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  1. I ended up replacing big blue, the amplifier chips, and recapped the AR board. No change. Im pretty sure the him I have now is normal. It was randomly getting louder periodically and I think that is gone now.
  2. Looks nice. Yeah Ive been watching TNTs videos for years. Todds cool. Hes answered several questions Ive had over the years through emails. The first arcade game I bought was an upright marble madness about 15 years ago. I drove 3 hours to get it and haggled with him for it for $700.00. I drove home thinking it was one of the stupidest things Id ever done and I had a new mortgage payment to come up with on top of it. Finally got home and dragged it into the house then ended up playing it til the sun came up. A good investment after all I think. I still have it. It was one of my favorites back in the 80s. So I have the Asteroids cocktail the the MM upright. If I had a basement Id probably have an arcade.
  3. Nice! Very clean and a TNT original! I saw that video already when he posted it. The plus tax and freight! to Ireland must have been pricey. . . I would much rather have an upright but ended up with a cocktail.
  4. Oh yeah. I love mine. Got it a few years ago on Craigslist for $300.00. It needed some minor restoration. New buttons, some paint touch up and had to bondo a broken piece of wood where the control panel is. Got it like new except for the glass was scratched. But then one day a brand new old stock glass in the box showed up on eBay. I payed $200.00 for it and ended up getting $200.00 for my scratched up one! So it's almost like new now inside and out. I recently put a Braze multigame kit in it so it plays asteroids, asteroids deluxe, and lunar lander. Only thing I kind of dont like is the multigame kit has the newer asteroids rom in it that makes it harder to do the lurking so now I can't reach my original high score anymore. Did Todd put up a video of yours?
  5. Na I just want it to be how it's supposed to be when it rolled out of the factory warehouse. If it needed repair to get it back to that condition then I'd want to fix it. This started when it was periodically making very loud a/c hum type noises. Then I recapped everything and replaced the amp chips so I think I have solved that problem. I just wanted to confirm that the existing noises I still have are normal.
  6. Yeah this video has the same vector chatter / humming that mine has but actually this one sounds like it might even be louder than mine.
  7. I think thats about right. At half volume or so, the noise practically unnoticeable. Noticeable at full volume from a distance but the game sounds are much louder.
  8. Ok I think the noise Im getting is normal then. Its vector chatter. I also have a Vectrex and its basically the same noise I get from that.
  9. For my issue I have ruled out everything but the dac. It does change pitch with the changes on the screen.
  10. Yeah sounds minor. But if you are curious anyway. . . if the hum doesn't get louder when you adjust the volume then that means that the cause is AFTER the audio input. So that rules out the main logic board. You could unplug the connector to the monitor to rule that out. I bet the problem is a filter capacitor on the audio/regulator board. If not that, the Big Blue cap on the power supply. If not that, possibly the tda2002 amplifier Ic's on the audio/regulator board. Sounds like filter caps to me though. I just replaced all of my caps and its pretty easy to do. There's 8 of them. You can get a cap kit for the ar-1 here-> https://www.arcadepartsandrepair.com/store/rebuild-kits/atari-audio-regulator-1-a034485-01-105c-axial-cap-kit/ And a big blue cap here-> https://www.arcadepartsandrepair.com/store/components/atari-big-blue-capacitor-27000uf-25v/ I've got some extra audio amp ic's that I could drop in the mail for you if you want to try those as well but I'd try those as a last resort. Maybe inspect the caps first. See if any are bulging. If they've never been replaced its not a bad idea to just replace them anyway.
  11. I have no hum form the monitor. the only noise I get gets louder as you turn the volume up. Volume all the way down and its silent. unless I put my ear against the speaker. I've isolated it down to the noise solely coming from the cpu board. its chatter off the vector display driver.
  12. Does it make humming sounds? I did a post the other day on here about details on mine humming. I think it's just noises from the vector output. I'm curious if mine has an issue or not. It sounds basically like the humming noise you get from a Vectrex if you've ever heard that. I got mine on Craigslist for $300.00 a couple years ago. It was pretty clean and working. But a side piece of wood where the control panel is was broken off so I had to bondo that. Then I replaced all of the buttons. Did some paint touch up. Replaced the lock and key. Then I stumbled on NOS glass table top with original underlay artwork on eBay for $200.00. I sold my scratched one for the same price! It's like brand new now. I put the multigame kit in as well but the roms he uses are the newer ones that were released later to make the game more difficult so the game got tougher. There's a few versions. The older one has a delay before the ships start firing at you. The newer one fires immediately at you and and fires back at you after it passes by you. Another version I think fires immediately but doesnt fire back at you after passing by, it just keeps firing forward. I think firing back at you actually makes it easier because the bullets dont wrap around to the other side of the screen. I think Blazes version fires immediately AND doesn't fire back at you so it's a lot harder. Before I put the multigame kit in my high score was 205,000. Now I can't even get to the 100,000 mark. Makes me want to put the thing back the way it was sometimes 😏
  13. Great job! I just bought 3 of your books. you've got so much info in the first one that I haven't even had a chance to look at the others I own an Asteroids (vector board), Marble Madness (System 1 board), A Vectrex (Vectrex Encyclopedia Book), and a bunch of Nintendo Game & Watches (Collecting Game&Watch Systems). Cool to find your books covering all of these. -Tavis
  14. Hello, I'm getting a hum on my Asteroids cocktail that I'm curious about. It used to get loud intermittently and I may have fixed that now but I still have a constant humming. I have determined that the noise is coming from the main logic board and it's related to the vector display output because it changes depending on what is being drawn. For example, one buzz comes and goes as the "Press Start" text flashes on and off the screen. Disconnecting the logic board by unplugging the edge connector DOES eliminate the noise (I have to put my ear against the speaker and turn volume up all the way to hear any noise when logic board is disconnected). - The noise is a lot like the hum/noise you get from a Vectrex. - Noise increases as you turn volume up. - The game sounds are louder, but the hum is always there. - Disconnecting the vector monitor makes no difference. - I've replaced all of the caps on the AR-1 board. - I've replace both of the TDA2002 amplifier ics. - I've replaced big blue on the power supply. Is this normal or could it be the pre amps or something on the logic board? If I turn the volume down to about half way, you can barely hear the hum at all and the game sounds are not too quiet but could be a little louder for my taste. If you turn the volume all the way up, the game sounds are very loud and the hum is very noticeable. Thanks for reading/helping, -Tavis
  15. Yes it's very nice. Replacing my atarimax 8mbit. I agree it would be nice to be able to control the menu with joystick, up/down cursor, left/right to pageup/down. I've also noticed that it only displays up to 255 files in a directory. Search will find all files though. I had to break my directories up into smaller bits to be able to cursor through all files. The ability to save BASIC programs to a DOS.atr is awesome! Overall very happy! Nice work!
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