larger program files as the software has a DB language which allows for all forms of entertaining data manipulation, string manipulation, compute operations and so forth. So this is a cart I keep in the TI at all times. Without it, there is no way to edit my DB procedures. Have had this machine going for 35 years.
  11. Tried ethernet to the LAN; .3 MS. Consistent. So something might be up with wifi connectivity - since no matter which wifi AP I hit, the variable performance issue mentioned above is a problem. So, question is... can I disable wifi and just use this from ethernet with no ill effect?
  12. Seems like network is the issue. The pi is seeing ping times of 1.5 ms to 4000ms and it seems bursty. It'll go fast (2 pings), then several pings at 3 to 4K MS, then another 2 pings at less than 10ms. Never seen anything like this. Seems to be this way no matter which wireless net I connect it to. Presently connected to localhost on the TI console via. telnet to get around the choppy connection speed. Anyone else seen this? Should I apt-get update, and then upgrade? See if I can trade some old bugs for new? Is there a service I can stop and start for tipi?
  13. Hi Team, Python seems to be consuming 30% of the CPU - the TI is switched off - as is the PEB. Logged into to the PI to map some drives and it's really sluggish - hard to even edit a file. Feels like this is new as I don't recall previous ssh sessions on the PI being like this. Has there been a change, or perhaps a process I can kill?
  14. Had one of those for centuries, how'd you think I wound up here??? LOL
  15. Take my money!!! How, when - now, or wait for production run. Pretty neat! To quote JR Hadden - why have one when you can have two at twice the price!
  16. @jedimatt42 - works like a champ. No problem sorting large files! Agreed - I don't think the software does the math beyond looking at space available.
  17. That could work... in the spirit of fooling ancient software, it might make sense to decrement the free blocks by the size of whatever files happen to be in the directory. Or am I scope creeping... Largest floppy I have ever gotten to work is 2880 sectors, DSDD 80 track. On my 200MB SCSI drive - it reports a total size of 781376, 741024 free and 40352 used.
  18. Hi Team, wondering if there is a way to hack the code such that it reports 2280 or 5760 sectors free instead of the default 1440? Cheers, Arthur...
  19. Is there any place I can hack a different value into the volume size reported back to the TI? It's currently fixed at 1440 - but needs to be larger for programs that create bigger than diskette sized files. The ability for a disk mapping to be 2880 or even 5760 would likely resolve some large file issues I am running into. Seems that so long as I run DB sizes that are smaller than 1440 all is OK - but when I merge files that push above that number weird things happen. Thank you, Arthur...
  20. Fixed. Ran DU2K to get a complete dump of DSR and devices - and discovered the card was set to 1800 - which I should have noticed earlier. Reset to 1000 and all is working!
  21. Just a quick comment... TIPI won't associate to an ESSID that is hidden. Bug or feature? I would like to figure out the disk mapping issue. Can someone post a screenshot of their CALL TIPI screen properly set up? If I knew what was correct, it would be a good place to start.
  22. In the Happy Happy Joy Joy department... Though a 8 hour routine of hacking file names and editing binaries with WinHex - to point TI-BASE from "HDX1.TIB." to "TIPI.TIB." and data files to "TIPI.AFTDB" I finally managed to get the software to run from the PI perfectly, and have it access the DB files (also on the PI) perfectly. Interestingly, this has never before worked anywhere else. Only diskettes. All past attempts to place the DB on a hard disk of any type, or HDX resulted in data corruption. This is sort of a life changing moment for my little TI universe. It's fast - at least 3x. My storage limitations are probably a thing of the past. I used to juggle indexes on and off RAM cards and such - now it all works at high speed (for a TI) in one place. I could not be happier! I'm still disappointed that DM2K seems to not like it and there must be bugs in Ti99dir as well (they seem to map filenames in different ways) - and that file name conversions are painful and manual. I'll test with this for a while, and if good... I can lose a lot of hardware and maybe put some interesting old stuff up on eBay! Thank you Matt, Greg, and everyone who has helped me along the way with this! I'll probably continue to ask dumb questions - but pizza and beer is on me should our paths ever cross! Cheers, Arthur...
  23. Hi Jedi, attempting to paint a complete picture of the file naming issues. I have studied the link you sent. But I'm still unable to work out a best practices. I must assume that other people don't have problems copying or reading files and that I am an idiot, missing some crucial bit of into, or have a broken setup - possibly all three... 🤪 Here we see HDX1.TIB (left) copied to TIPI.TIB (right), all looks good. In ti99dir the file names and designations match. HDX1.TIB is TI-BASE in a fully running configuration. I can read all files using View both at source and destination. Here is how the PC see the files... both on the TIPI and on the SAN containing the HDX1 source directory. So far, all match up. Looks good so far, then - we go into DM2K to have a look at the directory on TIPI and try to edit SETUP/C (to point TI-BASE at TIPI instead of HDX1). WTH??? All screwed up. So I went ahead and renamed all the files with overscores per suggestion. TIDIR however now sees all the TI Names as wrong, the /(C or H) is missing - for kicks, I left one TEST(overscore)H which still shows as TEST/H. However, DM2K is loving it... It sees all the files as properly named now... except for TEST of course, which is as Ti99dir likes... However, none of the text files are readable from DM2K - oddly, I can execute TIBASEW - which defaults to DSK1 in the absence of a readable SETUP/C file. So this is where I am at the moment. I'll look around at other programs to see if I can view or edit this file - very close to having it work. If I can make this happen, and then move the DB from diskette. Life will be better. I am still completely unable to map DSK4 to any dir on the TIPI. Again, I must be an idiot or something is broken... because it seems to work for everyone else. For example... Never results in a working DIR... In any event - not sure if this helps in any way. I guess the question I would have is does this actually work for anyone else? And if so, what tools have you used to make it work?
  24. BTW - thank you for making this. I have not had this much fun TI hacking in ages!!! And I do actually run a production workload on the thing... My TI has hosted a parts inventory for 30+ years.
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