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  1. It has been too long, hasn't it? It was 2012. That was a truly terrible year, almost no new artwork, heck, I didn't even play much CV or 5200 to speak of. That tells you something... But I'm not going to lose any more ground. Yes, I want to join this club. And if my finances improve (a big if around here), I'll buy the SGM. But we'll have to see. Do you plan on any remakes for the CV, like Mr. Do!, Space Fury, and Victory?
  2. Hello, Opcode! It's been a long time! So long, in fact, I had to create a new account, or wait about ten weeks before my old one would work again...nice to know this netbook can still handle it; Opera Mini 5 is so good. Funny thing- my first post here was to inquire about the club, since I haven't heard anything about it- and here is an update! I'm still looking forward to it, and any new games for the CV. It has been too long, but 2012 was a rotten year. Glad to be back!
  3. Is it anything like David's Midnight Magic? Some screenshots would be nice, too. Any new game of a different genre is always welcome for the 5200! Can't wait to see more!
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