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  1. I played the Amico,I played it and I know I will like it. I dont need to convince anybody about the system. It is fun to hang around the Atari age forums and hear everyone's different opinion on what it may or may not finally become. And just generally overthink it as well.
  2. I will post a picture of my video game magnets tomorrow,thank you for the inspiration! 👍
  3. I ordered the field test edition because I thought it was way cooler looking than the actual arcade version. Same as Asteroids and Q-bert,I only ordered 1of each of those,the regular arcade edition. I dont need two versions of the same game in my mini arcade,just one.
  4. Once I saw C-marts picture on the wall,I knew I had to turn around and leave quickly! 😮
  5. I really wish you could play it and we could get your take on everything. 👍
  6. Swami is the one who told me,he has clairvoyant insight into everything.
  7. Fair enough answer! But I really want to hear what the great and powerful Rev has to say.
  8. So your opinion is that because I was wearing my Intelligear at the Boomers Irvine event,my opinion as a lifelong video game player isnt as credible as someone who wears no gear and may know nothing about video games? That's like saying that if I dont wear my Dodgers or Lakers gear my opinion on whether their teams will be any good that year are more valid than if I am automatically assumed as biased just because I am wearing a Lakers or Dodgers jersey. How about,maybe my opinion is more valid because I have done research and am knowledgeable on the subject because of years of interest and education? If someone knew nothing about video games or sports,even though it is nice to have neutral and completely unbiased input,I would imagine that since I actually know a lot about both subjects,my opinion would certainly be as valuable or more so to anyone who wanted guidance and direction on those subjects. Just sayin'.
  9. I dont have those and I am an Intellihoarder!😮
  10. I do wish he could give me the winning Lottery numbers,but I know you well enough you're certainly referring to something else! 😄
  11. Please dont leave us Swami,I need your insight into the future!
  12. Those 2 and skeeball would be great if the controller can be used correctly with a motion that simulates real life throwing and rolling motions. motions.
  13. This is all I have so far. Well,I have an Amico t-shirt also.
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