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  1. Hey Everyone Here are the games I have doubles of. If anyone wants to trade for the ones I need that would be great (none have been used): Flapee Bird Brickout Meteors Sea Venture DK II Arcade BC's quest for Tires The Secret Government Waffle Project Sidney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril (CBS Box) Sidney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril (INtellivision Box) Takeover Blix and Chocolate Mine HOver Bovver IntvBasic Showcase 1 Lost Caves of Kroz SPace Battle (purple box) Number Jumble Super Minefield (shrinkwrapped)
  2. Hello EVeryone I want to thank everyone for the help you are giving me! I am going to post a list of the ones I have doubles of in case anyone can trade. This is a great forum! Andy
  3. Hello All I try to keep my collection as complete as possible but I think I miss some announcements and such. DOes anyone know where I can buy these: gyruss (although I think i read there was some controversy with this one) fantasy sorrow of gadhlan thur ghostbusters Quo Vadis Shark Shark 2 I am not even sure if all have been released. Is there a complete list somewhere of all the homebrews so I can check? I also have doubles of some homebrews that I can trade with someone if they need them (I did not purposely buy dupes, I accidentally ordered them twice because I did not realize I had them) Thanks everyone! [email protected]
  4. I do not remember if I replied to this topic or not (I probably did and my senior moment is hitting me) but I would like to be put on any list so I get one. Thanks! alevin16
  5. Put me down for one. I do not have any preference for serial number or anything like that. Thank you! alevin16
  6. I am trying to get to the website to order a game but the link does not work for me. Is there something up?
  7. I would like to order a copy, it says on the site is is out of stock, so just tell me whenever it is ready for more orders. [email protected]
  8. I would love a game, manual and box. What do i do next? [email protected]
  9. Put me down for a set. Any serial number is fine and either color is ok with me (so if you are getting a run on one color just give me the other, I'm not picky) thanks
  10. I am not home right now but when I get there I will get you the LTO flash #, thanks!
  11. You can count on me to buy one. I will pre order or whatever you need to make it happen. [email protected]
  12. I would love one! I do not care about serial numbers or anything like that. Just give me any payment details and I am on it. Andy (alevin16) [email protected] PS I just saw the list was full, I do not mind waiting, so whenever you get more in just email!
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