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  1. Put me down for a set. Any serial number is fine and either color is ok with me (so if you are getting a run on one color just give me the other, I'm not picky) thanks
  2. I am not home right now but when I get there I will get you the LTO flash #, thanks!
  3. You can count on me to buy one. I will pre order or whatever you need to make it happen. [email protected]
  4. I would love one! I do not care about serial numbers or anything like that. Just give me any payment details and I am on it. Andy (alevin16) [email protected] PS I just saw the list was full, I do not mind waiting, so whenever you get more in just email!
  5. I would love one. Any serial number is fine with me from the 11-125 set. Thanks! alevin16
  6. Just ordered one! If you ever do make overlays and a box for it I'll be ready to buy that too. (just email me if you do so I do not miss it ;D)
  7. Hey There I just paid on Paypal and like some others I did not see a place for comments. My order was 2639 and my serial number is 112 for alevin16. Sorry for any issues. Alevin16
  8. I see my name (alevin16) on the list but PAID is not next to it. I am so sorry, I thought I paid. Do you need to send me an invoice or do you just want to tell me the amount and paypal address?
  9. Please put me down for a copy. Any serial number is fine with me
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