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  1. Stuff is on the way to the new owner; may heaven help him.
  2. I have acquired several IC's which were not well preserved but still might work. I don't want to list what's there, some are not TI-related at all. I also have a box or two of 30-pin and 72-pin SIMMS and other misc. components. First taker to send me a US post office address gets them all. (And heaven help him/her)
  3. I'd missed this post, I'll go searching...
  4. You can have mine if: 1: I can find it, and 2: USPS is not too costly.
  5. I have three boxes which are suitable for external floppy drives. (power supply included) They used to contain tape drives which live elsewhere now, there are SCSI connectors and switches which can be tossed. I just want them gone, one or more...
  6. I have several; (>10) and long ago added diodes.
  7. I have about 200 PDF files of books and newsletters and whatever. I'm sure there are more...........somewhere
  8. I have some, tried to ebay them, offered them here some time back with no takers, but didn't throw them out. Yet
  9. That sounds like a Romox cartridge with a battery added. I bought a few of them in Oklahoma many years ago and replaced the EPROM with a socket and a 6264 RAM chip.
  10. FWIW; I have a gazillion HD 3½" diskettes that I'll never use.
  11. I have several 720KB drives that don't do HD and don't have a sensor for the hole. I can use any disk in those drives, in fact I have hundreds of HD disks, including a bunch of TI-formatted DSQD 720KB diskettes.
  12. Yes/freebie. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood.
  13. I have a similar or identical HRD, and *somewhere* have the assembly instructions. A friend picked it up for me in 1987 (I think) at Dallas, TX at a TI Fair. I built it and it probably has the same number of 62256 chips (16 on mine for sure, that's what I see in the pictures)
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