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  1. Hey guys, I’ve got an odd issue here with a like new 1050 drive. It powers up perfectly. Does the initial drive stepper motor sync. I/o to computer is good. But when I power up the computer the drive spins up and just beeps every few seconds like the disk is bad. but if I wait about 15 minutes all is good and the drive works perfectly. I just re-capped everything and no change. Any ideas? I tried blasting areas with cold air but nothing suspicious yet. the heat sink is getting pretty warm. Not sure if that’s normal and I’m getting 10v a/c off the power supply.
  2. Hey all, So my newly repaired and re-capped vertex has one final issue. Some games, especially demos with rotating shapes have broken lines. Using the Test Cart, every test looks perfect EXCEPT the 3d box in the Deflection test. Any ideas on the case and/or how to fix this? photos attached:
  3. All fixed! The journey is over 😂 at least for now… thanks for the help
  4. It’s pin 11 on ic305! I poked around with my finger and it started working. It’s a bad socket. I’m swapping it out now.
  5. I just swapped out the sound chip. No fox on X but the sound is fixed and the game starts like it should. Could it be one the R335 POT?
  6. I'm going to swap out the sound chip. I think it might be causing 304 to block the x output. The fact that i have to muck with the player 2 controller to get a game to start is a clue and the horrible sound output. I dont understand why the 4 analog joystick pots are going to the CD4052 and IC304 in the first place though. What is the comparator doing there?
  7. Great, always as good feeling when the things finally come up alive again!
  8. Looks like my previous reply through email didn’t go through but this is what I said: Oh my gosh thank you so much. You can definitely read one better than I can! I don’t know how the mux and switchers work so it was boggling my mind how the x signal is working! I was thinking the 4052 had nothing to do with X and it was controlled by the 1408 d/a converter! 😆 🤦‍♂️ and I here’s what I am getting off the scope: 305 pin 9 has a strong signal 305 pin 10 has a weak signal but when I turn the volts/div up I can see data 305 pin 11 has no signal 303 pin 14 has a weak signal as well but I can see data with higher voltage/div 303 pin 13 - none With 303 removed from the board: 303 pin 14 - strong signal 303 pin 13 - strong signal 303 pin 9 - strong 305 pin 9 strong
  9. Do you think ic208, the sound / joystick input controller could have anything to do with it? The sound is wonky and the game won’t start unless I pull pin 7 on that chip low which is not normal so I think that chip is going bad. Could not somehow be affecting the switcher for x?!
  10. Hey all, I’ve been repairing this old board for a while now and I am down to the last issue and I’m currently stumped! my x axis signal is extremely weak and I only a single pixel image down the center. I’ve replaced most chips and socketed them. Looks like I’m getting a good signal on ic304 pin 1, and ic302 pin 13 looks good. i just don’t quite understand how the system controls x and y or switches control between them. as you can hear in the video clip here, the sounds is wonky and a game won’t start without hitting a button on the player 2 controller so i think the ay sound chip is back but I don’t think that would be related to the video collapsing issue would it? I’ve recapped the board and every chip you see that’s socketed is new. New sockets new chips.
  11. Did you check all the chips for continuity. Put one lead on the pins on the chip and then the other lead on the solder connection on the other side of the board. The problem with my black screen issue was ram and bad connections with the chip because the stock sockets are pretty crappy.
  12. Ahh didn’t know the names. Dual wipe installed. Still going strong
  13. I think we are good to go now! I cleaned all the pins on the ROM, swapped out the socket, dexoxited al the other sockets, rinsed the board in isopropyl, and blew it dry with an air gun. You can't even tell I swapped out the socket
  14. I think I got it. It's either the ROM or the socket. I noticed the ROM tests are failing (red bars) when it starts acting up. I cleaned the pins and re-seated it but at an angle in the socket and so far so good. ** just swapped out the socket and i noticed the originals are those crappy ones with the metal tabs only on the insides so it doesn't grab the chip pins from both sides
  15. I dont think its the Ram the ram tests are passing while the screen is going bonkers and i swapped out the new ram with the old and back. Yeah I reseated the chips many times and inspected the board. Its clean. New... I found an old 800xl in storage maybe the chips are socketed.. Sometimes when i power up it goes straight into the ram test. When it powers up my Atarimax and unocart work flawlessly. The only failures are the self test pages go whacky on the screen and it occasionally booting directly into the self test. if it doesn't it works perfectly consistently.
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