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  1. Sorry guys, it wasn't my intention to offend anyone. I have autism spectrum disorder so I wasn't aware of how my request would be perceived. Thanks for explaining it.
  2. Wow, this didn't go as planned at all. I have a few items outside my target collections and I just wish someone from those markets would knock on my door. I have taken all of your notes except the one incredibly rude comment and have decided to abandon my search here based on your advice. I did post this in the Buy, Sell, Trade forum, how is that the wrong area? I'm buying something.
  3. A lot of people aren't buying anything so I think I'm offering something here others aren't. It may be hard to unload some of this stuff right now but I'd be willing to buy if it's discounted.
  4. Oh, I also collect NES but I figured I would mostly find Atari here.
  5. Is anyone thinking of letting go of some of the rarer stuff to pay bills? I'm looking for things at a discount to help other people out and also help my collection, things like Tooth Protectors, Atlantis II or Pepsi Invaders, preferably complete. I don't resell anything if that helps you decide, everything stays in my collection. Offer me anything that's hard to find.
  6. I thought it was just me, I haven't been here in a while and when I tried to view the newest topics, I got a bunch of strange posts in a list. I look at the topic title and read the post but I really just want the topics listed in chronological order like they used to be. I tried restricting it to just showing content but I don't see how I can change it to display only topic titles and not individual posts.
  7. Am I the only one that thinks this is awesome?
  8. Yes, I got it worked out, Google Drive updated and I wasn't able to embed images anymore. I just attached them instead.
  9. Very neatly organized disks, all in binders with descriptions on the side.
  10. What about now? These are just the books, I have more to post.
  11. I was hoping linking them from Google Photos would make them visible to others. Let me see if I can fix it, it took me an hour just to link them all.
  12. I was picking up some NES games from a friend tonight and as I'm driving to his house he tells me he's throwing in some Atari books and boxes. I didn't really know what that meant but when I got home I looked through this stuff and it's incredible what's in here. It looks like someone's life, from highschool to university, then getting a job writing software on an Atari computer. Here are a lot of photos of what I pulled out of the box, everything is incredibly organized. This is a separate binder. This is how they were organized. I guess I won't be returning any of it.
  13. I traded for this today! Notables are Rampage and Pete Rose Baseball I think.
  14. All websites I've read state that Atlantis II has the night label.
  15. I'm wondering if I should buy it, I don't live anywhere near them.
  16. I read it in an Ebay auction earlier this year but kind of ignored it until now.
  17. I read somewhere that iMagic put a pink stripe on the PCB for the Atlantis II cartridges in order to know which ones had the new code on them, then a couple of weeks ago I had someone send me this photo asking if I wanted to buy their Atari game for $10. Is it Atlantis II? Is the pink stripe true? I want to open up one of my Atlantis cartridges to see if it has the stripe but don't want to ruin the label.
  18. Picked these up today. Pengo was $50 and all the rest were $75. Those are Canadian dollars so subtract about 20% for US pricing.
  19. I must have picked these up somewhere along my collector travels, I just found them in a box with a pile of other stuff and didn't even know I had them. Are they worth anything? Where would someone get these?
  20. These are probably all commonly known by you experts already but maybe others could post theirs. I like variants. - left and right appear to have narrower lettering while the middle one has a fatter font in the text next to the title on top - right appears to have a more purple colouring - the green 1625 appears to be the same on left and right but lighter in the middle - this could all just be label fading but I don't think so This one is blatantly obvious. Is one a Sears machine? One has all upper case letters and the other all lower case. It's strange they didn't even bother to capitalize the first letters in each word, they just left them all lower case. This one I stared at for a while but I realized the CX2646 in the bottom right hand corner isn't in the exact same spot on both cartridges.
  21. Those load from the front, they aren't toasters. The toaster is a home made version of a Nintendo with the guts swapped into a toaster unit, I've only ever seen one person with one and you're very unlikely to find one of those, especially for $40. I've also heard people call them Nintoasters. Besides those, there are the front loaders and the top loaders. The benefit of the front loader is that it has RCA output but the benefit of the top loader is that the games work much better in it, pretty much first try every time.
  22. That's it, thanks! I just watched a walkthrough video of it, it's amazing how short the game is when I played it for so many years without success.
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