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  2. Hmmmm, that sounds oddly familiar.... right before it stopped turning on all together, it had started to overheat... I came upstairs and into the office to smell an electric smell and find the back was very warm to the touch (much more than usual).
  3. Pretty cool! Hadn't actually considered replacing them all - probably the way to go - as you seem to know from experience. I'd hate to waste an otherwise good display. Indeed - nothing at all! Thanks fellas. I'll letcha know how it goes - as a result of all this, the TI is without a monitor at the moment so the sooner I can get it fixed the sooner I can I have the real iron back up and running again.
  4. Greetings 99ers. I am in need of some advice. I have a 23' Coby as monitor for my primary computer, but it has stopped working. It seems to try to turn on but doesn't. Looking at it, it appears as though there's some sort of key to open it up. Is it worth trying to get it fixed, or should I just have it recycled? (I know Coby is out of business now, but, for something that could be as small as a capacitor, that may not matter).
  5. Good video for all to see. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xukkou30xWk
  6. Hehe - thanks Owen - good to have a proper set up again - it was pretty crowded at the old place, then completely blocked off when we 'inherited' an abandoned aquarium next door a few months ago.
  7. Hope you feel better buddy - I'm just getting back into things myself, but fortunately I wasn't away due to health. Rest up and get well soon.
  8. Got a new mancave for the toys :D

  9. Greetings 99ers! Since we just moved and I have a proper mancave again, I thought I'd share a new snap of the system all set up. I was a little worried as when I first went to fire it up the screen looked funny and the boot beep was missing - thankfully that was just a loose power supply. Anyway here it is! :
  10. His AUTOEXEC for Geneve DOS is quite impressive
  11. Damn, this is the shittiest news in a spot :_( And I'm kicking myself in the ass as well since I was going to have him show me the ins and outs of his Geneve AUTOEXEC. I really need to stay in touch here better. It might just be time to get back on some TIing.
  12. Greetings 99ers! Hope you all are doing well. Just been taking a break from the TI thing but thought I should stop by.
  13. Lot of cargo planes traffic at KAFB these days - they must be busy delivering to ISIS ;-).

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      @Amiman99 - Albuquerque ;-).

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      @Schmitzi - hehehe :))

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      GN means Goog Night :) :)


  14. When you get to the E/A menu, pick 1. To Edit, next press 1. To Load. It'll then ask for a filename, if your file is in disk drive #2, then type 'DSK2.<filename>' and you're there!
  15. Are the files on disk? Do you have TI Writer or some other variant? What type of files are they? If your files are DISplay/VARiable 80 (essentially a text document) format then you should be able to open them with EA, provided you have the Editor/Assembler 'EDIT1' program on disk. Just load the file by typing 'DSK#.<filename>' when prompted.
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