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  1. Put me down for both complete in box. Two of my favorite games.
  2. Ok. I'll have to review. I haven't done that since 8-bit Atari computer programming days.
  3. Still goes away. I'll have to play with it. The command prompt window opens, I see some text in it, and then it closes.
  4. Thanks. The DASM application opens a command prompt, runs and then goes away. It it the darwin file? I don't have Linux.
  5. The Easy 6502 one does work, but it's a web thing.
  6. I just got the new books from Lulu and I cannot seem to find DASM anywhere. Your link takes me around in circles to places that I have already been (no offense). I have searched but don't want to take a chance on a fraud site (viruses). Do you have a file that you can post or is it here and I just can't find it? I can't be the only doof who can't find it.
  7. roryjr

    The Hobbit

    That explains why I could never find anything on the 2600 Bioshock game.
  8. I think I had that book way back in the day. Hopefully, it's still deep in my dad's attic somewhere. Learned a lot on my Atari 8 bit computers.
  9. Atari 2600 Programming for Newbies - Revised Edition in another thread.
  10. Got mine Saturday. There's another book on Lulu, too. Just ordered that one. Soon, I'll have both.
  11. I kept looking at the pictures and noticed that this did not look like my book. That's when I realized that there are 2 books. I have the Stella Programmer's Guide. Did not realize there are 2 books. Just ordered this one.
  12. Anyone else willing to admit that they only got through some levels in Cuphead because of co op play with their teenage son? This is a hard game at times.
  13. Very pleased to get Draconian. Hope to get a few more soon.
  14. Oh I assume it does get insane. it was getting rough for the little distance I did get. I am still impressed with the amount of stuff running around on screen all at once.
  15. It came yesterday (the 26th). I love the box, poster and the manual. I miss manuals in todays modern games. I do have a question. Does it move to other quadrants when you finish the one you are on? I seemed to stay in the alpha quadrant. I did continue, though. I know I can pick a quadrant, but the manual seems to imply that you pick a quadrant and stay there until you pick another.
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