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  1. Is there a list to get one when released? Would love to be on it
  2. Would love to buy your psp test discs, please contact me via e-mail: [email protected] or AIM: ShovelThumb msn: [email protected]

    Cash waiting :) Kind regards from serious collector :)


  3. make me a reasonable offer i could piece this out on ebay and probably make around $125 + shipping
  4. after selling off a good chunk of my 5200 stuff a while back, i'm offering up the the balance of what i have as a lot. PM me any reasonable offers what's in the lot? glad you asked! 1. four port 5200 with switch box (switch box box also) and two WORKING controllers 2. two trackball controllers 3. two wico controllers, one with "y" cable, one without 4. stack of manuals, catalogues, system owners guides and these games: pengo q*bert frogger II kangaroo local buyer preferred, shipping should be about $25
  5. hey all, posting here before sending off to auction. if interested in a specific unit, please PM a reasonable offer i'd be even more partial to a whole lot sell. here are the old handhelds that i have with pic of the lot. all have been tested and working except where noted 1. blip in box - looks brand new (tomy) 2. blip loose - looks new (tomy) 3. blip loose - dull screen and missing battery cover (tomy) 4. digital diamond (tony) 5. merlin with instructions (parker bros) 6. split second (parker bros) 7. electronic baseball with detachable pitcher controls! (sears) 8. digital derby - missing battery cover (tomy) 9. baseball 3 - missing pitcher and battery cover, one cracked corner (entex) 10. astro command - very dull screen (sears) 11. football 2 - need to test (mattel) 12. comp IV - need to test with 9 volt (milton bradley) 13. pac man - needs SERIOUS cleaning, busted batteries inside (tomy)
  6. hi all, thought i would check interest first on here before posting up on ebay. i have the following if anyone wants them. please PM me an offer: 1. atari flashback CIB 2. atari flashback 2 (CIB) 3. "stella gets a new brain" cd and manual, open cd is numbered "299", i have a second set that is still shrinkwrapped so i can't check the number on the disc. this cd was published by cyberpunks in 1996 and contains all of the supercharger games. actually, one manual says version 2, which i think came out in 2000. the other manual does not say version 2 so i think this is the initial release in 96. 4. atari 8 game leatherette binder, stickers are included and untouched! 5. cuttle cart underground cd collection, label still intact and never used i sold off my original cuttle cart a while back but just found the cd collection if anyone wants
  7. check out my user name on ebay, tsilveira. i just put up my uniquely modded jag controller for tempest play. the knob pops off and the controller can still be used as a standard d-pad controller. also posted some egm back issues, genesis lot, my dvd collection (745 titles, starting bid 999) and i'll be posting a lot more in the coming days! eBay Seller: tsilveira
  8. hi all, just posted a lot of 29 games, some controllers (including the joystick), etc. up on ebay. starting bid of $99, buy it now of $259. priced individually, this could be parted out to over $400 based on my ebay research. thanks for looking! turbo game lot
  9. hi all, i just put up a couple of auctions: 1. steel battalion CIB (with both games) 2. master system lot, 3d, light gun, 67+ games (some are pretty rare) please check them out, along with other stuff i have up, here: eBay Seller: tsilveira
  10. some kind of ebay delay, it's up now Did someone already but the 3d imager and sector x?
  11. i HATE letting these go. up on ebay, 4 auctions as follows: 1. full set of original retail overlays, plus a few instructions 2. lightpen plus animaction 3. royal 21 homebrew 4. 3d imager, both wheels, 3d sector x, instructions "narrow escape" and "crazy coaster" my ebay store eBay Seller: tsilveira
  12. hey ovalbugmann, i wish i could be 100% certain that i booted it up on my jag cd when i still had it. my memory says 'yes' but it's been about 15 years since i got it so i can't say for sure (i had a retail disc also which i used to play and safely stashed the gold master away). the disc itself is flawless, no scratches, not even a fingerprint. i'm attaching a picture for you to take a look at. thanks for the interest, drop me a PM to discuss further? tony
  13. hi all, i have the original cd master (gold) for primal rage that i'm accepting offers on. i was the project manager that handled the atari account way back ('95-'96 i believe) at KAO Infosystems, atari's cd replicator, we were located in fremont, california. this is the gold master that atari handed over to us to replicate primal rage for them. across the front is hand written (by me, as was our procedure), "primal rage atari-cd". along the inner hub, is hand written the following "PM OK", a couple of pre-mastering initials basically signing off that the master is good, and what i believe to be the date "12-13". in all honesty, i can't tell you if this plays in an a retail cd unit, i just don't remember (been a long time). anyway, just checking for interest level. if anyone is interested in this truly one of kind item, hit me up with an offer
  14. hi all, i'm thinking of selling off the following if the price is right. vectrex 3d imager with both color wheels and a copy of the homebrew game 3d sector x. the imager is in excellent condition thru and thru, no flaky head foam here! i also have a complete set of screen overlays for all original games. most of these are in perfect condition, no scratches or hazing. if the price is right, i may let them go. please make an offer. tony
  15. putting the rest of my jag stuff up on ebay today / tomorrow. currently i have up: eBay Seller: tsilveira CIB jag CIN jag cd + 9 games cd mem track cart aliens vs. predators pro drive rally protector defender 2000 tempest 2000 more to come!
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