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  1. Am I the only one that thinks this is awesome?
  2. Yes, I got it worked out, Google Drive updated and I wasn't able to embed images anymore. I just attached them instead.
  3. Very neatly organized disks, all in binders with descriptions on the side.
  4. What about now? These are just the books, I have more to post.
  5. I was hoping linking them from Google Photos would make them visible to others. Let me see if I can fix it, it took me an hour just to link them all.
  6. I was picking up some NES games from a friend tonight and as I'm driving to his house he tells me he's throwing in some Atari books and boxes. I didn't really know what that meant but when I got home I looked through this stuff and it's incredible what's in here. It looks like someone's life, from highschool to university, then getting a job writing software on an Atari computer. Here are a lot of photos of what I pulled out of the box, everything is incredibly organized. This is a separate binder. This is how they were organized. I guess I won't be returning any of it.
  7. I traded for this today! Notables are Rampage and Pete Rose Baseball I think.
  8. All websites I've read state that Atlantis II has the night label.
  9. I'm wondering if I should buy it, I don't live anywhere near them.
  10. I read it in an Ebay auction earlier this year but kind of ignored it until now.
  11. I read somewhere that iMagic put a pink stripe on the PCB for the Atlantis II cartridges in order to know which ones had the new code on them, then a couple of weeks ago I had someone send me this photo asking if I wanted to buy their Atari game for $10. Is it Atlantis II? Is the pink stripe true? I want to open up one of my Atlantis cartridges to see if it has the stripe but don't want to ruin the label.
  12. Picked these up today. Pengo was $50 and all the rest were $75. Those are Canadian dollars so subtract about 20% for US pricing.
  13. I must have picked these up somewhere along my collector travels, I just found them in a box with a pile of other stuff and didn't even know I had them. Are they worth anything? Where would someone get these?
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