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  1. Are you saying I have this connected incorrectly and they are separate devices? Why would you hook up a printer to a gaming console?
  2. Someone just gave me all of these. It appears they allow using an Atari 2600 controllers on the ZX Spectrum but I'm wondering what the IDE interface is supposed to plug into. Does anyone know?
  3. Is it a problem with the plastic of the generic case? Does he know he can get another case from another game for $1?
  4. Thanks! I didn't know about the Atarimania site, it's very helpful. It doesn't give me values nor rarities but the information is very cool. Here is the Bobby Is Going Home cartridge, it doesn't look like the other German cartridges, any idea where it's from?
  5. Hi, I picked up all of these at a local game store yesterday and I'm looking for some more information on some of them. Some of them I know but most I couldn't even find evidence of online anywhere. Please let me know if you know anything about where they came from and what they're worth. I'm not selling any of them, I'm just curious. H.E.S. Smash Hit Pak - seems to be a collection of Activision games and is just one of the collection packs they sold. Was this licensed by Activision? Glib - I know this one, it cost a lot. Fire Fly - Looks like a Sears Tele-Games release. Sorcerer - Also looks like Sears Tele-Games. Kung-Fu Master - this one doesn't look like the typical Activision label, is this the usual label for this cartridge? Coconuts - this one I already found online easily. Cosmic Creeps - also easy to find online. Crystal Castles - I just bought this to complete my empty box. Name That Game - I bought this strictly for the interesting name. Why did they name it this? Ocean City Defender - Looks like a Zellers Canadian exclusive. I might even have the box already, I need to check when I get home. Super Action Pak - another Activision collection cartridge. Modern Knight - now we're getting into the ones I could not find anywhere. What is this? Bumper Bash - I already know about this one. Home Video Game - ?????? Dice Puzzle - I was able to find this one online. Tecmagic - ?????? Space Eagle - ??????? Imagic Centipede - weird label for this game. Snail Against Squirrel - the owner told me only one of these 2 copies work and wasn't sure which one so I got both. I can see when I look into the bottom of both cartridges, one of them has little transistor things soldered to the pins while the other one does not have anything extra. Was that usually done to repair these or reflash them? Futebol - ?????????? Sky Skipper - I couldn't find any evidence of sold boxed copies online. The only thing I know about this game is the history of Nintendo having the only surviving cabinet of the original arcade game in their storage warehouse. I didn't know it was also on Atari. Bobby Is Going Home - I found a few copies sold online but they were full size cartridges with the game name printed in German. I opened this one up (I can take a photo if needed) and it's just a half size cartridge, it's really short with a full colour label. Sea Hawk - I found this one online. Karate - I knew there was a super rare version of this but apparently I have the common Froggo version. Super Ferrari - PAL? Motocross - PAL? Racquetball - ????????
  6. Sorry guys, it wasn't my intention to offend anyone. I have autism spectrum disorder so I wasn't aware of how my request would be perceived. Thanks for explaining it.
  7. Wow, this didn't go as planned at all. I have a few items outside my target collections and I just wish someone from those markets would knock on my door. I have taken all of your notes except the one incredibly rude comment and have decided to abandon my search here based on your advice. I did post this in the Buy, Sell, Trade forum, how is that the wrong area? I'm buying something.
  8. A lot of people aren't buying anything so I think I'm offering something here others aren't. It may be hard to unload some of this stuff right now but I'd be willing to buy if it's discounted.
  9. Oh, I also collect NES but I figured I would mostly find Atari here.
  10. Is anyone thinking of letting go of some of the rarer stuff to pay bills? I'm looking for things at a discount to help other people out and also help my collection, things like Tooth Protectors, Atlantis II or Pepsi Invaders, preferably complete. I don't resell anything if that helps you decide, everything stays in my collection. Offer me anything that's hard to find.
  11. I thought it was just me, I haven't been here in a while and when I tried to view the newest topics, I got a bunch of strange posts in a list. I look at the topic title and read the post but I really just want the topics listed in chronological order like they used to be. I tried restricting it to just showing content but I don't see how I can change it to display only topic titles and not individual posts.
  12. Am I the only one that thinks this is awesome?
  13. Yes, I got it worked out, Google Drive updated and I wasn't able to embed images anymore. I just attached them instead.
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