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  1. thanks for the replies guys! From what you told me, I would now think it is a PSU issue, now I'm thinking of it, when I tried to put the atari pieces together after changing the floppy drive, I probably forced it a little bit to fit it properly. something was blocking it near the PSU. So maybe it has been damaged. I feel really stupid now. I'll have to check this properly tomorrow!
  2. Hi all, I have a problem with my atari 4160ste, it suddenly started to stop booting. It was working fine, except the floppy drive which was dead, so I bought a replacement one and then everything was perfect for a day and suddenly I got this bomb screen on start up. I have no idea what is causing this, I checked all the chips and stuff inside to look for a dodgy connexion or anything suspicious but it all looks OK and since it was working 5 min before I wonder what could have gone wrong all of a sudden. It sometimes starts if I force reset several time, most of the time it turn it on and get no sound at all, like its not even trying, but if I reset it a couple times sometimes with a floppy inside, it will eventually load the game or come back to the TOS environment. I have no knowledge whatsoever in electronics and computer components, I can just see that all the connexion seem fine on my boards. Could be a dodgy ram upgrade from previous user ? but it was working everytime before and all looks in good working order. Any idea what could be causing this ? Advice most welcome. cheers!
  3. Thanks guys for your replies. I'm interested in one of those composite to vga converter, I don't really mind their poor quality as it is only a temporary solution. But there's something I don't quite get, none of them has a the 13 pin port, only 6 pin. The atari monitor cable is 13 pin or am I missing something ?
  4. Hi, sorry I'm not sure if this question has been asked before. I'm looking for a way to use my Atari ST on an LCD screen, the reason is. I had a SC1425 screen with my ST and lots of games, but I moved to another country and picked up a new atari ST for free here which came with a monochrome monitor. But I'm not interested in the programs that run in hi-res mono. I want to play my games. Since I have a Samsung LCD TV with VGA, composite, HDMI, I think there must be a way to hook my ST up to it. I also have a spare cheap LCD PC vga monitor. I've been looking for a cable or adapter online but not sure what I should get. I obviously want to get the sound, ideally as a separate output. Can you guys advise me on what is best ? Much appreciated.
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