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  1. I finally got DAPHNE running on my G4. That's the good news. The bad news is that when it runs at all, it runs so slow that the audio and video frames are way out of sync with each other - at least a good 30 seconds behind the audio. How do I fix this, or can I?
  2. Does anyone out there know of any pinball emulators for the Mac - or will MAME support it? All the hits on Google keep sending me to sites that I've already been to and don't have one for the Mac OS. Thanks.
  3. I found a Sega trackball used this past week, and it looks like it was built for the Genesis. I know that the Genesis controllers have the same connectors as the 2600, and I've been told those would work. If so, can anyone confirm as to whether it would work on a 2600/7800. Thanks.
  4. It's funny, it turns out that General Computer used to be on my way to work when I was working in a photo lab in Cambridge.
  5. Wow, that 's the first mention from anyone else I've seen with any kind words regarding Quantum. Indeed, another great cult classic. Was Juno First an actual Gottlieb game, or was it licensed from Konami? The Gottlieb games had great sounds thanks to David Theil.
  6. Does anyone remember Bouncer? I've never played it but I was always curious about it, and it looks like another great game that was never popular because of this and that. I'd like to get that one going on my emulator.
  7. Reactor is another classic example. I got damn near everyone glued to the emulator when I was playing it, and it was definitely a fave for everyone to watch, especially after they were passing the bong around. Everyone else would be smoking and meanwhile, I'd be in my trance state with one eye on the reactor core, and one eye on my ship bashing particles into the control rods. Crossbow- in fact the whole Exidy shooter series- were faves but for whatever reason didn't take off. A lot of Exidy's games pretty much fall into the "cult classic" category- Pepper II is another good example.
  8. Black Widow WAS a good one, as were Major Havoc and I, Robot. I got my best freind's kid who's four years old hooked on the "Ungame" mode. Too bad that never took off. Not enough weird kids that were bound for art school (like me)around to play it, I guess.
  9. The Vectrex was a great system, but I understand that the monitor has a lot of problems with it. The only reason it didn't take off was bad luck and bad timing of the crash. It was really ahead of its time, and I can see that clearly through playing through MacMESS.
  10. What were really underrated games were pretty much the entire Bally Sente line. They had a game called Chicken Shift that you're supposed to guide falling eggs into cartons at the bottom of the screen. There was another thread a long time ago regarding games of "cult classic" status, and Major Havoc and I, Robot were solidly on that list. I'd say that my taste in games would qualify as being cult classic. Some were great, and some were obscure for a reason. Oh, well.
  11. Maybe some of you already know this trick, but if there is anyone out there like me who want to see Vectrex games in color on MacMESS, but for one reason or another can't get the overlays to work correctly, you can get color vectors, even though it will be in monochrome. Hit cmd-Return to get the main menu. Scroll to the Dip Switches option. Turn on the 3D Imager, then scroll down to the color options and change the color to what you want. If you don't choose the same color for both eyes, the game will alternate between them, or choose COLOR for both Left and Right eyes, and vectors alternate from red to green to blue. A weird effect, but kinda distracting to play on some games.
  12. Does anyone remember Stern's Tazzmania? If so, is ther anyone out there with any fond memories of it? I had played it for the first time in probably months on MAME, and it's definitely an acquired taste. I guess that it was Stern's idea of a "cute" game with Berzerk elements, since it was released in '82 when Q*bert came out. It's colorful and fun to watch, but as far as I'm concerned, it could stand to play alot smoother, like have dual joystick control like Lost Tomb. I don't know, I can't make up my mind...
  13. I noticed when playing Three Stooges there are these cement blocks around the perimeter of each room that you can smash when you have a hammer. Apart from making a noise, is anything supposed to happen when you smash them all, or are they just eye candy?
  14. Has anyone ever attempted to hack Jinks? It seems to me that all that needs to happen for the game to not suck as bad as it does is do something about the physics of the ball and/or improve the paddle control.
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