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  1. The 8 DRAM chips are clustered on the PCB. Using the Service manual they are U24-U31 inclusive. Your particular problem appears to be an address issue. Because they are all in the same row, It may be that one address line is causing this problem. Without a logic analyzer or oscilloscope, it would be next to impossible to figure out exactly which is bad, the address line or the data bits in the RAM. They only way to fix this other than with test equipment would be to replace each DRAM one at a time to see if that fixes the problem. However, do NOT mix the '64's with the original DRAMS. they have only one power connection and it is on a different pin. Please refer to the DRAM datasheets. Ken Lill
  2. They still are available @ a cost of $125.00 USD. For priority shipping add $10.00 USD. We prefer PayPal. Send funds to kenzre@yahoo.com through PP. Shipping will be within 5 business days. Thanks kenzre.
  3. my own personal opinion: I would have tried a 90 degree connector on the Bally end so that the plug could have come out of the top, kinda like the UltiMulti switch. mIt doesn't have to be an edge connector, it could be pins. Ken
  4. You might want to get in touch with Michael DeSalvo on ballyalleycom to see what he and someone else did for a 256K cart. It might help you.
  5. I see a LOT of over-kill with heat sinks. If the ADDRESS and I/O chips aer getting hot enough to apply thos heat sinks, there is something wrong with your unit, as well as the HS on the OSCILLATOR. When one of the address or I/O chips fail and you have to remove them to check, How will you know which one is which? Plugging them into the wrong socket can be dangerous because the power supplies are on different pins.. What type of Hantek unit is that? I have never seen it before.
  6. kenzre


    what did you use to program your Atmel atf750?
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